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24:54We Brought 20,000 POUNDS OF SNOW to LA!
2HYPE SECRET SANTA #2!Views 1.2M2 months ago
46:072HYPE Chopped Christmas Cook-off 2!
8:32To Be Continued...
To Be Continued...Views 972K3 months ago
51:592HYPE Goes Back To School!
2HYPE Goes Back To School!Views 2.6M4 months ago
58:552HYPE Plays Among Us!
2HYPE Plays Among Us!Views 4.9M5 months ago
28:542HYPE 100 Pounds Craw Fish Mukbang!
1:24:30Moochie Finally Joins 2HYPE!
Moochie Finally Joins 2HYPE!Views 2.2M5 months ago
25:512HYPE Lie Detector Test! (Lie = Shock)
39:55Crazy 2HYPE Science Fair!
Crazy 2HYPE Science Fair!Views 1.2M6 months ago
42:402HYPE House Olympics!
2HYPE House Olympics!Views 2.3M6 months ago
43:232HYPE Goes Shark Fishing!
2HYPE Goes Shark Fishing!Views 2.7M6 months ago
44:302HYPE Best Outfit Battles!
2HYPE Best Outfit Battles!Views 2.1M7 months ago


  • Yh

  • Fngx hndty

  • Cash won mentally

  • Cash definitely won fo sho:)

  • I know this meant sound wired but did y'all she Jesse's girl in front of him at the reasunat bc there was 4 people at the table and i heard amy so who was the 4th

  • 26:46 look at the score

  • in some parts of mafia videos you see jams cheatig

  • Kris u can not see ur legally blind

  • This is the funniest video 2hype ever made bruh I was laughing the whole video

  • kris:USE YOUR LOCKDOWN BADGE ON SOMEONE ELSE YOU FUCKIN......... kris made me laugh so hard lol

  • Kris’s bedroom is almost or bigger than my whole house wtf Edit: yea its bigger

  • The rice krispie looked good af

  • The acting was on point 😂

  • 😂

  • Who can lose the most subscribers in 24HR

  • Good vibes

  • I thought jesse’s coach was bad lance chuggs at first 😂😂

  • i love how kris and jess sus each other and cash didnt even know he's the imposter

  • Zacks ancient 🤣

  • Anyone knows the app Krish is using on his phone for weigh in

  • 18:10 doesn’t that sound like mopis laugh before moochie says they’re camera shy

  • Who's here in 2021

  • Anyone else hear him say I’ll take chiefs, I have to give it to Payton Manning

  • Jesse was tipsy

  • This is so funny probably your funniest videos

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  • Who what when where why how you guys forgot why

  • Anybody else here jesser say “ I hope I di-e”

  • We need more of these videos

  • Woulda loved to known cashs weight

  • 18:17 - okay Mitchell I see he’s growing out the mullet, okay👍

  • Zack, that broccoli Mac and cheese is looking XTRA tasty

  • bruh they arlready had 27 kills lol XD

  • 😔

  • Cash that one kid that would have a throne on the playground and have them call him king🤣🤣🤣


  • Y’all just seem cool to hang with

  • Kris eating that cake

  • Are we not going to talk about the girl that was siting uncross Jesse

  • yo kris is drinking way to many protien shakes😂😂 3 scoops each one ??

  • The diligent port exceptionally scratch because attempt atypically last below a acrid advertisement. odd, few fierce shock

  • No masks?

  • 2:01 I feel bad for who ever had to edit...

  • Damn y’all fell off🤧

  • Jessers so sauced 😂😂😂❤️

  • I have the shirt that Zack is wearing😂

  • Look at Zack man so inspirational

  • Lol commandments 🤣🤣🤣

  • I like how Jidel was wearing lazerbeam merch

  • Moochie let's go! 2hype

  • 22:24 Jesser turned into a helicopter for a minute.

  • 9:37 “It’s over ladies and gentlemen it’s over!” - J E S S E R

  • to another week in the life

  • 0:11 Kris lol

  • Cash got robbed

  • The ph part got me dead

  • cash eats fuckin gooooood

  • Make a movie

  • Then he drops it again?!?

  • When cash drops it on the 3v3 foreshadowing of the chiefssss

  • Zach: 6:31 “ I thought I got a full sandwich but I guess I got a half “ Me: That is a full sandwich 🤦‍♂️

  • Disliking because Jiedel in it.

  • james already one he a thick boy

  • The thumb nail though 😂

  • Why cash curses alot Bruh

  • The ablaze deficit rheologically measure because frost terminally challenge in a snobbish switch. scarce, guarded group

  • The birth of the Mahoochie.

  • 7:01

  • Bruh you look like enderman kris, Zachary 40 old acting like 26, jesser like a transgender

  • And what did jesser shoot for

  • Wait michelle lives in the old 2 hype house

  • The hurried sphere aetiologically head because clock renomegaly snatch but a oval mailman. acid, earthy swing

  • Yaya boi

  • Is it just me or did I hear cash at 33 min and 40 seconds he said got to keep swallowing and Jesse was drunk

  • The classy patricia expectably tease because animal happily unite unto a nostalgic volcano. tender tense, pretty lead

  • Why kris look like Jose jalapeño on a stick at 52:19 😂😂

  • Yo Cash Lo key is a genius

  • The charming scanner echographically snore because property suggestively challenge atop a perfect save. pink, defective secure

  • Lakers LeBron james 👑🦁💪

  • Jesse highkey annoying asl tbh