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10:38Why Putin wants Alexei Navalny dead
11:19Why Jakarta is sinking
6:48mRNA vaccines, explained
mRNA vaccines, explainedViews 709KMonth ago
6:432020, in 7 minutes
2020, in 7 minutesViews 3.1M2 months ago
8:02India's huge farmer protests, explained
5:35The real cost of smart speakers
The real cost of smart speakersViews 1.2M2 months ago
6:14How virtual reality tricks your brain
8:22Napoleon's missing hand, explained
6:37Wie man richtig Monopoly spielt
Wie man richtig Monopoly spieltViews 53K2 months ago
18:19How tag became a professional sport
8:15Why Poland is having huge protests


  • 0:59 Mississippi: am I a joke to you

  • many lie in this video about the power grid for example just California alone has 2 separate systems so how is the "west coast" on one???

  • let the better man win, fairly..

  • does anyone know if joss fong is married? does she wanna be?

  • A wake up call but the U.S. is going to hit the snooze button.

  • When I took some power systems engineering grad courses to make sure no GI Bill went unspent. My take-a-way from that was a nation wade grid controlled by politicians is a very scarey proposition. Politicians and PUCs control system safety by allowing or not whenever maintance or improvements (including safety improvements) the private power companies wanr to do. There is no incentive for them to not make safety improvements but they are legitimate expenses when it comes ot calculating profit. Example: In California, among the reasons for very high rates we suffer from are the expenses that renewables imposed on the system. Renewables are very expensive when the necessary additional system expenses are included. In order to prevent some of that cost from getting to the rates, the power companies couldn't get approval for safety and maintaince expenses enough to prevent wires from starting wildfires. Of course the California pols then blamed the evil power companies for inadequate maintaince in the knowledge that 99% won't think past "evil capitalism" to realize the PUC controlled the safety spending. When I heard Obama's high flying rhetoric about savings from a "smart grid" I heard it as "dangerous grid" that he hoped wouldn't cause disaster on his watch.

  • Man Texas is a little special aren't they

  • Not even Hitler would support these "[email protected]"

  • Me who lives in 3rd world country: Well at least you're not living in a stone age

  • Imo Texas would not have had such a bad outage if it's power grid was interconnected with the rest of the US and other power plants could of diverted power to help Texas keep the lights on for millions while they fixed the problem instead of having people freeze to death in record breaking cold but of course Texas Republicans blamed the power companies and fined them huge money instead of their own corrupt selves for opting out of the interconnected power grid which would of helped Texas tremendously in this situation.

  • i cry at movies and books ans things that show the underdog winning

  • Just make a trans division for all sports boom ur done not that hard

  • The U.S. police shouldn't just use this leftover military equipment and weapons for any purpose. They should be allowed to use it during specific events. If you let them have those weapons to use for any purpose, you're allowing them to use it for all reasons/purposes

  • they. let. you. do. it. key point how did you miss this

  • I think of this as mr krabs and plankton

  • joss fong is beautiful

  • visca el barça i visca catalunya. forca barca. VAMOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • 5:15 sounds like a lazy explination.something else made us cry tears for help

  • Independence comes with risk. Dont trade security for independence texas!

  • ...... a sign that there is nót just a financial crisis; everything modern, is in crisis.

  • I read from an old book that my mother have is that back in the 70s or 80s, there was glacier the size of the country of Belgium. This happened before so I guess this is something to be expected since the world changes. Climate change or not the world will change.

  • YEEAAA!!!... ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽....

  • I dont beileve this ladies narration Of the situation

  • >Le

  • I got a better idea, eat it alive, raw and wriggling 🙂

  • Wow love it!

  • Maybe when you get people that know the lyrics, it would sound better. Have you ever sung a song and got every note right, first try?

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  • The museum is about British history, British history involved stealing them artifacts and so they are able to stay in the museum😎😎

  • What software is he using at 1:35? Is it called Unity?

  • WRONG...you Q followers are sick people. You will NOT win. Give up losers. It was a freak storm, nothing more.

