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0:18The Double Doink! #Shorts
59:55Around the NFL
Around the NFLViews 19KDay ago
8:06Who Won the 2021 NFL Draft?
58:262021 NFL Draft Grades
2021 NFL Draft GradesViews 215K7 days ago
41:56FULL NFL Draft Recap
FULL NFL Draft RecapViews 87K7 days ago


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  • My team bears Ya boyyyyyyyyyyy

  • To me there is the big 4. Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith. Barry played 10 seasons. Jim played 9 seasons. Both left early. Payton played 13 seasons. Smith played 15 seasons.

  • I wonder what his numbers woulda been like if he’d gotten to the league at 21-22 like most NFL Rookies. Will never forget Super Bowl 43 where him And Larry Fitzgerald gave my Steelers all they could and almost beat us were it not for Santonio at the end of the game. Kurt Warner is majorly under appreciated.

  • Prince was a wild child with a class act! How it's devolved to the crap it's become....... What's this new generation good for again? Oh yeah, NOTHING.

  • Lesner would have been a big guy in the NFL had he played back in the 70's

  • First ever time Brady is in an NFC Championship match.

  • 34:10. Coach smoking a CIGARETTE, LOL!

  • Steelers A- ? One of the worst drafts I have ever seen.

  • My browns gone locked dat ass up

  • One of the best years of my life being a life long bucs fan I just come here to remember how great this was

  • Lance always gives out so many A grades each year.

  • As others have pointed out it was the Defense that won the game for Tampa and then against the Packers and then in the Super Bowl and yet "experts" keep dissing Defense and the Running game

  • Just think that master evaluator belichick picked stiff Harry over Metcalf and pushed brady out the door. What a genius.

  • So the lions just don’t exist to the NFL...

  • best super bowl halftime ever

  • none of these drills are relevant to a quarterback. TB is a terrible athlete and also the greatest QB of all time. Its more about mental capability than physical

  • I would think the ravens one would be the flacco hail mary against the broncos in the 2012 AFC divisional game

  • Best sb run ever.

  • It Was An Electric Atmosphere you feel it From The TV

  • It WAS such A Beautiful Show.

  • Russ throws dots

  • Russel wilson throws dots

  • If you all think this is impressive you should see what Larry Allen did.

    • Still think Ben Watsons was the best, and it was a playoff game

  • This kind of stuff makes me so happy lol. All of these guys have earned this moment.

  • Whos here after he just ran a 10.32 in the Olympic Tryouts?

  • One of my favorite games of all time as a eagles fan 🦅

  • Arm strength, accuracy, quick release, perfect mechanics. I don't think anybody in the history of the NFL threw a better ball than Marino.

  • As a ssss

  • Even tho Brady still winnin chips and doing so damn good and such why he look so much older and grey hair no dyee too thoo lolll lol lthoo firee was hell :((

  • I’d put him up with Jerry Rice for shut like that too thoo loll mann!!

  • Pain.

  • Just wait for 2021 when Dobbins is the feature back in the Raven's system. I expect Baltimore to throw more but that will only open up holes for Dobbins. Top 15 fantasy pick for 21', 1,400 yds, 14 TDs.

  • I don’t like Ohio state but I’m a browns fan so I don’t care

  • Who and for what team and which qb? The bears?

  • Haha... he liked the attention

  • This and the ravens and browns are the craziest games in recent history

  • Why does this remind me of bad lip reading 😂😂😂

  • I wish he would have played at least 10 seasons because he retired in his prime but I understand. Two more seasons at the level he was playing at he would have been a first ballot HOF.

  • 2:07 are you sure 4 I counted 3

  • He couldn't hang with the big boys! He can roid in wwe!

  • what is going on with the Buccaneers' score at 0:54 lmao

  • hola mica xd

  • Saddest moment ever

  • When he went in the stairs the room said corona virus

  • Sir David Attenborough doing a narration voice over on a lion dragging down a small prey in the Serengeti given the way DK ran him down and tackled him with force. "At 0:08, the hunt begins as the DK breaks cover...tracking his target. It's chaos, but at 0:15, the DK proves too strong for his prey and drags him down at the six yard line. Life in the Arizona Serengeti, it's brutal."

  • Tom Brady is a GOAT. Tom never played for the best team in the NFL, yet he won 7 rings. Definitely needs to be at least top 10.

  • Puros hits #1

  • I still think O.J. was better, but only because he held the record when there was still a 14 game season. might change my mind later. please reply with some points.

  • Don't get me wrong, Joe Namath is one COOL dude. But seriously, do you think he deserves SB MVP plus HoF induction? BS how you can name a player Super Bowl MVP when he didn't even throw a TD Pass.

  • All that speed and still a bust

  • Everyone will regret passing on Justin Fields, especially the Broncos if they don’t trade for Rodgers

  • Derrick Henry is a grown ass man, much respect to him he is a tank and he is way faster than he looks! Definitely a top 5 running back!💪

  • The Falcons were the first team to beat Green Bay. Thanks to Mike Vick

  • The BEST Halftime performance ever. Period.

  • I love how baker looked back to stiffarm and realized "oh xit that's not gonna work"

  • The only one ever worth watching.

  • How did you miss adding the Fornette run into end zone

  • And how good hell use to be

  • 16:38 eagles are so dysfunctional they got a rookie hyping them up 😭

  • I forgot how bad the Steelers defense use to be lol

  • You can literally feel the energy of the screen

  • How the ball hit ya in yo’ head man? 🤣