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Welcome to this channel, i do gameining related stuff at the moment but yeah


10:31Minecraft's History of Travel
12:21Minecraft's History of Glitches
Minecraft's History of GlitchesViews 10M4 months ago
11:33Minecraft's Evolution of Hacks
Minecraft's Evolution of HacksViews 2.2M6 months ago
14:19Revisiting Historic Minecraft Mods
11:28Visiting Historic Minecraft Worlds
7:18How Dream Saved Minecraft
How Dream Saved MinecraftViews 510K7 months ago
11:44What Happened to Minecraft Trolling?
8:54Minecraft World With ONE Biome?
Minecraft World With ONE Biome?Views 420K8 months ago
16:52Minecraft 5050 Challenge
Minecraft 5050 ChallengeViews 316K9 months ago
18:40Minecraft's History on YouTube
Minecraft's History on YouTubeViews 4.5M9 months ago
4:17Minecraft Speedrunners be like...
Minecraft Speedrunners be like...Views 740K9 months ago
8:50The Minecraft Hacker Who Made MILLIONS
10:45Who is the Best Minecraft Player?
Who is the Best Minecraft Player?Views 2.1M10 months ago


  • 00:09 thats an achievement reference

  • Does it get viruses

  • someone hide this from Pewdiepie

  • I totally tried to make a glowstone and water portal one time and was dissapointed.

  • this was so good i have watched it 20 times

  • If you were wondering who are the official members in team crafted: Skydoesminecraft Deadlox TrueMU(MincraftUniverse) JeromeASF BajanCanadian Ssundee The first three is the founding members as far I can remember..

  • Getting a Gf is The Rarest Thing That Could Happen In Your Life.

  • Ah team crafted at the thumbnail.. those were the days..

  • 0:35 im pretty sure thats called grass

  • Mumbo Jumbo be like: *0_0*

  • Popular MMO, Stampy , DANTDM my childhood

  • Yo kill aura for bedrock edition

  • Good secret friday to all

  • Bro i found 1 pink sheep with with 1 green sheep next to each other when i spawn in the world😂😂how rare was that?

  • Dude your an og you need to be at the top already

  • I dont know why,if i search "mcyt" it always shows the dream smp members, bruh what about the others?!

  • what about the odds of finding 17 Notch apples in a naturally spawned chest

  • 7:05 and if u want to spawn right onto a fortress than pres alt + f4

  • Seen it Ate it- *what?*

  • the parcour at the end hurt me so much, you just ran past the diamonds ;-; althought its just a parcour

  • Dream or fruitberries cause they are green men

  • When you think this video is a kinda meme video cuz of the thumbnail and title but it’s just a boring ass video: ClIcKbAiT

  • 2012 was the golden age hype

  • Using hacks on a single player server

  • U forgot pink sheep

  • i always spwran always in badlands biom

  • Defently dream hes high IQ

  • 1:10 i spawned at mushroom biome

  • Minecraft is 1 year older then me

  • 2:30 - 2:34 made me so fking laugh xD

  • Dream is bad at Redstone and building, wich makes him NOT the best player

  • P I E

  • I wish i can buy minecraft :(

  • Best player is dream

  • Dream is the manhunt good player

  • Well knowing the potato war techno can also get in peoples head gettin squid kids sleep time he is put in pressuere cuase he is called a god he is which actually means techno is agod at pvp but also can kill dream instantly in a nanhunt cuase no matter how good dream is techno can iffinitlly respawn thats why technoblade never dies he can train fot a hundred years in 3 months worth of training well dont forget people dream is a god but techno is a god slayer um dont hate dream is still cool but no ones gonna see this ):

  • The last one is so tru sadly😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • but preston was always there

  • I saw a zombie with a full gear of diamond , that giant wall in alpha ver. , and spawn in a badland biome

  • Antvenom’s Peaceful map? The Yogscast’s Survival MP / Shadow of Israphel world? Neither made the cut?

  • There was a mod including the Moon as an additional dimension before Galacticraft, but it was rather bare bones.

  • I got more educated than in this video than 3 years in college

  • he freind enderman

  • Lol

  • This video is government property >:|

  • "and obsidian" shows bedrock

  • i found a baby pink sheep once

  • Wow that’s a lot of red stone

  • My chance of dying alone? 1in 1 Chance

  • I wish they brought back quiver

  • If you think about it. Endermen are tall, black, become hostile easily, they can‘t swim and steal blocks at random. Notch is based

  • haha /tp go brrrrr

  • The rarest occurence is getting a minecraft gf while you are married.

  • lucky block, mo bends, comes alive, tnt mod gives me nostalgic

  • Man, 2009 was just the year for OG games. (I was born in 2009)

  • 12:51 I freaked out because Stampylonghead is my favourite USdosr! Heh heh. Glad you mentioned him.

  • Villagers spawned in deserts in 1.0 they just looked like normal villages

  • one my server of aternos i played eith my friends and in 1 rain i get killed my lightning 3 time my friend 2 and my 2nd friend 4 times in the same rain 👍

  • Adam and eve: sin God: *survival test*

  • Anyone remember the minecraft lite demo?

  • The odds of us not subscribing to him every video is 500,000,000,000,000,000

  • Wow! To dream

  • Results 10:09

  • Cool I gusse

  • Who the hell made redstone hard so I can drop kick you

  • WHO Plays x-box 360 edition?

  • Rule34 and Minecraft has similarities "Endless possibilities"

  • But did you have automatic storing system. Pff

  • steve is a chad, change my mind


  • So you mean I deleted the jungle edge world, well shit

  • Minecraft’s most rarest occurrence is actually getting out the end and going in your nether portal 1 in 820,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • Why do I want to play minecraft now

  • That video made me cry

  • actually minecraft was realesd in 2011

  • why did you have to make me feel old?

  • the repeating happened to me in a mine i should of know that it was rare, dammit

  • *Engineers and scientists workers in quarantine be like*

  • Why did anyone think bees were the kind of thing too add Like bees are apparently more important than caves

    • The uptade was a glitch and gameplay update. The bees were just a small addition so they could advertize the update. Besides working in the caves would cost way more time and cost than adding the bees

  • you should do a sequel with other players in the pvp community like cxlvxn, intel edits etc