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0:33A\u0026E Biography: Booker T
0:33WWE's Most Wanted Treasures
0:33A\u0026E Biography: Booker T
A\u0026E Biography: Booker TViews 32K18 hours ago


  • Kane broken:(

  • 25:56 Attitude 🔥😎

  • Roman Roman

  • I bought his book yesterday at Walmart. I’ve read the prologue and I already love the book! 🥺❤️✨

  • Ah!! It's Nita!!! She's great and she's a babe!

  • Jindal Mahal is jokers

  • Ron Đa ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • The thumbnail smh

  • Where has this Roman been for the last several years?!?

  • 40:56

  • Still miss that old seth rollins of 2014

  • Even no that's old

  • Of course Karen is there and in the camera shot injecting herself ..... Shocker !

  • Now this was a great story children were actually saying their prayers for Andre The Giant not to destroy Hulk Hogan

  • Amazonian

  • If only Eddie and Chris were still alive for this throwback edition. Eddie's frog splash with smackdown logo in the background and Chris's neck slash sign

  • Мне кажется, что мы уже не увидим Кейна(((

  • This will forever be Smackdown’s best theme

  • Jesús los ama de verdad y el ya viene busquenle

  • Kurt angle is a strong man

  • All of the ladies are beautiful but for me rhea ripley is stand out

  • Sting goo, idol🔥🔥🤙🤙

  • Make this the primary intro n do raw 2006 intro for wwe2021 I’ll renewal my subscription for peacock for wwe💀

  • Overacting ke 150 rs kaat umpire ke

  • I like undertaker

  • Johnnnnnnnnnn cenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw 😍😘👑👌

  • R.I.P mean gene. Okerlund

  • I’m so happy that DB is gone

  • It's funny you work hard to be champion to carry the show. Some people just come in like Roman get a title shot without even working for it. Like Kevin said to be the best possible champion and Roman and Charlotte. Wouldn't that be a champion that doesn't deserve the title. Nowadays wrestling is a hand out. Who do we love the most. Why do they always pick trash why not a real talent. The only one I could pick from smackdown is seth and Kevin and cesaro too but they are about to bury him.

  • 21:11 Cena fans are just like Cena , STUBBORN 😎

  • This reminds me of smackdown here comes the pain on PS2.

  • He need push🔥 on main roster 🙏😍 he should be man who beat 👑 sheamus for us Championship

  • *Jimmy Uso returning will make the storyline with Roman and Jey even more interesting now*

  • Faq bak sum

  • The Undertaker Return Confirmed

  • As soon as I finish building my flux capacitor this video will be LOD vs Spivey and The Undertaker

  • Hybrid raw and smack down stage... nice.

  • la cancion es lo unico bueno

  • The 2 are the greatest latinos in wwe history

  • showmenship belts

  • Better episode then present day

  • Can WWE for the love of God give aleister black some better attire than a job or vest and trunks Alistair black has the potential to be something great if WWE can actually do something with him help give him some better attire that will help with whatever character they're trying to go with for Alistair Black cause right now I don't know what his character is and that's a problem.

  • Hola

  • Who has found this when it came out and like ok lets see this and has kept watching like 100 time also who loves this part? 1:50

  • Man these two would make an amazing tag team!

  • Yo what if Eddie was alive and Vince and his sick ideas in his mind, said to make that a storyline

  • Brock sucks he was doing something they didn’t deserve

  • My favourite wreslar Roman Reigns

  • Roman is best

  • That Charlotte is loca 😡

  • I'm from rassia )

  • I think on this episode on raw drew turned face

  • The last big thing Brock Lesnar! He needs to return and face Lashley this year at Summerslam.

  • Thank you for inviting us into Piper's Pit. It is so sad that that room is now quiet and empty. R.I.P. Rowdy and Andre.

  • 18:21 Randy orton feeling 😆

  • I love you, Roman Reigns

  • Why didn't smackdown have the fist stage here?

  • Top tier match here

  • I love and miss them so much

  • 19:04 Randy can't RKO Undertaker

  • Sheeeeeeee Dominic’s fresh Caught

  • Cmon i wish John cena returns

  • they were fighting at first and now they work together in fast and furious 9

  • It’s weird why sometimes heels touch fans hands

  • John cena pls return

  • Eso está más actuado que nada

  • Смешно, в дед ком саду ито серьёзней дети бьют. 🤣🤣

  • اكو عرب

  • Alexa is such a good friend to encourage her

  • nice

  • Aew best

  • Devon Larratt vs Bobby Lashley