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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.

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5:40What Color Is My Hoodie?
What Color Is My Hoodie?Views 1.7M21 day ago
6:34It's like a spaceship for sharks.
4:01Hill Hill Hill Hill, debunked, debunked
4:32The Radioactive Beach In New York
The Radioactive Beach In New YorkViews 714K3 months ago
7:42Australia's Bushfire-Hunting Satellites
7:49Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose
4:03How Many Languages Are There?
How Many Languages Are There?Views 1M5 months ago
9:51Why The Web Is Such A Mess
Why The Web Is Such A MessViews 1.8M5 months ago
6:07I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpack
I Almost Learned To Fly A JetpackViews 834K5 months ago
3:24It’s pronounced GIF.
It’s pronounced GIF.Views 2M6 months ago


  • "ahem.... acquired" and still, you can see the discomfort

  • If different sources are calling each other out and contradicting each other, you can bet that they have some financial incentive for it.

  • Cool video

  • Is it not "program counter"?

  • Just now the view was off by 63. 28,974,195 instead of 28,974,258. I refreshed the page and it fixed itself.

  • Question : If autotune workes by splitting the frequencies of a sound and tune them individualy. Do they also tune the timbre ? When we sing a tone it does not only create a fundamentually tone, but also create a whole lot of overtones, and the is the timbre of our voice. Those overtones frequencies are of cause made as a natural intonation, but if autotune tunes them induvidually I would guess it tunes them to equal temperament ? And is that what we really hear when they say that "things just don't sound right whitout autotune" ?

  • its 28,974,161 view but its after 1 year

  • Isn't that "why movie explosions doesn't look like real explosions?"

  • The skull on the right is distracting me. Also, isn't that the stage that Jay Foreman's recordings of potato, the second syllable thing and a few other songs are taken on?

  • If its 100% spot on, then its a miracle" Well then I guess this is a miracle.

  • As Sun Tzu said, whatever you do, don’t use sequential counting in your website, you fool, you moron

  • youtuber discovers censorship and plucks a string leading to high places. the world is dumb, hence easily controlled. The best solution would be to educate yourself and others.

  • Epic British patriotic video

  • What if.... You use how computers work for the progress bar 1)we know a single computer instruction is completed in one cycle. So disregard download speed then it is consistent Use this to see how many instructions are given(machine level not high level btw). Then a progress bar should be smooth? Right? Obviously given a fixedd clock rate

  • Who here is binge watching all the disconnected episodes

  • Well it 147

  • I do love how USdos served me an ad right after the words “Is this an advert?” at 12:30

  • Ha! *Tom*-omographic scan! Brilliant! xD

  • I hope after the scandal, the victim of the scam will not use the imperial system anymore.

  • Anybody know who asked?

  • the sound is why i disliked

  • Every time Tom bleeps out the name it makes me think he's saying f*ck as that is the most common thing to be bleeped and it makes it quite funny

  • ah it finally broke.

  • I always thought there were stairs inside :( I'm so disappointed

  • All I see is Tom with the Aperture logo.

  • I would love to see more seasons, well done the youtube selection, so enjoyable

  • I'll pass thanks still..😂

  • I am absolutely certain as a central tenet of my faith that it was in fact George Bernard Shaw who invented the ‘ghoti’ example. I know this is true because someone told me so many years ago. I forget who, but probably a school teacher. Moreover, I have told many other people this fact, both adults and school students when I was a teacher. So I am totally committed to this absolute fact...

  • It’s 5 views off right now

  • That cat was the best thing in the video

  • Did Tom just call Michael and Osman reprobates?!

  • It's finally slightly wrong!

  • Jooo Tom scott in Nederland moment

  • That final merry christmas line made me cry. Good job, Tom.

  • Well I... switch?

  • After 13 months, still spot on.

  • Thank you for what you do mate 🙏

  • Why would protecting Covehithe make erosion worse at Southwold?

  • So it turns out im not the only sleepy bisexual nerd here

  • I thought they use parachute 😞

  • How on earth has it been a whole year

  • Is the harness also redundant? Would be a pity if your two cables are fine, but a single tear in the harness would still get you falling to the ground.

  • I'm not sure if you guys could tell, But tom had 2 wires on him

  • sooo, it was agatha all along?

  • I like the Citation needed easteregg at 0:29

  • 2:51 Tom is actually called Thomas Scott? Huh.

  • I still can't get AMETHYST SKY outta my mind

  • Tuning *is* confusing! Yes, Middle C is about 261.6 Hz in modern ISO tuning, but it's more like 258.7 Hz in the 19th-century French system, and only about 246.8 Hz in the tuning typically used by contemporary performers of Baroque music. Meanwhile it's all the way up at 263.4 Hz if you're the Berlin Philharmonic, and exactly 256 Hz in the "Verdi tuning" promoted by conspiracy theorists like Lyndon LaRouche. And that's all assuming equal temperament...

  • Dude you are uneditable

  • Bruh

  • 10/5/2021 Its off by a 103 views.

  • This comment section is endlessly hilarious

  • 1:14 v


  • Cannabis is not dangerous. It's more misunderstood than dangerous. A e-cigarette and regular cigarette have more dangerous compounds and additives in it. (Cigarettes have radioactive ☢️ Trace)

  • I thought it was an Alan Turnip.

  • I think emojis would be a character because they aren't multiple characters, they are one. Emoticons are a bit more difficult though because they are multiple characters.

  • Brings back memories. Although we used to ride it over the top on occasion (reckless students!) It really isn’t that dangerous, even for inebriated students.

  • One-million views... nah, won't become well known.

  • enemies of US would know what to use for nuclear waste not grave robbers. Thats why government is postponing it

  • *Drinks 12 beers cannon balls in* Bye bye taxes. I win.

  • a/%%30%30

  • f

  • BIG BALLS!! 👌🏼

  • Try failing covid test.

  • What the...

  • Funny cuz I use color temperature in my art, I use bluish or cool colors for usually dark shaded areas while I use yellowish or warm colors for light areas

  • I'm semi-surprised I haven't seen Hank Green lurking in the comments of this video.......

  • Not real petrification. What's makes a real petrification is a green light that one day encompasses the Earth and makes human a living stone

  • Welldone geeza i bet that took your brain some convincing to lean back there haha

  • Of course it's pronounced JIF. After all, it's the TLA for Jraphics Interchange Format. Of course, pronouncing it JIF when you're talking about GIFs will really annoy people who are talking about JIFs (which is another graphical storage format).

  • Honestly no idea why but this was interesting.

  • No you ain't.

  • "we needed one standardised latitude and longitude so you know your missile is going to hit it's target" Couldn't you just call them up and ask them what coordinates they use?

  • Woah hang on mines off by 35 NANI?????

  • How do you make the advertisement interestinf?!?!

  • ISS: we ran out of food NASA: but there is no rocket we can use This guy:

  • after watching this i think i may be a computer

  • Owl

  • Most of the dislikes are from people having a bad day, or who don’t like code I don’t see the point of dislikes