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Welcome to the official USdos channel of your favourite flight attendant Jeenie Weenie
I create fun and educational skits of my stories from the skies.
This channel will feature some of these skits as well as videos that provide joy in my real life.
I also think I'm living in my own kdrama.
I'm so happy you are here!
Let's laugh together~

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0:23If Kdrama was real 💀 #shorts
If Kdrama was real 💀 #shortsViews 67K13 hours ago
1:22All about the airplane toilets
All about the airplane toiletsViews 693K13 hours ago
1:37Karen stories on the plane
Karen stories on the planeViews 1.8M7 days ago
0:15Makeup toner hack #shorts
Makeup toner hack #shortsViews 1.1M7 days ago


  • Are you from bc i am

  • Ok her belly didn't get fat BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT THE BABY?? I mean, did he/she just threw themself in the toilet

  • 😆😆😆oh jeenie u r so funny

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  • the oreo cake works! just use regular oreos instead of thins and add milk, then smush it. It will be soggy after you add the milk and then you can mix it into a batter. also it turns out more of a cake than brownie. i like my cake moist so i add more milk.

  • 😂😄

  • What the heck🤣 bruh dis made my day funnier


  • Funny. Very funny.

  • It’s so interesting that you have all these cool stories from being a fight attendant! I didn’t know flight attendants experienced that much!!

  • Her pain tolerance really high

  • She didn’t realize she was prego?

  • Khatam... Bye bye.. tata... Goodbye.. gayaa...

  • Minecraft Villagers be like:

  • Its always the Lindsey

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  • Last one to comment!

  • Okay I was just on a plane for the first time and I’m not even joking, I was thinking about some of your videos and I wasn’t scared anymore(yes I know it’s weird that I have not been on a plane before but now I have) :)

  • 😶

  • I do the shake method but i use a mug and a bit of water, it usually works for me.

  • *”Plan B.”*

  • Is this ‘Her Private Life’?

  • The whole comment section is weird

  • What's the name of the song🤔

  • Xd

  • The only channel where there is no cringe. Very much appreciated Jeenie!!

  • "Sprite?"

  • What do u do now

  • I like that you call passengers pax

  • 😶😶😶😶😶

  • 24:20 it means Dragon

  • Why must flight attendants gave to deal withe this bull shimata.

  • Me: Step one, turn off airplane mode

  • Was she really trying to join the mile high club

  • He eat it but it tastes good her mom eats it

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  • Somebody said that that ur 37? I mean if u are 37 U look like 27

  • DID KARENS GO TO SCHOOL??? i feel like karens were the kids in class who don't participate in group projects-

  • so like you shat the baby or what this video is fucking horrible

  • It's not the difference between sons and daughters in Korea, it's an international problem. People keep treating girls like this

  • Dispose the baby.. b4 anyone knows.

  • Surreal

  • But why the poop is on top?

  • Japanese people too bows for a lot of thingd

  • does anyone know what this song is called.

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  • “dude its like 1000 degrees” *says the one wearing a jacket*

  • Heroes don't go wearing capes. There nice people so just take the GODAMN FOOD and enjoy the flight.

  • Pog

  • The guy was holding his book upside-down Lol

  • That's very true this happened to my bestfriend

  • Can someone please explain? I rlly don’t get it- Curse my dumb high school brain-😞

  • Lol lol lol and 1000000 more lols LMFAO

  • 400th comment

  • Me:* Looking for some fun comments * Also me: **finds Zachary Williams** 👁️👄👁️

  • Love the french music!

  • Her mother is watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  • Boy over flowers song??? I’m sure I have listen to this song!!!!! Kdramas are so good 😭😭🥺💕💕

  • I deadass thought she was gonna say “oh crap I got to get to school

  • GET IT💃

  • COVID dude

  • How didnt she notice she was pregnant if she didn’t get her period for 9months bruh

  • It's Like Covid-19, It *spreads*

  • 0:18 Anyone notice he is holding book opposite side 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yes I can, I have been on a 15 hour flight plus some more which isn’t the flight but like airport things and waiting

  • “Sprite?”

  • Ngl koreans make good stories and comics or manga? I don’t really know the names sorry if I didn’t write the right name

  • lol my mom is in love with kdrama

  • 0:48 *me in first grade making ice creams as a whole class*

  • Onionsayo

  • It’s freaky watching Geenie’s pulse on the right side of her neck.