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This is a Minecraft channel, purely made for fun! :L


35:41Minecraft, But Mobs Throw TNT At You...
18:09Minecraft, But Farming Is OP...
34:42Minecraft, But You Can't Walk Or Jump...
16:21Minecraft UHC you can USE /effect...


  • I can't watch properly because my f*cking mobile internet stops every 3 second of the vid

  • How to download plss tell mee

  • Says no one is dying seconds later kills chicken

  • Claim Your New Potions And Drugs Ticket Here

  • 5:33 stand in middle of nether portal

  • Technoblades health be like

  • Can you use the potion of annihilation on the ender dragon?

  • TapL: Owe waiwa wa mou shindiru People with Typophobia: N A N I ?

  • Dimensions

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  • This challenge took long just because he decided to do farming sim in minecraft

  • ur sold out sad face sad face 😥😥

  • Dey zsha fou

  • Minecraft but it's illegal

  • Did anyone know he was streaming on twitch? Did he mention. It at all?

  • Do you think you could survive max hight fall no armor no hay bales no water no nothing with all those hearts

  • so its mc but agario

  • waitttt if a gapple was enchanted it would be a enchanted gapple :0

  • Let's gooooo

  • This world is a paid actor 😂.

  • Has tapl ever clcikbaited us?

  • He should have cloned the dragon.

  • how you got these ideas omg


  • TapL: I hate gravel *turns left and sees diamonds* WHAT!!!

  • You flipping past the end portal frames in a chest!!!!!!!!

  • U MIssd diamonds

  • Couldn’t you fix a game mod that every block you place catches on fire at the same time as forcing everyone to be as far up in the sky as possible with sky bases. So when you build up you catch on fire.

  • "Super Duper Pooper Scooper" CRASHBOX REFERENCE?

  • Im suprised he didnt scream when he got diamond from chickens but screams when he gets them from the mine

  • "A small percentage of you-" *Him* "Blah blah blah, heres some stats"

  • uhc but you share's a ainviory

  • did anyone else see his twitch chat and someone saying if you see this your gay, idk why but i just had to look over there at that moment

  • No why No why No why the sun is a deadly laser why No why No

  • I refuse to believe that the 3rd September was 8 months ago

  • This is from where Minecraft got the motivation to make giant caves in 1.17

  • Sees village getting blown up; flashbacks to creative mode on superflat worlds

  • Like dream

  • Wow you so lucky


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  • Massive Trypophobia Activated

  • pieces of ingots hooray!

  • Where can I get this data pack

  • sorry am in Indonesia this is cool Game but am???

  • Le funny scenario starts at 10:45

  • That was the pogiest dragon fight ever

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  • how about cloning ender dragon... hmm...?

  • I need this mod how do I get this

  • Should've cloned the dragon and check if the potion of annihilation works

  • you should have had gotten netherite armor

  • anybody now the mod pack

  • God: *me drop items from de sky*

  • tbh he could drink the annihilation portion when he enters the end and the ender dragon would just die.

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  • She went thank you

  • is it just me or am i reading the twitch chat seeing hi yt

  • i am not subscribe :D

  • Why does the sun look like tapl

  • partyparrot

  • I’m a chicken

  • LMAO!!!!!

  • hi

  • WOOOT.


  • He LITERALLY missed a command block in a chest?!?!?


  • Imagine this in uhc

  • Bro the clicks, it's 0.0001 as fast as Technos

  • UHC but every minute you change biomes

  • b

  • Gg

  • 👍👍👍👍👍😂😂 No loooool

  • Ilegal block in the chest look at me Tapl nothing els

  • Dream datapacks be like

  • This videos on my birthday there for I'm going to watch the whole thing 😀🤣

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  • Minecraft drugs be like