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Killers and survivors, welcome!

This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!


0:16Dead by Daylight | Chapter XIX Teaser
1:01:06Dead by Daylight | Q\u0026A Livestream
1:10:56Dead by Daylight | Around the Campfire
14:35Dead by Daylight | Dev Tapes: Volume 1
0:29Dead by Daylight | HOLIDAY E-CARDS


  • Cool, now fix your damn matchmaking system!

  • Birch witch = Blair Witch

  • Nice, now go and fix your game : )

  • Anyone else can’t go on dbd??

  • Legion could've been Sunny family cult

  • crazy how the game gets 97% of its hype from colabs and not from their own chapters thats tuff. Last chapter they made that gave everyone hype was oni, man i just miss them making good chapters themselves cause we got 3 below average chapters in a row.

  • Yeah you read like that too

  • If they were to add James A. Janesse if would be a skin for felix richter he looks and kinda sounds like him.

  • Remember when the trailers werent just gameplay

  • Looks like ethan winters is going to be a survivor

  • I've read it as The B*tch...

  • please add sex to dead by daylight

  • That’s cool and all but.. where’s my lifeguard david

  • Does it have the same animation like the Hag

  • Now I have a reason to cuss

  • I'll be honest I'm disappointed it's a skin

  • Yoo that's so coooool. That hag skin fits her so well it may be her new best skin

  • No me aparece el traicionero es mentira

  • i think the look see should have gone to the nightmare

  • Everybody: nice Me: WHEN ARE WE GETTING ‘THE RING’ aka SAMARA

  • We need to get some killers from crypt or alter

  • Whoever told me to hug trees as a child was really setting my downwards spiral in motion

  • When the tree is sus

  • Gonna say it again still mental how bad dbds creative team is that the best cosmetics to come out in so long are made by another company 🤣

  • I don't even know what crypt TV is

  • I think brute brute from the door in the woods would fit on trapper well

  • Who liked that she stood up and said what’s up

  • New killer perk: Protect the Innocent. If the obsession leaves alive blood points double for each other survivor you sacrifice. Are blind to knowing who is Obsession

  • This is awesome I love dbd but also crypt TV is one of my favorite horror content to watch LETS GO the birch was an awesome vid too

  • The cryptv skins r just sooo good

  • tree.

  • Can we possibly see the antagionst, (i haven't seen it yet) in that one story on the crypt tv: idk! It revolves around a camera so i'd like it if someone can tell me the story's name. Anyways, the protagionst in that'd look good on trapper imo

  • I think CryptTV deserves a chapter :)

  • Lady Dimitrescu vibes from that cosmetic, possible teaser for the re chapter??

    • How to you get her type of vibe from a tree?

  • I wonder where the resident evil trailer is still

  • That scream kinda sounds like the taurus demon from ds

  • The birch as the hag makes way more sense but would be more visually appeasing as the plague

  • what is crypttv?

  • when notified an hour later

  • I really hate the new struggle process for the hooks with the skill checks I can't do skill checks so I just die its really stupid and annoying tbh I honestly want to uninstall the game its so unfair.... And I'm sure at least a few people can agree with me

    • Wait 🤔... How can you not do skill checks? The entire game with survivor is focused around skill checks!! I mean, if you're a survivor who is actually doing gens that is.. Less you're one who constantly blows them or just walks around the map all game. Otherwise no matter what, you should be getting better and being able to easily do struggle skill checks. Also practice with different perks. See what works for you and determine what kind of player you are, how you can help contribute to the team and yourself. And nothing's ever fair in these types of games. I mean in all honesty, the killer should be winning often. It's kinda geared towards that. And no matter what this game will never be 100% balanced. Survivors and killers will always complain about something. Even if you die, you can still get mad points if you've been doing other stuff as well. But if it bugs you that much, or your not having fun.. Definitely stop playing. No harm in finding something else you enjoy. Or just come back to this here and there. 👍

  • I beg you to give us the James A. Janisse skin

  • for my perspective they must change all execution way of all killer like if the survivor gets chop then it lies on the floor then make it brutal like it was already been chop where can you see a dead body where brutally kill but the body still remain in full body not thorn apart or chop forcefully??? so change it so much

  • I love this skin, it is so well done

  • What is this?

  • Crypt tv teaming up with dbd is fricking awesome my two favorite things. I just wish that the troubled youth monster was a killer

  • Please, introduce Leon.

  • I think Doctor looked fine I have 0 idea why or who asked for his face to change..

  • Literally who the killer

  • 1500 gold ? No, thank you

  • 🌴

  • Istg he remind me of oh sangwoo


  • tu vieja

  • I wish they did something everyone is a little more familiar with. These skins are cool but idk who these killers are.

  • If only there was cross save

  • A Hag skin that actually looks cool!

  • My dear Birch Hag. 💖


  • Eu só quero a dlc do RE, não aguento mais

  • Caramba, esse tá pesado 👀🕷️😳

  • Opa

  • I wish some of these guys could have become killers, especially look see

  • So how do you get all this stuff like fr?

  • Hag theme?!? Or is it the birch?

  • How about the waterfront massacre skins release?

  • Omg Imagine when AHS brings out Season 10 they gonna add an AHS monster to the game/ or add a skin.


  • We dont care just give us more Infos to the Resident Evil crossover

  • c0ol, nEw SkiNs

  • This is incredible, but I would also love a sunny family cult skin for legion. Thatd be sexy as hell.

  • Looks like the hag xD

  • DBD Community: "plz fix hitboxes." DBD Devs: "enjoy these new cosmetics while we sit back and do nothing."

  • Would have loved the birch as an actual killer rather than just a skin. Snazzy skin nonetheless

  • ewww hag mains


  • Meh, CryptTV ain’t that great but that’s a pretty nice design.

  • hey bestie😘running dbd USdos channel , you made an oopsie🤭 you kinda forgot about the "All-Kill" chapter spotlight, it’s never too late to fix mistakes🥰

  • Stop putting out shitty cosmetics and do something for the game.

  • That’s cool but she should be taller

  • Why did I read "The Bitch" ?