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I'll be using this channel to combine all of the shorter NileRed videos that I've made on other platforms (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc), but I'll also make new and exclusive short videos that won't be found anywhere else!


0:32Grape flavor can be spooky
1:00Making liquid oxygen
Making liquid oxygenViews 488KDay ago
0:42This rock is from outer space
0:50Touching liquid gallium metal
Touching liquid gallium metalViews 1.2M8 days ago
0:58Making liquid air
Making liquid airViews 3.7M8 days ago
0:39Firing test tube liquid rockets
0:41This is radioactive uranium glass
0:29This is over 99% air (aerogel)
This is over 99% air (aerogel)Views 2.1M8 days ago
0:59Making a glowing luminol waterfall
0:56White phosphorus is terrifying
0:59Making a silver mirror from scratch
0:40Making a pure gold bead
Making a pure gold beadViews 1.5M15 days ago
0:39Touching mercury
Touching mercuryViews 11M15 days ago
1:01Dissolving a penny in nitric acid
0:49Bromine is scary
Bromine is scaryViews 29MMonth ago


  • reminds me of magicians

  • So, if you filled a pond with it, it would be a... *Deadpool*

  • I read this as "making pure gold weed"

  • I want it

  • Evil stuff.

  • Plot twist: the original idea for the video was to recreate nuclear fission but he didn't have had the materials

  • Carsandwater pult... again

  • What happens when you drink it?

  • Hey ive got about halve kilogram of these in my shelf right next to me right now

  • So I can drink it. Yeah?

  • Me: 👁👄👁❔❓

  • That glass strong asf dude

  • Nile reds children are gonna be tripping

  • Oh wow! That's Hot!

  • When the trees talk and fortunate son is playing in the background.....

  • Loop

  • Is this how mines were made?

  • The true glizzy guzzler

  • That is the coolest shit

  • Mercury is not the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.. gallium has a lower melting temperature that mercury that ypur thesis is not vaild

  • My fatass thought he was making those spicy Cinnamon candy balls

  • What if you drink it?

  • I just rely like the past of history thank you so much 😊

  • The mini version of the sun

  • I wonder what happens if u drink it lol

  • Man made things can destroy more, Than protecting !!!

  • The pain that you have feeling, cannot compare to the joy that's coming Romans 8:18

  • the most annoying streak on MW 2019

  • AMOGUS video screen

  • He created wildfire

  • That ending was so satisfying

  • Madlad

  • If it’s so reactive that it reignites when you remove the lid why didn’t it ignor spontaneously to begin with? Or was it simply still actually burning when you removed the lid?

  • No one Absolutely no one Me: PrETTyyyyYy

  • That reaction i will never forget when i burnt my nose by smelling concentrated sulphuric acid.

  • Borax and coffe

  • Why doesn’t the glass dissolve as well?

  • Instead of playing hot potato you can play fire ball

  • Playing with Mercury gave me a SEVERE chemical imbalance when I was a child. I've almost detoxed it all from my body but still have some ocd symptoms

  • Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos 🎈

  • soooo this what they be doing in mcdonald’s

  • What about that and liquide nitrogen?

  • I would love to drink it

  • Flashbacks to "Spec Ops The Line".... 😒

  • you can't just say it explodes if you put water on it and then not put water on it

  • Israelians used this against palestinians !

  • #dailydoseofnilered

  • That was cool af

  • Monster hunter Brackydios slime irl

  • ...can I drink liquid air?

  • The fact that he say's "for no reason" at the start of every video makes me imagine him, just waking up and then thinking "im gonna make a hydrogen bomb today!"

  • Mix magnesium 60|40 sulfur and light it🌚

  • When I was a kid I lit a magnesium strip, I almost got blinded XD

  • Woah

  • *definitely not me taking notes for the best torture methods* But seriously imagine if this was used as a torture method, that would be scary

  • I remember doing this in a chem lab,a had no idea and got fucking flashbanged

  • Is it cold it looks cold

  • what happens to a finger tho..

  • i remember burning this stuff in science and boy did it hurt my eyeballs

  • This isn't meth

  • Okay now make liquid water 😏😏😏

  • I wanna see him put water on it 😂

  • I expected you to put water...

  • poggerz

  • You should do something with cesium

  • Fill a water ballon with that stuff and u have an exploding ball

  • I then tried it on a much larger scale on a human

  • im surprised that the glass didnt shatter from that tbh

  • One time i was chasing my brother with a dirty diaper and it broke and then i threw the piss gel at him not relizing what it was then i relized what it was after i say that it was yellow

  • The pain that you have feeling, cannot compare to the joy that's coming Romans 8:18 Keep safe

  • The American military dropped countless napalm on thousands of innocent civilians burning women and children

  • Damn this editor dont fuck around

  • Bit OT, but I remember a TV show where they used LOX to get a coal barbeque going... of course after doing that a few times, the barbaque itself was also gone.

  • Doesnt the us military use this?

  • Ooo piece a candy

  • My science teacher did this demonstration in 10th grade told us not to look at it I did I was blind for a week in one eye not entirely but like 50% of the function was gone it did come back though. Tldr don't look straight at magnesium when it burns

  • 1968 penny gone. Hmmm..

  • hot potato in real life

  • My dad before the divorce: