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welcome to the official twenty one pilots USdos channel.

stay strong. live on. pass on these songs.

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21:03START HERE (LOC-061-220-2012P)
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5:31twenty one pilots: Pet Cheetah VR
2:21twenty one pilots - arizona
twenty one pilots - arizonaViews 613K2 years ago


  • 0:17

  • 2010 vibes

  • давайте здесь будет много лайков чтоб американцы подумали что это популярное

  • GUYSSSSS the beat right near the rap section is literally the same as the beat in "Isle of flightless birds" I nearly cried

  • The dragon (Scaled, possibly Icy as well, not sure yet) flying around in the background (and I think also the overhead shots are its pov and it's doing the destroying of the set at the end) is the same one in the display case in the Choker video.

  • The dragon (Scaled, possibly Icy as well, not sure yet) is flying around in the background of the Shy Away video (and I think also the overhead shots in that video are its pov and it's doing the destroying of the set at the end).

  • Favorite song

  • Comment section after 6 years is fresher than my groceries at home

  • Yahi raho ab. Side effect lo. Haeya rahiyaega jim Ji. Ye tha ji. Aaye the. Always irshya se dekhte the. Mai thehra ye. Yahi hai. Baes. Top kar.

  • Chal. Aa ab dehen par. E aae. Haeya rau.

  • 3:33

  • 2:16 sounds like one of those sad and dramatic Indian movie scenes lol

  • Self Titled will always be better

  • i wonder where he found a dragon to shrink :)

  • Whats the name of the song Tyler sings at the end?

  • I love them

  • aguante la cantidad de comentarios en español gente

  • We are not the world.

  • This is my favorite song 🎵 😭 🤧 😩 ❤

  • Leave me alone

  • F por los epilépticos que se deslumbrar on con tanta luz y colores pero la rola es lo importante xd

  • i wrote a full normal comment. youtube doesnt show it.... censure is real.

  • Bus attae rah. 5000-7000 kuch nahi . 18-60to65 saal tak. Yaha aa reh. Ye kaid kar ke rakhunga.

  • are we going to ignore the fact that if Josh made a toy out of Tyler and the dog, the most reasonable thing to assume is that he also made the toy out of a real dragon????

  • What is spray painted in green on the ground at 3:18 into video

  • Just went back to the tear in my heart clip and there’s a blue dragon in it

  • this feels like honey going down my throat

  • Gives breaking bad vibes

  • ;)

  • Not (Tiffany Hoffer) EASD

  • If/when I get married I will want her to hear this song.

  • Amo esta canción :')

  • It’s so f*cking wholesome and it brings back fond memories of my parents.

  • I cry whenever I here this song

  • Es demasiadooooooooo 🤩

  • story of my life

  • omg I luuvvv iiittt😭😍❤️

  • This song becamed a meme on gacha life "who do you choose to marry" meme

  • Gerard was better. He wrote it about his mom. This is a cheap modern remake. To each his own..

  • The emo fanbases just imploded.

  • I like how this song is pure vibes enjoy ur day everyone

  • Good video …

  • Bravo!!!! Hype

  • <3

  • pro

  • Lets celebrate the 6th year of the song less go in 4 days baby!🔥

  • Every time i hear this song it reminds me of Terraria while ago cuz every time i play the game, i play the song

  • This brings nostalgia

  • Gacha meme

  • Bheyal ta.

  • 00:15 Ned ❤

  • The dragon in the back round is the toy dragon in choker

  • Makes my skin crawl o Lord “Masterpiece"

  • i’m not 100% sure how much i vibe with their music anymore. after they went mainstream they just lost their touch

  • 1 billon de vistas ooooooo 🙀

  • Wait... Josh can teleport!?

  • This video has a Pokémon

  • the way they look so nervous and annoyed in this video, what if nico and the niners that caught clancy or tyler and josh are forcing them to like make music. (i got this from a video btw)

  • I miss you.

  • Is this on Spotify??

  • well ok good one

  • @2:47 cutest scene ever

  • ❤️ East is Up ❤️ ||-//

  • Twenty one pilots ||-//

  • 2021🇧🇷

  • nico bellic?

  • 0:26 when estas borracho y de la nada te levantas

  • “Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!” ‭‭James‬ ‭5:9‬ ‭

  • Ma eha ta yaad aae. Bhagla re. Bhaago yaha se.. Aajaeyo.

  • Kakro kich kahak. Bus aae teenu ghar ke kich nae. Bhaaj ja chaaro. Kauwe ke tarah.

  • 2:38

  • I see Tyler found all those LIMINAL blogs on Tumblr. noice

  • There totally isn't a mug that says DEMA on it hiding somewhere. not even close

  • Am I the only one who remembered this song and came back and its still 🔥

  • I've been suffering from depression and every time I listen to twenty-one pilots I feel happy inside it makes me feel good

  • This got taken off Spotify recently. :(

  • "Save your razorblades now' line hits hard because I used to cut my wrists with razors."

  • sigh... kinda boring, I kinda miss their rap/reggae kind of tracks that were more prominent in their first couple albums. I'm willing to let the band explore, but the last couple albums just have been meh for me, I hope they come back to their roots with some harder hitting tracks too!

  • I'm watching and the song still is awesome

  • They both look tired