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19:39Heihachi vs Geese w/ Commentary
Heihachi vs Geese w/ CommentaryViews 16K15 hours ago
2:21Doctor Doom Rules DEATH BATTLE!
3:05Lex Luthor CEOwns DEATH BATTLE!
19:41Shadow vs Ryuko w/ Commentary
Shadow vs Ryuko w/ CommentaryViews 43K28 days ago
17:58Yoda VS King Mickey w/ Commentary
3:49Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!
19:52Venom vs Crona w/ Commentary!
18:46Sabrewulf VS Jon Talbain w/ Commentary!
19:05Red VS Blue w/ Commentary!
Red VS Blue w/ Commentary!Views 28K2 months ago
18:48Batgirl vs Spider-Gwen w/ Commentary!


  • So bassically they admit ben would kick green lanterns ass the only reason why he won is because green lantern would have never thought about time travel if alien x didn't mention it doubt he would have anyways

  • that link is hillarious

  • Kiryu Kazuma VS Wei Shen next please

  • The hulk wouldn't even stand a chance 😂

  • they're torturing refugees in ft hood texas

  • This battle is a bit moot because they are in the same game...

  • Don't forget please Make: sailor galaxia vs Zero ( sailor moon vs Mega Man)

  • Who saw sanic in the fight cause i did

  • Godzilla earth vs Trypticon

  • Geese voice sucked

  • When goku did the solar flare, an add popped up.

  • Deadpool vs joker. Two guys you either love, hate, or love to hate. Both unpredictable. And would be fun to see the other one die

  • zoro (one piece) vs kenpachi (bleach)

  • Ok now when are we going to get another good anime match up I personally think that a baki vs kengen would make some people go crazy don't really care what characters but there are a few obvious ones wink wink but again personally yujiro vs the kano would be one of the greatest hand to hand combat episodes you could produce but still love tekken so I was always gonna be rootin for the old man

  • Jake jump into a volcano and didn't die...

  • "Only stands can hurt other stands" Alucard: Funny Gun goes brrrr

  • I’m no hardcore dragon ball fan but last I checked that pole had a limited extending range

  • Juggernaut 13 ghosts vs Jason Vorhees Friday 13th

  • Geese was the final boss to many games hehachi was just a main boss of tekkan 1

  • Homelander (The Boys) VS Omni Man (Invincible)

  • Battle idea: Eren Jeager (AOT) vs 02 and Hiro in their mech


  • Hulk 4 years ago:dies from head removal Hulk now: survives exact same thing easily

  • All these years later and boomsticks song is still the best part.

  • U guys should do omi man(invincible) vs something like Superman or a similar hero of that caliber

  • Maple vs Shield Hero

  • Correct me if I’m wrong. Heihachi didn’t want to rule the world just wipe the world of demons. He wanted to be the best human. Like Lex Luthor without the conquering.

  • Apparently some of you Terminator fans are still salty, well I say, suck it.

  • Yang vs Tifa: Im the most controversial death battle episode ever Gaara vs Toph: No I am Scout vs Tracer: Nope This video: amateurs...

  • One of the better DBs

  • terry cant beat ryu so....he cant beat ken

  • Who else wants them to do Atom Eve from invincible vs Scatlet Witch or Firestorm

  • "that, was for my ice cream" Beerus the only poweer you lack is a good cathphrase

  • Even Cinder from Killer Instinct has no match to this guy.

  • Tara strong vs Tara strong

  • MewTwo: *Uses Psychic* Frieza: *Head Explodes*

  • Lady Palutena VS Princess Celestia?

  • if this was Tails from Sonic Forces... “Sonic help me!”

  • Is this even a question or is superman overpowered cause idk anything about dc

  • this is the warmup battle King Kong had vs Godzilla

  • Bugs Bunny vs Superman is the battle we should start demanding...

  • I like how there is blood when she still apparently has aura

    • And I find it funny how she still has aura, even after taking a multitude of punches from Tifa (every punch after she 29.5% of her limit guage exceeds her highest durability feat. The one they calculated about 15 times higher than what it was supposed to be), and 7 limit break attacks, the lowest of which exceeds Yang's best durability feat by slightly over 8 times, up to the highest which exceeds it by 17 times. And thats just using the really low feats they used in this battle for Tifa.

  • Omni man vs home lander should be next

  • Krillen would kill him easily

  • Lol

  • That was brutal

  • Damn I thought Mob was gonna win but the animation was awesome

  • What's the name of the song in the battle?

  • Heihachi having a heart I think is a retcon

  • ben got nerfed into the ground, the only way they were equal going into this is if that was ryan reynolds green lantern

  • The animation is the only thing worth watching. The info they use is bogus.

  • One of the first I watched.

  • They definitely need a sequel to Pokken with Butterfree as a new character

  • Geralt of rivia vs someone

  • I love Deadpool but I mean, Toon power is like way way too OP, not surprised the win went to Mask.

  • i came back to make sure i disliked this episode

  • Saiki Kusuo: hold my beer suckers!

  • You thought she was going to be the loser BUT IT WAS ME DIO!!!

  • When is Aizen gonna make an appearance

  • I’m starting to really think death battle has some bias against naruto characters

  • It's so weird and embarrassing how Dr Doom loses to the Fantastic Four

  • Superman: You're doing a sloppy job, you're causing to much damage. Me: You're one to talk



  • I was actually waiting for Heihachi to use his hair to impale Geese...

  • man this fight turned out to be way more interesting than I thought props to the team for making it as interesting as possible

  • I almost don't want to watch this cause it's PIXELS again...


  • Sorry Ken, but Terry is just stronger, taller, cooler and sexier. Long live Terry! ⭐⭐

  • POV: baryon mode now exists

  • Golu ,cell, and north kai can do it also people who teach goku can do it

  • Ya know? If Darkseid was taking this fight any bit seriously, he could’ve just won this bout as quickly as it takes him to travel to the edge of existence. No hands required of course

  • Ooh, I really want to see thing vs kalibak. I believe that would be a pretty good fight

  • Ooh, I really want to see thing vs kalibak. I believe that would be a pretty good fight

  • Darkseid Conversation is on a whole complete different level 🦍

  • The outcome of this Death Battle was... ... ...predictable. On a serious note, I do kind of wish the 3d models from Tekken were used instead of sprites. But that's just how it is I guess.

  • 3:47 that looks like an aura break from Rwby

  • Goku vs. Zoro

  • What I can tell from comic book characters is the issue of power scaling. It's worse than anime/manga, they get written into a corner and have to over compensate, and fantastically so. Fun battle though.

  • Yo that battle song was fire what was it