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Lil Nas X Lil Nas X

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ayeee lmao


2:48Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY (Official Video)


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  • W h y I s th I s a v I b e

  • oh my goodness can't wait for the montero collab


  • *crew twerking*

  • lol

  • I love your music lil nas x💛💙💚💜❤😘👏😍

  • lil

  • The people who disliked this are straight

  • 💖🎧

  • *confused twerking*

  • It would be amazing if this was the original one

  • 2007 youtube vibes

  • Twerking,gay as my anunty

  • God love you lil nas,x im a bjg fan

  • Butchhhh

  • I was there

  • This kid is cool as fuck

  • Its ok man I forgive you you don't have to be sorry I love the shoes anyways

  • Is he gay?


  • Guys, stop twerking so much! Ya'll gonna break your asses!

  • Can you do a vidoe of hiw you edited the vid because im super confused about the pole and it kept going down😵

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  • The roblox dude's outfit looks like the new event suit in roblox the pink one

  • Still remember this XD

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  • dababy:Lets go

  • other: *washing* me: *starting doin some weird sexy moves*

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  • erbody be thinkin hell is gonna be a party🤦‍♀️