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Welcome to my channel! I produce new content weekly. My goal is to blow up, and bring others up with me! #TeamDtay


16:05Kids During Halloween | Dtay Known
13:08Parents During Halloween | Dtay Known
5:44"POP-STAR" - ROCKSTAR Parody
"POP-STAR" - ROCKSTAR ParodyViews 4.3M6 months ago
6:00Savage Parody - MOM VERSION
Savage Parody - MOM VERSIONViews 3.7M9 months ago
4:49Lil Uzi Vert - "No Auto" Parody
Lil Uzi Vert - "No Auto" ParodyViews 2.7M10 months ago
7:31Say No - Say So Parody
Say No - Say So ParodyViews 6M11 months ago
5:50The Pops - The Box Parody
17:21Parents on Christmas
Parents on ChristmasViews 8MYear ago
4:07"Bend-it" - Bandit Parody
"Bend-it" - Bandit ParodyViews 4.3MYear ago
4:08Mama Flow - Shotta Flow Parody
11:56Different Type of Uber Drivers
14:23Mama Trunks Goes on Shark Tank
3:29Worsome - Ransom Parody
Worsome - Ransom ParodyViews 2.6MYear ago
5:08Money In The Grave Parody
Money In The Grave ParodyViews 3.6MYear ago
5:29Worth It Parody
Worth It ParodyViews 4.1MYear ago
10:54Worst Uber Driver of Mankind
11:31Different Childhood Sleepovers
19:51Us Parody
Us ParodyViews 18MYear ago
3:36Whoopiana - Thotiana Parody
Whoopiana - Thotiana ParodyViews 10M2 years ago