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Hello world, I'm dices and you're now tuned in to my world of creativity. Journey with me on my way to success!


1:00What happens when you have allergies
0:58What really happens when you bleed
0:40How trees choose their poses
How trees choose their posesViews 3.6M21 day ago
0:59Trees POV when there’s a forest fire
2:47Blood [Prod. by Dices]
Blood [Prod. by Dices]Views 16K3 months ago


  • Whenever this happens I start hearing things, once I drunk mountain dew at a friends house and it kept me up so long, i got scared from the noises I ket hearing and stayed in the bathroom for about an hour, then I went back to bed and finally slept

  • Viruses can not replicate themselves

  • I like how brain cells obey anyone’s order like nothing.

  • Bro why couldn’t science just be like this Eveeyone would’ve got A* 🤣

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 fire

  • Hardstop Lucas teaching: 0:54

  • When you are playing on your phone at night but then your mom comes in:

  • They working: the body doing dumb stuff the makes it harder

  • The vaccine actually replicates corona but you feel no sickness so it’s basically a shot that makes your body learn

  • i wish these were educational

  • Hi😃

  • The new Cells At Work season looking sweet

  • All this happens in literal milliseconds!!

  • "Brake"

  • A.P bii

  • How did they get a switch in there

  • Until you get blood clots😭

  • Who else is the fan of dbz

  • Next one should be what happens if u meet a cute girl

  • #BloodCellSucks

  • "No trees(human tree) we're hurt in this video"

  • *s t a r t t h e b o d y*

  • How is the epipen used?

  • Yehhh, that doesn't work for me 🤣🤣🤣 My metabolism is over 9000, caffeine has no impact on me. I could drink red bull or coffee, at night, I'll still sleep like a rock. 😎



  • I don’t know if I should feel embarrassed or angry by this man talking about a ladies *hgmh* ......details

  • HardstopLucas😂💀💀

  • I’ve been wondering if he coming back

  • Is hardstop Lucas gonna do a video on his channel

  • When your a scientist but your retired This is just a joke pls don't take it seriously

  • You are so cool


  • Omg this is so epic honestly never ever stop I keep learning stuff all the time.

  • I love your videos

  • That fake beard!

  • Start the body or you’ll catch a body fr😂😂

  • It looks like the halo sword

  • My metabolism. Is CRAZYYYYYY! I bet they have a competition on who can burn all that into energy. I could eat for a nation years ago and put no weight, now I just don't bother to eat as much, my metabolism is a curse. I burn fat too quick can't keep weight on me.

  • this niga gets this stuf frome Cells At Work a very cool anime like even the oxigen boxes this is OP

  • "bacteria hes a peanut" Most beautiful words i have heard

  • Variant has entered the chat

  • Jeez this man is entertaining

  • Best one yet

  • I don’t know thank you to press charges

  • This guy reminds me of old old CoryxKenshin, and honestly I kinda like it

  • *brake*

  • *2am in the morning*


  • I love this boy his acting is cheesy but he’s trying and I love him

  • I like how he just says sick

  • This netflix adaptation of cells at work is looking good

  • Will you ever use different background music? Nothing against it, just wondering.

  • Period? Never heard if it


  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Damn dude what's that in your neck?

  • I love his creativity.

  • Love the videos man u be on point with this shit keep up the great work man

  • You should do what happens when you get stung by a bee

  • A gud and nice coffee table

  • Sounds legit to me

  • "They made Kirby so O.P" -Brain Department

  • So nobody gonna talk about the eviction notice?

  • raid shadow legends be sponsoring every yt video

  • Your videos are awesome man

  • Siick

  • Do one were you chew gum

  • Wait how do I chew water

  • I'm the opposite when I'm depressed I don't sleep I sit up and think for a whole week, wtf is life

  • This is what. I like

  • Tbh hard stop lucus look like king von ngl

  • I learn from watching you and its funny as well thank for making these videos.

  • I learn from watching you and its funny as well thank for making these videos.

  • Dang Is That The Life As A Tree


  • I love it when my foot/arm/hand/whatever falls asleep...

  • Lmao

  • Bro so true lol 😂