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11:01If the TV Doesn't Break, You Keep It
12:00It Does Something You Won't Expect
10:18Vat19 Make Me Laugh Challenge #12
10:51Answer Wrong and Get a 160-POUND Wedgie
11:48Ultimate Fountain Challenge #4
Ultimate Fountain Challenge #4Views 2.2M3 months ago
7:45Will It Clog? A Whole Head of Hair!


  • Ok so hear me out...the simple dimple, but bigger

  • 00

  • Whos watching in 2021 🧐

  • “Roof beer”

  • Nothing more romantic then forcing your employees to make your wifes valentines present

  • Who else has a maverick that has fire hydrant sour candy

  • I like Hawaiian pizza, you single-cell organism!!!

  • you monster that pore narwall

  • I am rethinking my life as I watch this

  • The evil boss

  • The pen must have ran out of ink

  • Scp but everything is gummy

  • Did they just microwave a plastic

  • 2021?

  • hands down my favorite

  • That money looks fake to me

  • *OH YEAH*

  • Am I the only one who saw Danny in the video right away-

  • This channel is the ultimate ad channel

  • This was karas last video!

  • wait isn't it 350 bucks not 250?. 0:05


  • Unicorns do exist they are just escaped

  • When the guy said that MOST OF the videos are good I freaked out

  • Never understood why the FIRST thought wasn't "Circular (square outline) Track"

  • I like all of the food except the 🤮 bull ball As in I've eaten them

  • I love simple dimple

  • Drink that juice


  • GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  • 1:56 home alone scene 🌝

  • This is what I’m watching instead of doing my homework

  • Just saying bitter melon cooked is worse than it is raw

  • 7:30 will it meat stick? Kinda. Should it meat stick? N. O

  • Oh my God


  • The unicorn fart was just-

  • When I saw the edit of Eric with the chefs mustache, I spit out my coffee.

  • Ngl, honestly I would love to see hidden in plain depo

  • WHat

  • Only in murrica

  • Where can I find a simple dimple

  • Baked Beans GROSS!!

  • No numbness.

  • When Jamie says “we” he means everyone but him making it.

  • Witch one was it ware the cops got called

  • they didn’t pull it by the tab -_-

  • But what about the people who literally had to drink for 10 years?

  • if its works it aint broken

  • 3:02 when the shower water is cold in the morning

  • Jolly ranchers and skittles

  • They unwrap a simple dimpl* me: SIMPLE DIMPL AHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHH

  • If I could be friends with one of the Vat 19 crew Sloan is #1 and Adam is #2

  • 2021 anyone?🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Mexico ya lo tenia X D

  • Does someone know the song they used for the third round?

  • I wish all ads were like this

  • There’s just one problem with the water clock. *Won’t we smash it?*

  • When they show the tacobell part and I'm eating tacobell at the same time ✋😳😊

  • That Slam At 10:17 Sounded Like A Giant Gate Closing. And The Best Thing I Ever Heard

  • Omg miles walking up the stairs made my day

  • i was playing minecraft when i was watching this and when Davey started pretending to cry rain came in minecraft also Lily because i see cats like Tuna everyday

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Wow I got this recommend 11 years later. 👁👅👁

  • I have these right now. I didnt know vat19 made them

  • *None of the videos sponsored by putty* ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)


  • I really want you to make it a movie now I loved the trailer

  • This pen finally ran out

  • I bought the blue one


  • Ok so now ima go draw that giant gorilla

  • Lona

  • 3:20 that guy from despicable me

  • Fastbreak is a funny lol

  • banana gammy

  • I’m so serious about this game my finger was bleeding. Thank taco cat goat cheese pizza!

  • 1:47 :

  • 0:15 who just steps in poo and is still happy just cause OF A SQUISE 0:34 poop AGAIN 0:48 again HOW 0:52 this is what soul taught us DO NOT STEP IN HOLES

  • I need this