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#GOODCONTENTGANG SUBSCRIBE BRUH. Tired of clicking on a deceivingly clickbaited video only for it to be someone doing the same boring crap you saw last week? Yeah me too. Thats why i never waste time uploading a stupid boring video. OK maybe they are stupid lol. If youre looking for a weather report, product review, or vlog youre in the wrong place bro....


15:40RZR on Reaper Wheels digs up Frozen Lake
14:45Silo Falls on Jeep after Climbing it
14:02The Most Absurd Gun in the World
16:42We totaled Monstermax (plz send help)
12:07Tree Climbing with the JEEP
Tree Climbing with the JEEPViews 2.7M5 months ago
"MY JEEP COULD MAKE IT OVER THAT"Views 2.3M5 months ago
14:31Taking my brand new Skidloader Mudding


  • We call it spoiled valley farmers kids, what a group of tools. This is our future, you can thank their mommy an daddy s

  • I've never seen so many ads in 1 video in my entire life. Im 5 minutes in and its had 3 double unskippable ads for a total of 6 ads in 5 minutes

  • You know what, I've felt bad on some of those old Fords getting trashed, but I've grown to like these videos to purposely piss off keyboard warriors, lol keep up the good work! The Hilux did well lol

  • How does this douchebag have so many followers?? Must be the dumb-ass youth snowflakes who like it. Good luck to all you idiots.

  • I feel ashamed to be a carolinian.

  • 100 K likes and you have to destroy it

  • 💜 👼 😇

  • Mr.Beast: Planting 1million trees WhistlinDiesel: Destroying 1 million trees

  • I can see why your neighbors hate you👍

  • Ahhhh Murfreesboro. The most rapidly growing shithole in middle TN.

  • It hurts so bad to se you trash that diamond😭 i would sell my soul for that car.

  • Put some hopping Hydraulix on it

  • He is every car's nightmare ☠☠

  • I love this guys videos

  • Flat bed it

  • Make it a ramp truck Put ramps going over the roof and use it as a car hauler

  • Ya know I’ve never seen this before

  • Put on wheel base extensions and RGB LED lights on bottom Also put In a nice stereo system

  • Funny kid lol

  • cut the cab off and put it at the back and drive from there

  • Red Lifes Matter

  • Fill the bed with tanerite

  • you dont deserve a youtube channel

  • Go to five below and get some giant tennis balls to put on the pole on the squatter 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bro you probably actually think that truck is cool and that’s why you’re not destroying it

  • You gotta take it to a drag strip for a test and tune night

  • Dude you need to start working out with demo

  • Nice 👌

  • To all the haters fuck you all

  • He's still pulling that trailer safer than any Swift driver. 🤔

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I got a squatted truck in my neighborhood

  • I live vicariously through you. It must be fun as shit to take your frustrations out on inanimate objects. You, also, found a way to capitalize off of it which is a nice plus! I've been binging the past few days...bravo! Keep making the haters hate!

  • Bro the kid did a great job

  • Неужели вам не жалко эти автомобили 😭

  • lets see u total that one!

  • i think u should go around looking for trucks that say there rebuilt but u know there not and buy it to destroy it

  • Kid was right that truck is ugly lol

  • You gave all those people a joyful funny story to share.

  • Sometimes I wonder how this stuff is Legal 😂😂😂

  • Sad thing is the kids parent/parents probably took 99$ of that 100$ for tax purposes.

  • That's Just Freakin' STUPID !

  • A rear end with a prop would be a good thing here.

  • If he payed more than 1k for that , I’ll pay him 2k back

  • Damn! A person can't even have any fun anymore. Great going.

  • Now that's the gunshots I hear in wakarusa indiana

  • *Doors open..* Hey, thats illegal

  • That is the funniest thing ever people are so materialistic nowadays they don't have any respect for real life or anything else it's funny how people comment negative thoughts on people's USdos channels it's like if you don't like the video go somewhere else don't click it LOL

  • Living the life with all those toys. Hard work pays off.

  • Converted to the Church of the Duramax

  • Would the any-level ride like that too? The woman at 5:35 got wet

  • Looks like someone didn't get enough attention as a child.

  • , even though i live in the Carolinas now i think they call this the CAROLINA SQUAT .... so stupid

  • Its the classical nopi trucks and suvs but they ugly

  • Please destroy that ugly POS.. Shoot it full of holes with Demolition Ranch!

  • Nice durable engine, lasted pretty long without coolant.

  • Hey man the toyota is red man😂

  • I swear that rear door was open I can see the lock. Breaking windows for no reason smh

  • Daily drive this thing

  • If you fall or flip that over your dead...

  • Video idea: since Toyota tundras and Tacoma’s are such “long living” trucks. What if you threw here up on a Jack stand. And let her drive by herself all day everyday. See how long it actually can last

  • I enjoy your videos I got one question where do you get all the money to just build and trash all of these vehicles

  • Can’t raise seat any higher?

  • do that to your cummins... the drive shaft will fold too XD

  • Funny he can’t open the front door but the back door is open. WhistlinDiesel logic “use the fork” lmao

  • the dude who owned that had a tik tok

  • “No parking in the water”

  • How do they not have a automatic garage door?!

  • wheres Ur dad i dont have a dad

  • jus goin to town

  • That poor tree didn’t deserve any of that 😂


  • Can you take the squat truck reverse the lift and put that much rack into it.

  • Take it to a car show and try to sell it?

  • Cummins swap?!

  • "What the heck!"

  • The only people who think squatted trucks are cool are the other douche bags driving squatted trucks.