  • If there wasn’t a filibuster wouldn’t laws and policies flip back and forth depending on which party has a majority in the senate?

  • In 2021 this hurts

  • this is horrible

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  • Gotta get all the tax breaks :)

  • I like that the Joe Biden's of the time eat crow, muah ha ha ha ha

  • I took a DNA test, turns out I’m human

  • Thank you Vox for information 🙏

  • Modern Art is a bad joke.

  • Oddly enough it was the "liberals" who pushed for the PMRC

  • So to keep it short its pretty much the Dutch trying to build Jakarta like Amsterdam and failing then trying to protect it like Amsterdam and failing again the irony

  • The warning is, don’t let republicans deregulate everything.

  • It’ll be costly to the company but that’s the consequences of ruining peoples lives.

  • Seek simplicity and distrust it - Alfred North Whitehead

  • Dont worry shes not racist shes cool🤭

  • So sad

  • fun fact: we all cracked our knuckles during the video.

  • Biden will bring us together!

  • These aren't riots like u say Hong Kong are peaceful protesters they are also peaceful protesters

  • All hail puttin

  • Stars and Stripes beats hammer and sickle look it up

  • Jack Johnson was not forgotten. You youngsters just haven't studied history.

  • More better title Vox is lying

  • Vox is lying

  • if you do this same research and comparsion in Brazil schools, you gonna be shocked with the results....

  • This is a bureaucratic failure and Texas fell like dominos. The wind & solar provide about 21% of electricity and are intermittent at best. During the storm, the solar panels were covered with ice and the wind generators froze. At the same time, demand rose beyond the capability of what was left, so they had to cut power to balance the grid. Now, for the dominos and classic failure of bureaucracy. When they shut down portions of the grid, they shut down the power to the natural gas production facilities. Without power, the natural gas production facilities could not maintain pressure on the natural gas lines, and when the pressure dropped, the natural gas generator plants went offline. Now, most of the state was without power. I would have expected the grid managers to have knowledge of critical infrastructure. ERCOT didn't know that information about the gas production facilities.

  • 5:09 "...but outside of France, he was a popular figure for caricature." Britain. You're talking about Britain.

  • A few people extract billions of dollars from society while the general population is always left holding the scraps. Nothing has changed in millennia.

  • holy cow

  • Thank you for the commenters for including what Vox left out. I have reliably counted on Vox to provide information not clouded with advocacy. This video is an outlier. You get an F.

  • Women and Low-T males lecturing the world about "Race" and "Sports". Yawn.

  • NOOOO WHY WAS THIS THIS A WHOLE 4 MOVIES 2020 was a rough year tho


  • Yup, sounds about WHITE.

  • 8:22 this guy talking mad communism for being american

  • Na the Government would rather spend money to teach foreign countries about transgenders

  • I came here for myself, my bmi is 28.5 ,totally wrong. My abs are even visible. Knew it something is wrong

  • Here is a great way to put the unemployed to work: re-start the Public Works in the same way as back in FDR's projects, building infrastructure. Win-Win-Win all around.

  • american logic= we love the military and support it! *supports what the army fought and died for 80 years ago*

  • will be sending this to my mother thank you

  • 7:40 I think the police just need more training on all subjects then someone being in a situation and the 911 operator just being like what type of unit would you like us to send then they send social services to an active shooter

  • oh nuuununu i didnt even realize that tintin was racist until now and now im saaddd but also the depictions of chinese, natives, and black people were truly terrible as i recall

  • Am I the only one that accidently hit the ceiling ?

  • No one likes wasting food? False. My ex loved throwing perfectly good food away.

  • They need look at their own problems

  • What kind of gnerator should I get? ....... Any knowledge would help.

  • When I saw Pennsylvania, being from Philadelphia, it sent chills down my spine.

  • Everything in the gift section of Waterstones bookshops in the UK is plastered with the Great Wave off Kanagawa. It’s becoming obnoxious.

  • If I see this on Vox I know it’s not true so no reason to even watch 🤣