Premier Boxing Champions

Premier Boxing Champions Premier Boxing Champions

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A night at the fights used to be something big. Boxing meant flashbulbs, floodlights, and excitement, hundreds of voices cheering two men in the squared circle at the center of it all. Yes, there was a time when boxing was really something to see.

And now, that time is here again.

Introduced January 14, 2015, Premier Boxing Champions is a boxing series that returns the sweet science to its rightful place atop the sports pantheon. Featuring today’s best and brightest stars in their toughest, most anticipated bouts, Premier Boxing Champions airs on Fox, FS1 and SHOWTIME.

PBC is taking boxing back to its roots. This is boxing, pure and simple, where what’s brought to the fight, mentally and physically, is what determines who goes home the winner, and who just goes home.

Get ready for the fights, people. Boxing is back.



  • The little guy won, Barthelemy lost. Bartthelemy has no good future if he w

  • Corruption... Corrupt judges...

  • Benavidez should be fighting Plant or another top level fighter but nobody wants to fight him. Even Uzcategui said no so Ellis was the one left.

  • Hes amazing but he needs to get his hands up to beat charlo. Wish him the best tho

  • Sounds like Holly Holm over here yelling with every punch

  • Proper 12 plug🍾

  • Dang boxing need to get more exiting they just jab and move back jab and move back need more hooks and hard punches to keep it interesting

  • 15:35 Who saw Wilder's footwork...? 😆🤣😂

  • Harrison was lit

  • Gotta love Steve Willis the coolest referee in the game Lol

  • This guy could not beat charlo nor canelo.

  • Better not fight like that against canelo.

  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate crowds in arenas. Damn the atmosphere was electric.

  • This is such a sloppy fight!! 😧

  • I hope he fight canelo hes talking to much shit !!! Needs to in the ring not out the ring ', not with hes mouth stupid ass

  • What a boring fight. Nothing but wrestling and jumping in and tying up. No boxing fundamentals at all. Just mindless swinging.

  • A.B transformed into a Hulk after Santiago hit him after the bell, tried to knock the skin off of Santiago.

  • Yeah benavidez hits hard but Angulo aint no Canelo.

  • Wallin should be Wilders first fight back to prove Tyson Fury didn’t 100% expose him

  • Brandon representing the RGV that's totally awesome my hometown 💪

  • One of my favorite fights all time

  • Two warriors. Rigo has a bulldozer punch

  • Gervonta lo va a matar

  • 7:58 leonard was like. "I better erase this smile off my face" jajajaja

  • @RaquelrjbAxp1k

  • Love Lara haha excellent boxer but he be killin me with that lil jiggle he do with the lower portion of his body 🤣🤣

  • Broner fugiu do Garcia o tempo todo

  • Ok he’s ready to get ko’d by tank now.

  • Parece un welter con un pluma

  • He demoralized Danny swift

  • Why Tank dont fight other American black fighters.

  • Tank always trying to fight the smallest guy he can find with a win streak


  • Watch out Tank ? 🤔 lol

  • Was hard to listen to when the commentators had his Bronx boner down their throats the whole time

  • That’s was crazy

  • Don't even know who these guys are...Tank by stoppage in the 9th

  • To slow for tank... you smoking crack if you can’t see that

  • Castaño absoute machine! He won on pressure and hurting Lara more.

  • Castaño won he was the champion and he brought the fight to Lara and hurt him more when it was in inside fight. Who was the one going to the ropes? Exactly!

  • Absolutely love this fight.. best fight I've seen in a long long time so much better than the first one!!!

  • Adrian didn't come to fight.

  • The commentating lady is very American biased

  • Cruz vs Lopez

  • Wilder landed more punches, total and percentage, and knockdowns (2) and still didn't win. Fury getting up and showboating made the decision turn to a draw.

  • Gloves to big.gloves to small.really, how about the one who wanted this fight the most along with the man that took the worst punishment had most to do with the outcome.depending on the way a glove appears is usually the only real difference.multi colored gloves usually appear to look larger.maybe that's why some fighters choose them.yea I got my ass whipped but it's because they made me wear bigger gloves.i don't believe that broners handlers are stupid.AB 's corner would not allow his opponent to fight with lighter gloves.if a white man made the statement that Ab's corner was so dumb they missed Garcia wearing lighter gloves,he would be called a racist.yet people's of color making such a statement is just okie dokie.come on people's,stop all the stupid shit.most people's don't give a damn about people's skin color.most people's hate racism.lets all stand together and fight the one's that are responsible for the problems all the people suffer from.a bunch of oath breaker's trying to turn our country into a ,community communist/unity. commyunity. communism is the biggest threat to individual rights and freedoms,along with the propaganda the news channels push all day everyday.the term we the people mean all people's of all colors.stand together and fight for freedom,the constitution and bill of rights.its us against them.not us against us.that is thier agenda to destroy all of us and totally enslave everyone


  • Ref should be fired.

  • If tank fights him tank will have more power yes this dude has height and reach plus he's been in that weight division for a while but imo tank is pretty special the only thing is that his promoters had been getting smaller guys for a while but I think tank will end up walking him down and catching him with a head shot or even a body shot tank has a chin nobody really gives him credit for that

  • Mickey no boxing

  • That was weird should be a DAmm draw rematch.that whole fight was goofy never leave it to the judges.

  • Shawn wasn't running up and wrestling ugas...hmmm. Shawn lost

  • Shoutidol

  • Boring..Adams give boxing suck

  • Bam bam

  • Yeah idk.. he needs to work that defense.. who knows. Maybe he catches tank with a nice shot. He has long arms so could pull off a wilder type shot and KO him but idk

  • My right ear enjoyed that.

  • Mikey has been solved. 90% of his punches is the left jab, the rest are off the left jab. Nullify the jab with a longer jab, or press him against the ropes. And fighting going backward takes away the jab.

  • That's why boxer doesn't want to fight rigo because ge keeps running this shit is not boxing

  • Barrios seems too slow. He needs to work on his speed, because tank is a lot faster.

  • Le hace honor al nombre El Tyson Mexicano y que siga perfeccionando ese upper y será la horma del zapato de Gervonta.

  • The commentating was terrible

  • This has to be the worst big channel for highlights, if more than a quarter of the video is the announcer then what's the point?

  • Wilder laughed and Mocked God before this fight because Tyson is a Christian , Very Bad Mistake Very Bad💥✝️🇺🇸Tyson Fury is the coolest Champion We've Had In A While and He Loves Jesus That's The Cherry On Top✝️🇺🇸🍒🍧🏆🥊💰🏋️‍♂️💲🍾💯🌍👏💥🎯👍😎

  • Mikey has crisp punch but so slower than Pacman.. his only chance to win over Pacman is to do like a Marquez counter style...We will find out if the fight will be fruitful. ....LOL AB means Arrogant Broner.

  • el nokao le llevo la pelea .iva muy bien.

  • I saw the interviews with Broner where he was like "That shit old" Yeah...didn't go well for ya, did it buddy?

  • La mejor pelea para el BOMBARDERO DE BRONCE , DEONTAY WILDER.🥊🥊💥💥🥊🥊🏆🏆🥊🥊

  • They told love.he got your respect LoL 😂🤭

  • Run Thurman run!

  • 🤜💥🥊 Bravo bon combat ! 🙏🏻

  • Broner is a great boxer. But I could never cheer on such an arrogant loudmouth.

  • After the third round Fury just started to dominate

  • If they were both age 29, Broner would eat matt in the first round.

  • 🤣😝😆 Bravo Lipinets ! Bien mérité 🙏🏻