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The official USdos channel for Clash of Clans. Develop your strategy. Build your defenses. Attack your enemies. Conquer. Did somebody say Hog Rider?


10:093 NEW CLASH Games Announcement!
3:31Clash of Clans - 2020 Year in Review
2:29Gingerbread Mayhem!
Gingerbread Mayhem!Views 16M4 months ago
1:40No More CLASHMAS?!
No More CLASHMAS?!Views 23M4 months ago


  • The skeleton is just playing the piano

  • We were all stuck at th 10 for 3 years

  • 0:29

  • 2:05

  • These walls are slicker then a minions lips

  • Time to Die

  • Want more😭😭😭😭😭

  • These games sound amazing! I just have one question, will clash heroes be available to play on pc/Mac? Since it’s made with unreal engine I think there’s much more diversity in the different platforms :D

  • th 69: brand new! Now the settings button defends your base!

  • i neeed spikey y:(

  • Doing workk ana

  • Kerela

  • Indian yama

  • Best

  • Th 14 is best

  • 7:18 LOLOL that one miner is prolly so jealous

  • تاون ١٤... TOWN 14

  • Ah yes, clapping at trees, my favorite pastime


  • Aww not for clash or brawl : c

  • Has anyone else moved around something that is being built just to see the builder run after it? Now I feel bad

  • Villager: mhmmmm yes tree

  • 2021 ❤

  • pov your at a blm protest

  • TYSM for this update I really like it even though i only watch this vid...

  • Muito top


  • I feel so bad for the builder he did make this now your kicking him out

  • I only have one question Where are the camps?

  • Subscribanse a yusantiks

  • Some reason i wanted to cry tears of joy

  • The day when we have the global chat

  • The builder now fights back

  • Wow finally we get payback

  • 1:20 spoiled hdv 14 update lol

  • 00:18 where the kings pedistil

  • he said it, hog rider!

  • 8 years now

  • Ahah, I remember how I was addicted to the game. Now it’s just once or twice a year

  • Pov playing engineer in tf2

  • واو

  • 5:13 oh thank god i have clan troops maybe now i can w- .......They are goblins ......

  • Nussuno: USdos che mi mette nella home un video di clash di 8 anni fa

  • 0:45 the hog still has an hair net

  • Potato

  • This is a unspoken teasure

  • Got recommend to me now 5 years ago where's the one for now??

  • ·

  • Old nostalgic days

  • the archer queen did not like it

  • Why do they sound like the angry birds?


  • Guys if you pause and move around u can see the map

  • A

  • Please company, why did you write on the head of the barbarian in the village of Yali? And Muhammad is the messenger of God.

  • Imagine their prop room

  • So basically the town hall now turns into a US Fort? Pretty nice


  • Amogus

  • 14.000 commentttt

  • Feel bad for the that had to leave

  • If the futuristic style isn’t an eventual upgrade style in the future I’m going to be mad

  • Bring the global back

  • The good old days

  • So many errors on 7:16 Why are giants that strong Giant isn't targeting defenses No defenses attack The cannon MAGICALLY disappeared A mortar can't shoot side ways Barbarians are just standing there

  • I cant wait for clash heroes

  • yuall remember when we had to actually refill our defenses xD

  • After 5 years, why is this now on everyone’s recommend page?

  • Por un momento me sentí un hog rana 😎

  • My recommend this to me now? But still, ima redownload this game again

  • Ah yes super minions are a thing now but sure

  • My friend has the healer in his waifu list


  • 2 words, “Hog Rider!”

  • Обнова топ

  • I mean I’m not complaining with these recommendations

  • 😢