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MY NEW FORTNITE KILL RECORD!!!Views 112K7 days ago
8:21my **NEW MAIN** fortnite skin...
11:08after 1 year later...
after 1 year later...Views 119K7 days ago
8:02sniper are back in fortnite...
sniper are back in fortnite...Views 83K14 days ago
8:20left one percent, quit fortnite.
9:31Fortnite... please watch
Fortnite... please watchViews 119K21 day ago
8:28i have something to say...
i have something to say...Views 104KMonth ago



  • L L L L L

  • igl auten

  • He had a vice crack at 1:25

  • Title: spectating an amazing player Him the whole time: he’s trash

  • bro they all were dababy

  • 6:55 look at his face cam you can he is on switch when dies all of a sudden king plays for that king is randomb

  • I don't play fortnite and I got all of them right but 2

  • I thought you said this kid was good? He's not even that good


  • Went thru my subs and found this vid. Randumb really fell off

  • Yeet

  • 100% for all 3 test (big brain iq) btw att those skins except for ruby shadow and that mushroom dude have been released.

  • Thats a nice voice crack

  • Ginger renagade came out a year ago LOL

  • Use code dumb

  • Llllllllkllll

  • L

  • His playing really boring his just getting mats and materials🤣🤣

  • Who remembers when randumb didn't have a beard or mustache

  • I haven’t played fort in a year and u was popular when I left bro bro 💜 need to find a better game to get back on top where u belong ‼️🚀

  • Play warzone

  • what keyboard does he use

  • Ha got 13 keep to content up mqn

  • Make another one with nick

  • I love these kinds of challenges.

  • That voice crack tho 1:25 🤣

  • randumb please do a pokemon video again

  • GANDHI! I"ve missed you

  • He said Greg not gref

  • Did you pay the gamer?

  • he was taking Spanish

  • L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L

  • Actualy it’s the Hawkeye grappler bow


  • Bro he look so different

  • I miss 2 times

  • finally!! randumb is verified

  • I come back after 1 year and your still.... Uhhh how do I say this.......oh I know......... I come back after 1 year and your still...... AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • I got teo wrong out of all them

  • U

  • Have you ever wondered if the skins are as short...............As me :)

  • L

  • L

  • L


  • LLLL


  • LLLL



  • LLLL

  • Randumb can you please say happy birthday too my brother his birthday is tmmr and we watch ur videos all the time

  • LL

  • Minecraft???????????????

  • "laklin"


  • Got 3 wrong

  • Yishck

  • Congrats To" Everyone' Who is Early And who..found this 🍩..

  • When you don’t know any of the skins but you Perception helps

  • 7:22 did anyone here him say subway sufer? lol

  • Why does Randumb say “Lacklin”

  • llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • I only got 1 wrong

  • We know you want to watch them if u say ok ok one more chance 10 years later one more chance u sus if u Wana watch these thicc fortnite skins 0-0

  • Sorry random I I I I____________

  • Me trying to find my 3D glasses

  • Lllllllllll

  • Yes all the skins are out and I got 100% correct

  • Hi love ur vids keep it going

  • Yeah Randumb these skins are in the game

  • Cheess

  • Lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Lacklan lol

  • bro im 100%

  • Formula just uploaded this lmao

  • Ll

  • plot twist the video gets 50k dislikes he reacts to tiktoks while in a dishwasher

  • Jordan to answer your question, yes those skins did come out