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  • Try to demonize people who believe in personal choice and liberty. GUARDIAN SUX!!!

  • Another bloodcurdling thing I had to check out

  • That’s sick. The guy that runs it is sick. All the pro that go there are sick. The operators should be euthanized and the participants should be institutionalized.

  • Gormint ki laparwahi hai ? ...bhai saab ye wo log hai jo khud laparwaah thei jo aaj cheetah mein lete hai.....Aur jo log apna khayal rakhe hai wo aaj zinda hai aur youtube, news channels mein cheetah jalte dekh rahe saalon issmein Gormint ka dosh kaise hai ? mane kuch bhi ho to GORMINT khud ki responsibility nahi hai ......mane GORMINT ka oxygen milte hi 100% theek ho jaoge...bhailog saachayee ko maan lo ki KUCH BHI KAAM NAA AANA, NAA GORMINT KA OXYGEN AUR NAA KOI DAWAI....bach gaye to theek nahi to nikal lo kailash ya baikunt lok ki orr

  • Please somebody black buy this land

  • Typical leftist media


  • Luckily none of these in my country, because it's too poor to give additional welfare to some lazy brownies, who don't want to learn.

  • A rise of 4mm per year means an inch in 6 years or less, a foot in 72 years or less, a meter (39.37 inches) in 216 years or less, 10 feet in 720 years or less, and those are approximations, but close enough to get the idea.

  • How long before this reaches my city too? Much of the Gulf Coast, much of the coast of the whole planet, including low lying inland areas, will be flooded if sea levels rise by only a few feet, say 3 to 10 feet.

  • The woman replaces the natural caring mother instinct for a child with a care for pets. Its weird shes on the phone with some British girl 1500 miles away facetiming about cats instead of with a man. "Greek Vegan Environmental Antinatalist" is such a weird term I am like the complete antithesis of what she is.

  • Well this didn't age well.

  • Hypocrisy at its finest

  • Before watching this documentary I use to think Pakistani rivers are not clean.But this river is at a whole new level. I hope that our government give serious punishment to people who trash rivers.

  • classes like this should come to Poland

  • an asylum seeker from qatar? theres no war there...

    • Maybe he was a guest worker there

  • Origin of corona virus.

  • This need to be addressed..a cremation sytem needs to be built. So smk can go straight up... This is also unhealthy.

  • I want him to go through the manor. I want the owner to do it so he feels it

  • No kids for me. Too much risk.

  • Very strong woman to take leadership in all that. I pray for a miracle for these people🙏

  • Girl: I want equality Again girl : I don't believe in equality 😂🤣😅

  • Putting on a dress and makeup doesn't make you a woman. This is Misogyny/homophobia dressed up in a rainbow cloak

  • Bet their wasn't homelessness before US capitalist took over. I'm sure there is plenty enough for all. I can't stand y'all right about now.

  • All mental syndromes people getting UFO.

  • A year on and I still wish and hope she’s doing so much better, such an amazing woman who should be utterly proud of herself and her girls will be to❣️

  • who else thought the woman in the thumbnail was Aunt May

  • "we want this case to stop beomg on the media so we can move on" Ok, then arrest the rapists

  • Big up to you mate

  • They are mixed.

  • A little while later, Corbyn leads you to the worst defeat since the 30’s, Kier Starmer takes over & loses Hartlepool to the tories & you get sacked Ang!

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  • The first US cowboys were not black. They were infact Mexican Americans. They were around way before black or white cowyboys.


  • I wonder if any SEALs have gone through it.

  • I'm so late to this party. However allow me to say having a preference isn't a bad thing, people make it to be that way. This world is built on diversity and one should never be made shamed for wanting difference. Like someone mentioned as long as you don't put down someone else race.

  • Whatchu mean? The CIA doesn't owe any of the survivors anything. They did something to be put in there and that's that.

  • Couldn't she have stayed in Turkey?

  • I wanted to trade crypto but I got confused by the fluctuations in price.

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  • Y'all sleeping on our struggles. These kinda things happen way more often than you think. And even if they didn't, it would still be worth it to do something about it

  • They crazy if i saw that house i whould run to the next state

  • Ethan Winters where you at

  • Modi is responsible for this, but the brahmin priest will always support Modi!

  • my kids my choice, im using that

  • 愿世界平安

  • It will be a relief to all these people if the ones who either migrate or born in the U.S?A and other countries will stand up , rally to stop these cruel practice

  • The Earth.... Is flat with a firmament over. It... Made by the creator

  • Rip china it is not a democratic nor socialist

  • Instead of the girls why don’t they volunteer to be cut the are the ones who looking for wealth.Unthinkable and nasty these called parents are scarifying their children for their own gain

  • Religion is bad that don’t mean there isn’t a higher power. We get a lifestyle confused with religion

  • I guess he ain’t lying we they say it’s scary i mean what’s the experience without the safety you have my thumbs up if you sign up for it you deserve whatever happens

  • As an Indian who doesn't know much about thatcher and British politics in the 80's I don't understand this revelling... But it still seems wrong to me to celebrate someone's death...

  • easy black hole 🕳

  • Brains👇

  • Al arde alde ana dami falastni falastni falastini

  • D I N G D O N G T H E W I C K E D B I T C H I S D E A D

  • Hi, prettyface, i know this is like a dream to you all. Thank you for being a fan of yochrisjames

  • ive meet the people who deny 2000 years of sceince there called the gaurdion.

  • if i would go there only to work

  • “7 years ago we had a heart attack... goods stuff”

  • Wow brutal

  • Bhagwan usko pariwar ko achhi rakha

  • China ko duniya ka map sa mita dana chaiya

  • Disgusting 🤢🤮

  • This dude needs to be put in jail.

  • But we can’t drink underage and we can’t smoke or bring a puff bar in public but killing people like this is legal why

  • Why do not you show the Same of Usa, Britain etc?

  • The Sick left

    • Ah yes, because not having kids makes you a sick person...

  • This is America too!?!?

  • 8:00 doesn’t that explain everything that happened in 2020?

  • This should 100% be illegal

  • This is a question I really want you too awnser cause I'm qureous ( sorry my spelling ) is all the wounds except for the bruses are real?

  • Bro I went there and I'm half dead

  • जो goverment इतनी बड़ी बड़ी रेलिया कर रही थी। पब्लिक भी चूतिया जो इनके रैलियों में गयी

  • Uh, it will be over when the girl says it is

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  • Just a way to get away with being a beast

  • Omg im this is scary