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Daily gaming videos with DanTDM :)

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GOATS!Views 1.4M13 hours ago
9:44i was killed.. (Shady Oaks SMP)
1:20Thank You, Pewdiepie x
Thank You, Pewdiepie xViews 4.4M7 days ago
25:26it's over.. (Minecraft Hardcore)
31:56I Am The King of FNAF VR
I Am The King of FNAF VRViews 1.9M28 days ago
23:09Among Us with Mods is So Funny!
24:19My Minecraft Hardcore Fail..
My Minecraft Hardcore Fail..Views 2.6MMonth ago
21:54I Lied to My Friends.. (Shady Oaks SMP)
27:00Little Nightmares II FINAL Sneak Peek!


  • Idea: one last mod review in honor of Trayaurus.

  • Damn

  • Java goat: bumps you, gets launched 5 blocks Bedrock goats: YEET

  • Dan i have a video idea for you. I think you should play a game called entry point on Roblox it is very fun and a game you could make a series on that is not a simulator or anything.

  • When he combined those tridents my heart cracked

  • Anyone else watching in 2021

  • It been 4 years Wow time flies

  • Dan is so lucky. I play on Xbox so the update isn't there for me. :(

  • Please Dan, play more Zelda, it's my favorite series and I would love seeing it.

  • I'm waiting for Dan to make a part 2 ;-;

  • "Is it a bad thing to say I'm wet?" *_Yes Dan, yes it was_*

  • 3:49 the hammer is right there!!!

  • Your suppose to click on the rock

  • Dantdm and 8bitryan!!!!

  • Goats protec goats attac but most importantly goats give Dan them big boy whacks

  • I never hate dantdm he's the best USdos

  • "Long lost friend"😔😔

  • 0:01 *coffin dance music*

  • That discord sound made me thought my friend had finally texted me back after the past 6 hours 0:08

  • he swore at the end its not a big deal cuz he cut it out. timestamp: 23:57 - 23:59 just saying

  • I got push by a goat in my skybase and i fell then died then i lost the world

  • Kids nowadays can't relate how realistic this mods are

  • 22:00 they used a magnet

  • Does part of this happen on the dream smp i-

  • Dan Wears Glasses

  • I wonder how you fullscreen this game and if you can download it (on pc)

  • If he did not know Dan can go to the sittings and put auto play

  • Who’s here to Watch Dan cry 2:50

  • Legends say he is still bald

  • Dan keep making videos so when I have my child I can show them my past I love you man and hope you live a great life

  • Thanks for popping up in my recommended just 8 years later

  • Walrus

  • stupid mob vex me not vex glow squid

  • Thanks, I’m crying :)

  • I Have Laughed and Wheezed For The Whole Video XD

  • “I wanna hear your screams”-Daniel Middleton 2021

  • try toca world

  • Hey dan, how's tryouruse (forgot how to spell it)

  • 17:20 Nobody: The Attack On Titan Rumbling.

  • We got new aminals... why doh?

  • Your bussin

  • 11:41 Dr trayaurus boi

  • 13:22

  • Dan I just want you to know you’re not just a father to one kid, you raised us all

  • We need pat from PopularMMOs hear

  • *"Your Skin is not a paper, so don't cut it"* *"Your Neck is not a coat, so don't hang it"* *"Your Body is not a book, so don't judge it"* *"Your Life is not a movie, so don't end it"* *"Suicide doesn't take away the pain, it just passes away the pain to someone else"* *"Spread the word!"* by: Jayde Ivana

  • Correction If only I had a WORKING gold farm

  • Who else is watching this during covid

  • Dan play crazy games

  • Hey I haven't been here in a while but what happened to grim and trayorus...

  • Please just come back with with the good old vids, the memories 😢

  • Does anyone remember the dantdm app?

  • 8years ago

  • I love this game I have it and I am good at it


  • 0:43 Girraffe

  • Thanks to pewdiepie the game is popular again

  • This feel great


  • Lol😂😂😂😂😂

  • 6:44 Yeah they both lost someone peter lost uncle Ben and miles lost his dad

  • The beginning

  • How u get a cape?

  • If that minecraft vr mod didnt decide to explode when you used a tiny shader then this would literally be the most immersive game ever

  • *walks into bathroom* alright let’s recap shall we! Me: uhhhhh

  • Weres the cat

  • You said super "human" not super bottle

  • Hold on six pulls you out 😱🤯

  • Rewatching in 2021 for the fun of it

  • DanTDM lives in the market town of Wellingborough in Northamptonshire, England

  • Hewo

  • You should beat Minecraft if one video!

  • Spiderman 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444

  • I have one of those too!!!! (But is the north American one)

  • The sauce that was for the pasta and fried fish it was soy sauce

  • We wont have blaze rods anymore lol

  • Do you feel old yet?

  • Asher: 5:42 Dan: nooooo 😂.

  • The horn call is the same horn call that the illigers use when a raid is going to start

  • 5:29 its on roblox ive played it but im not sure what its called