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5:54When you're having a bad day...
8:05When the Game is Pay to Win...
When the Game is Pay to Win...Views 3.5M2 months ago
4:47When the cutscene is WAY too long...
10:25Minecraft In Real Life
Minecraft In Real LifeViews 3.9M5 months ago
2:35When the callouts are TOO good...
3:12Buying skins in ANY video game...
Buying skins in ANY video game...Views 3.4M9 months ago
3:37Minecraft Villagers be like...
Minecraft Villagers be like...Views 7M9 months ago
5:42Heck's Kitchen
Heck's KitchenViews 1.9M10 months ago
2:51"Just try not to bend the cards"
3:02Santa's elves be like...
Santa's elves be like...Views 3.1MYear ago



  • 0:29 pause it at the right time 😂

  • Hmm.. I Think Nathan Won.

  • Nah he’s not hacking he’s just got a really good gaming chair.

  • I want ging ging

  • Where ging ging

  • Shouting callouts in Deathmatch XD

  • Yu ArE chEaDiNg

  • Ging ging

  • New enchantment: privacy it means YOUR PARENTS DONT FRICKIN BARGE IN UR ROOM FOR NO REASON

  • my god the plot twist of the century at the end dear god-

  • Lol

  • yo I’m in the bread zone and I like eating fat flowers

  • d o e s a n y b o d y k n o w w h a t t h e m u s i c i s

  • Giiiiiing ging: it’s not jing jing it’s ging ging Me: ding dong

  • is this how you spell it GING GING

  • I feel like this video was just a rant on how cool he is! 👍🏻

  • Me who answered a question correctly after 4 seconds 1st to 12th

  • this entire video is literally so meta it's insane...

  • ging ging

  • Asian parents: YoU mUst BeCOmE ThE dOcToR Asian kids: no way! later... Asian kid: ok, fine i will be a doctor Asian parents: NooOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO

  • ding ding more like dong dong

  • 3:32 hehe how does that fell

  • King yin

  • that's that's my guy Ging ging

  • Guys stop his name is ping pong

  • that's my guy Jing Jing

  • Yeah sry Nathan but he bargaining wit rice so I’m gonna have to go with Ging Ging

  • hahahahahhahaa this was so funny

  • Don't say that to us what's your name good ding ding dangerous engine stupid

  • My name is Emma and I’m from Alabama….

  • Jing jinx bing bing

  • GING

  • Bing bing please calm dawn lol

  • Ha Honkai impact almost sounds like genshin impa-

  • Hi jinnnnng JING

  • Yo, those are some real neat arowanas.

  • How he put Sadness and sorrow was perfect

  • Wait a second, u live in San Diego?!

  • How he opened his eye Got me

  • Its chinggggg chinggg

  • This is going to get removed one day


  • Hi ding ding

  • Hi wing WING

  • Ging Ging is the best

  • Sponsored by EA

  • Bet you shake sauce will make a video on this video

  • SpongeBob lives in bikini atoll that's nowhere near you

  • Ring ring is fun to watch

  • Love this - getting some serious CalebCity vibes

  • when ea took over pvz:

  • Khan Academy lol 😆

  • I don’t why USdos didn’t notify me my bell 🛎 is on


  • POV : he’s a cat

  • These are great man

  • “Bought it online”

  • Ting ting is so funny

  • Nathen is drinking DOG WATER and this how hes geting POWER OF DOG WATER HES dog just um i need to get hes dead shot uh uh uh ging ging WE GOING IN THERE IS MEAT THERE ITS CALL HAVEN DOG WATERS

  • oH nO i cANt bE On tHe pAy tO wIN siDE! *literally has a pro gaming pc, a monitor, a gaming chair, and a very nice keyboard

  • ging gings

  • The captions said jing jing ITS GING GING

  • 5:26 when someone calls you short

  • Ging jing

  • Now I feel how a Minecraft villager feels :(


  • i just love ging ging

  • ding mings moto: HOW DOES THAT FEEL HUHHHH dez moto: chillax bro~ peta moto: doestn have one-

  • from now on when ever someone roast me ima just say and i quote''no you''

  • Hey nathon can you bring back ging ging

  • I'll watch the video later

  • I like Giiiing Giiiing better cause he is kewl

  • 5:28 so funny and some MHA music

  • ting BING I have a question... what color eyes do u have and do u have big boogies...

  • Jake f+ giing giing G+. RAT t+ Nathan n+

  • Ok giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ging

  • Me and my brother is fithing over for just saying feeding and eaating the children let me know who is write

  • So true