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Are you an automotive history buff? Do you enjoy watching cars being built? Are you infinitely curious about engines? Do you want to know the stories behind some of the coolest cars, all while having a laugh?

Donut Media is a channel for all types of car people, from JDM diehards to American muscle car enthusiasts and everything in between. Every week, we give you new episodes of our most popular shows. Whether your favorite car is the Skyline GT-R, the Dodge Challenger, VW GTI, BMW M3, WRX STi, 4Runner, Miata or Supra - we've got you covered. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy our videos, we have something for everyone.

Before you buy your next car, before you work on your junk car, before you go bumper 2 bumper, no matter what your wheelhouse is, we'll get you up to speed at Donut.

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22:14We Ranked Your Cars
We Ranked Your CarsViews 1.1M7 days ago
18:00Every Engine Layout Explained
Every Engine Layout ExplainedViews 971K7 days ago
13:02Is this a good idea?
Is this a good idea?Views 926K7 days ago
13:47Best Place to Buy Car Stuff?
Best Place to Buy Car Stuff?Views 863KMonth ago
15:21Is a Digital Dash Worth It?
Is a Digital Dash Worth It?Views 1.2MMonth ago
12:18How NASA Built The Future Tire
16:37Is an Angle Kit Worth It? - TESTED
13:16What Exactly is Race Tuning?
What Exactly is Race Tuning?Views 740KMonth ago


  • this video was recorded with a android

  • "Gasoline engines are 20% efficient." Most numbers I have seen in recent years point to something more along the line of 30% being more typical. For example, I'm getting 5.8L/100km out of my 2011 Ford Focus on the highway with the AC on, which is equivalent to 516Wh/km or about 40% as efficient as a similar class EV which is itself 80+% efficient at turning battery Wh into miles traveled, which makes my Focus somewhere in the neighborhood of 32% efficient at turning gasoline into highway mileage and cool air.

  • Hes like a mix of Patrick Wilson with Stiflers laugh

  • Nice job man great video

  • I used to work in a dodge factory in Ontario I can vouch we definitely make lots of parts for those cars they're assembled in the USA though probably to cut cost and bump profit. Like we did with oil we would send unrefined oil to the states they refine it and send it back made no sense but it made money.

  • This watch sucks this guy sucks and he’s making millions go figure

  • Dim owns the car in the building in irl

  • Sooo the Focus RS was maybe a fail in the US but here in Germany there are many people driving these. My neighbour has one too, pretty sick car.

  • Thumbs up, just by the satisfaction to hear James saying "Stupid car tray" LOL

  • I love how joel genuinely lost it over the company's name.

  • Quick answer : Rich people

  • Buy a cheap car and just cover it with wish mods

  • The thing is many countries don't like the USA and never will so we have to be the middle man and it makes big moneu

  • a shout out and thumbs up to whoever does the visual effects... i LOL'd the tailpipe gag

  • Now do the Z31

  • Black ice undefeated

  • "You say it one to many times and it starts to lose its meaning" How dare you bud

  • E36 is by far the worst M3 BMW ever made and the E31 was too heavy,under powered and slow.

  • When I first saw the new wazer I was so freaking pissed off but when I saw the new Bronco I happy beyond belief

  • So you guys have the E31,E36 and the clown shoe in the best cars BMW ever made yet no mention of the E38 WTf ?!!

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  • Something called America just take the credit eh we font even care.

  • It's a fighter jets for the road

  • Oh crap I’ve been using that for the last two months in my DirtBike.

  • You guys are dope and watching yall makes me wanna buy a 350z even more

  • so batman is an interpretation of el zorro and el zorro is an interpretation of whom?

  • Carbon impregnated lol

  • You bumbling fools. You did not mention the best W configuration engine, the W9!

  • "This is not street legal" Who gives a Shyt? Lol

  • 28 for black ice 🧊 😲

  • Short answer: No. Long asnwer: lol no

  • Chappie looking kinda dope

  • if you see the subaru wrx i just posted on my youtube i paid someone from an instsgram post i found $150 for %10 window tints which some places i called told me they dont exist and apparently he had them, and the job was so badly done🤦‍♂️ there are bubbles in the lower back and they are still super bright and barely block any uv. I regret going the cheap route on this one especially for the wrx

  • This was such a long episode of up to speed lol

  • Bought this 10 pack of cleaning slime on wish and gotta say it’s pretty great it’s just some little slime that you can stick rub onto interior cracks and get dust and shit out and doesn’t leave behind a slimy surface

  • i like how they filmed him saying "lets take this bumper off" while the bumper was already off 2:00 - 2:30

  • I have never seen a bigger flex than a sparco fire extinguisher

  • I never buy a non-running, non-driving project car. I know I can't diagnose engine problems well at all, and probably can't fix them either. I can replace small, simple engine components, but that's it. I shine when it comes to body and interior work, so I buy projects that look like crap but have a solid drivetrain, and turn it into a nicer looking turd.

  • That’s me

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  • don't make something to combat motion sickness. getting motion sickness can be a deterrent for them not being attentive to the fkn road. 8:12 if people become over-reliant on tech to tell them how to drive properly they could be screwed if they go somewhere that doesn't have that available. stop giving people more reasons to pay attention to their dash instead of the road.

  • Wait , they made a car less reliable then a Land Rover?

  • i'm from Brazil and here we call the beetle with other name, we call him fusca

  • The horrible language likely apologise because keyboard histopathologically stain off a jaded celsius. depressed, rotten swiss

  • How can you talk about the 3 Brazilian champions, mention the 1st and the 3rd ones and ignore the 2nd who was actually Nelson Piquet, three-time World Champion in 1981, 1983 and 1987?

  • This was a good bit.

  • F-16s don't shoot Tomahawks bro lol

  • Technically norther jerbear you missed the air cooled radial engines from the earliest days of aviation. 5 7 8 9 and twin row 18 and 27 cylinders. But that wasn't in a car and it's B2B not N2T (nose to tail) so I'll forgive your cute face

  • hrsprs sounds kind of- cringe. stop using itt

  • Dodge Challengers man, you can accelerate hella fast man

  • My 1997 Mini Cooper S is getting a waste gate dump makeover. Hillarious.

  • this is not even "exotic" its bad, its literally the worst looking shit ive ever seen

  • Somebody should put that fake turbo sound in a Tesla imagine somebody pulling up in a Tesla with a turbo

  • That legacy kinda sus.

  • feel like pure shit just want bart back

  • Actually, the steering wheel phone holder would be convenient for eating food in the car while having DonutMedia going on YT, just sayin

  • Personally ima subi type a guy but I would love to own an evo 7 just to see what’s it’s like but my dream car is a subi impreza sti 2006 Hawkeye but I would love an evo 7

  • The SS caught on fire at the daytona 500 lols

  • Didn’t a short unpopular Frenchman win 4 titles on his own

  • i really hate car lips.

  • i did tinting once and it was not that hard. so because you are bad at it i encourage DIY people to give it a try. it's really not that hard

  • What's the build for the one in the thumbnail

  • Do a up to speed on the Ford festiva

  • Wow! Ok then, I certainly dont get this