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  • imagine paying for five different coaches

  • Who's here because Melo is on the NBA and we don't know where tf is Julian Newman now

  • She is probably 17 at this point

  • He seems like one of those dudes you take off the dribble and think you have him beat and he just catches up to you on your hip like good move 🖐🏽 (hand up)

  • I’m a Man Utd fan but this kid reminds of Man City without money there nothing

  • jalen green is one of the best players in the world tbh hes gonna go #1 if he dosent hes gonna be the best in the league. Hes my idol

  • Mikey voice changes

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  • Nice

  • So your telling me sharife cooper and jalen green could have happened.

  • Who tf does she think she is?

  • When he enter the league by his 3rd year he will be an all star and in the seasons mvp race

  • Julian dont belong here😂😂

  • 2 years later in NBA Zion vs Lamelo

  • this man gotta cut his hair lol

  • Henry Ruggs III has more hops!!

  • A cheated Big Guy in a children game.

  • Give the dad a break he's half autistic

  • Those girls talkin reckless fr fr

  • Every basic dunk or play "Hey" damn annoying. I can't stand watching this vid.

  • Shawn Kemp Remind me of

  • #2 a beast

  • why she do jack like that

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  • Who said that shit MW1 been living like that when he stated playing y people be hating on MW1 bro I’m getting tired of y’all hating on my man Mikey bro

  • People be hating for no reason. Find something to do

  • Celtics aren’t delveping him right and he needs to be played more

  • All it’s ab the game to him

  • All this dude does is lose lol

  • Dude this is sad. Giving a tour of a mansion you rented for a wekeend just because you're a Lavar Ball wannabe. Lavar is a jerk but he at least has 2 sons in the NBA. Your son probably won't even have a D2 offer. Pathetic.

  • Lol happy 16th birthday bruh mickey act like you care atleast

  • Bro the music during the game had me dead

  • He's good but y'all know what he missing? Height

  • you are one big dog!

  • At least Lavar has 2/3 in the NBA. Julian will never start a NBA game. His pops should have took notes.

  • She said this is the worst birthday if my parents did all this for me I would be beyond greatful they rented her a mansion and bought her a car

  • Rip nle

  • Sorry for this but she is so ungrateful and spoiled

  • He a terrible coach wtf did I just watch

  • 4:50 the button😂😂

  • Basketball ain’t for Julian

  • No defense what so ever

  • Imagining if he went to auburn with shariffe

  • Come on bro you would have gave the people a good show you and Sharfie cooper

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  • Mikey is the best high school player i’ve ever seen

  • Its just sad that david stern died a year later.....

  • Jalen to Auburn wow... Imagine that with Rife

  • Sweet... Home.. Alabamaa...

  • Most embarrassing moment “ I ain’t got none” rly I know Michigan in Detroit

  • Goffy Mikey rlly said happy 16 to ger

  • did he use a ghost bat to hit the piñata?.. 💔💔

  • Is that a real person standing there??

  • He was about to comment to Auburn😳him and Sharife cooper would go dumb stupid🔥🔥🔥

  • Unpopular opinion but I feel bad for Julian. You can see he works hard and has the work ethic. His anger issues is due to his environmental and shitty dad. And ofc he can’t control his genes. He’s had the spotlight on him since 11 and millions of people who want to see him fail,which if his goal is the league he ultimately will bc of his height and character problems. So shit can’t be easy...

  • Hey swae Lee they going to still criticize the form even though the shot good... 🎯

  • What if Jalen and Sharife Cooper were in Auburn together? Sheeesh🔥

  • He a horrible dad and coach

  • Mikey breathes. Overtime: gawk gawk gawk

  • These people are pathetic

  • I blame the dad for his kids because Julian and Jayden could’ve been to be a big team but then the dad is holding them back

  • Jaden is 16 years old but apparently her own damn body doesn't know that and thinks it's 26....