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19:08Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!
34:25Something we want to tell you!
27:14A New Member of the Family!
A New Member of the Family!Views 307K2 months ago
17:07Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!
Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!Views 620K2 months ago
28:46The Story of How We Met
The Story of How We MetViews 349K2 months ago
23:42Swedish MUKBANG with Seth Everman
Swedish MUKBANG with Seth EvermanViews 159K2 months ago
10:58Trying to Predict 2021!
Trying to Predict 2021!Views 189K2 months ago
BEARD EDITS IN REAL LIFE!Views 256K2 months ago
29:45Our WORST Dating Experiences
Our WORST Dating ExperiencesViews 464K2 months ago
10:09Awkward Stories From The Closet 2
Awkward Stories From The Closet 2Views 438K3 months ago
10:22Buying The 9 Creepiest Things From Wish!
9:10Trying Pumpkin Spice On Every Food!
9:43Why I Went To Hospital (again)
Why I Went To Hospital (again)Views 478K4 months ago
10:48Visiting My Hometown! (On Google Maps)
KEEP IT OR YEET ITViews 496K5 months ago
8:53Exposing My Browsing History!
Exposing My Browsing History!Views 409K6 months ago
10:21Awkward Stories From The Closet
Awkward Stories From The ClosetViews 825K7 months ago
10:32Coming Out - 1 Year Later
Coming Out - 1 Year LaterViews 908K8 months ago
10:24A Tour Of My Plants! (living and dead)
10:11Trying To Cut My Own Hair
Trying To Cut My Own HairViews 511K9 months ago
17:00I guess I just live in Animal Crossing now
17:49Social distancing with Animal Crossing!


  • the views are 999,000 for me and that’s kinda cool

  • New collab idea : Phil and the ghoul boys

  • Phil tweeting only Phans reminds me of the time I threw the group chat into chaos by sending a tiktok about what Mario kart character you play and whether that makes you a top or a bottom. I got bowser and it said top, so I said “guess I’m a top” then a friend replied “no , no you’re not” and I responded with “fuck around and find out” then chaos ensued

  • Phil being the cool gay uncle that gives his niece fashion advice Ps: everyone knows the baby’s nickname is going to be philiper

  • "Your skin will fall off" Fanfic writers: WRITE THAT DOWN-

  • "Reveal his real hair" Snape voice: aAAH GINGER-

  • this is so crazy, just two years ago we were all like “oMg tHeY aRe sO tOgEtHeR” and now they are

  • they put up with so much shit from us omg

  • They are so funny

  • I came into the fandom in 2015 so I don' know what happened in 2012?

  • 3:24 That was so cute.

  • 1:59 crying that was so cute.

  • Omg I forgot about the sexy end screen dance and now I have so much serotonin

  • How I miss hearing dan's laugh

  • why do dan and phil text exactly the same way my friends and i do lolll

  • 1:21 looks like Phil’s current hair style lol

  • That sloths gonna see somethings if you give it away...

  • 5:00 Actually where Phil drew Missouri is New Mexico, which is where High School Musical takes place, therefore he got the wildcats thing right!

  • “Steve.....oh my name??” Oh Phil 😂😂😂


  • unfollowed him.

  • 22:48 still waiting for that candle haul, dan

  • I MISSED THE BANTS SO MUCH! phil, honestly you and Dan could be doing anything and i’d think it was hilarious

  • I was not expecting a throwback to the ancient sexy endscreen dance but I’m happy about it

  • The amount of happiness that this video game me was too much.

    • was that the super amazing project sound effect 😭😭😭

  • this is making me cry i cannot do this


  • man, I miss this

  • Sorry AM not speak English but i love your's videos ,

  • years later and dan is still so relatable to me

  • Man, I fucking missed this

  • Heyuyy

  • so true phil

  • me freezing and running away from my badger sized problems :D (i am scared of badgers eating me....)

  • phil invented covid?

  • it's so weird seeing people walk around without masks

  • i remember being 11-12 and dan and phil was everything to me. now im 17, almost 18, about to graduate highschool and im still sitting here smiling. i can pretend like i've grown up and i'm not apart of the phandom, but these 19 minutes have been the best 19 minutes since middle school

  • something for you to picture while you procrastinate from work: Phil lester showing up in heaven with Twister and shoots and ladders <3

  • is nobody gonna talk about how they dont age, they dont like any different rhan they did 8 years ago

  • Literally imagine a night of just trying on cute outfits that are slightly out of your comfort zone while laughing with your partner I feel X-TREME JEALOUSY

  • how drunk were you two when you came up with this idea????

  • we want this. we need this

  • you can actually get some medical findings from tapping you nose haha

  • why was this in my recommended oh my god

  • Phil got that DUMPY


  • I cannot believe it has been 7 years

  • Fun fact, I have seen someone put cheese spray in a soda stream and drink it on tiktok

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa amo esto lo necesitaba con toda la alma gracias dan y phil

  • The fact that I spent my middle school years absolutely obsessed with dan and Phil, and I can still hop on a video every so often and laugh makes me very happy

  • this is my favourite video on the internet

  • found u

  • he thought they were asking for the pigeon's name😭😭

  • Pepsi- in a Coca Cola glass? I don't give a damn.

  • a definite blast from the past

  • this is a present likeee aaaah

  • danny is not on fire

  • i havent laughed liked this in a really long time, thanks guys <3

  • the way we're literally moving at the same time- we have to be out next week tho rip


  • I licked the screen

  • I see Phil lester in a Harry styles outfit, I click

  • Dan is so cute with Steve, it's adorable

  • 1 like=1 prayer for pikachu

  • I’ve never noticed how pale he is ahahah and tbh I’m here for it lol

  • He looked terrified of being embarrassed😂

  • Perfect cubed poop. That means you're a wombat.

  • This video is the only thing getting me through 2021

  • I used to think the Y in Disney was a P

  • its been nearly 10 years. And Phil is still the same

  • this video predicted the rebrand

  • was that the super amazing project sound effect 😭😭😭

  • Idk about u but Hentai and violent crafting sounds like a fun time 😂

  • Who did the captions and how did you mix up the words "more" and "fuck"?

  • PINOF 11

  • In answer to Dans question "Does anybody want this" I would like to answer yes. The whole world wants this.

  • Watching this again after a long and exhausting day at work waiting in the longest line in the world to get tested for corona. I want to go back to the day when i discovered Dan and Phil, life was soo simple back than...

  • I missed Dan's laugh so much :)

  • The turtles from Texas.