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Learn how to fix your own car with my easy to follow, step-by-step how to style videos for both beginners and experts. Save money, know the job is getting done properly, and feel great after you fix your own car!

I publish new videos around every 10 days so stay tuned!

I take a lot of pride in my "How to" videos because I like to help others learn how to fix their car. I film, edit and publish each video on my own. They are concise with all of the essential information so anyone can follow along and fix their car from beginners to experts. I have had many viewers comment and let me know how I have taught them how to fix their car themselves and save them $$$ and I love it!

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17:18DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)
DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)Views 1.7M11 months ago
21:06How Brake Pads are Made
How Brake Pads are MadeViews 2.5MYear ago


  • Where do you live

  • Long process but looks fantastic after done.

  • The you tube algorithm wins again. My first watch and I really enjoyed it! Appreciate your enthusiasm and that you show folks multiple ways to achieve the results. I’m 49 and have been cleaning my cars for 34 years. Still learned some good tricks and tips. Kudos to you for making content that is actually worth watching!! Liked and subscribed 😀

  • Step 1: Pay a professional. Step 2: Enjoy.

  • Chris your videos are awesome I wouldn't do that I would pay a mechanic but I'm sitting here watching all this just fascinated

  • More like three tons to the rest of the world

  • Gonna try and see if my 2000 G20 can live again. your vid has given me hope

  • What did you do with all the canned drinks

  • I don’t work on my car to often but these videos are well made and satisfying to watch

  • if my thermostat is stuck closed, would my coolant temperature exceed operating temperature?

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  • Best day to get the Summer air is on the 1st of April.

  • Sader

  • Hi Chris I am kid that works with my dad and I was wondering what does a Exhaust leak do to the car?

  • Professional editing "magic"

  • new steering weel for mustang

  • You sold the hummer?

  • Thanks Chris. I watched an earlier video and changed my own Power steering fluid on my own. Cost me less than $30.

  • bruh your gas is so cheap. up here in hawaii is like $3.57/gallon on 87 oct.

  • 13:05 is that a nebula turbo ?

  • You know the side with the white clip doest need a fuel disconnect tool hahah just pull once white tab is proped up

  • This guy only your voice already draws a lot of attention

  • this guy voice always so energetic and i love it 😭

  • Ok that doesn’t look like a state registered license plate

  • Awesome video

  • I know this has nothing to do with this video but some teens tried Steal my mustang and I have a 1996 Mustang Gt and they ripped out my antitheft module what do I do 😭

  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Broooooooooooooooo

  • My dream car is a 1971 vw bus

  • Very easy car to work on. But the don't make them like that anymore.

  • How long does the sealant last? Or how often should I seal my car? Would going through a touch car wash ruin the sealer?

  • Gracias Chris, excelente video y tips, yo tengo un C4 1994. Pregunta como logro ver la temperatura en mi tablero, debajo del odometro digital, no se visualiza o quizás hay que configurar algo ?.. Saludos desde Chile..

  • Great vid! Very easy to follow.

  • Any extra steps you would do to sanitize the car or COVID clean the car

  • Thank you. When I purchased the torque wench I was so confused with numbers and the handle. You cleared everything up!

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  • I'm new to New England and these are great tips! Thanks!

  • What about Heet?

  • If mi mom did that i’ll pass out on the floor

  • Good day.Thank you MEN.I can change our broken SPIN because of you👈🙏🍑®uel

  • This was good info!

  • My question is: Is that small of an amount of carbon even a problem? It's not enough to touch valves or anything.

  • Mine is a porch

  • Why would you like to eat from your engine bay??? Is that an US American thing? Don't they have tables to eat from? Make those Americans great again. 👍

  • Use lacquer thinner to clean your tires. ALOT cheaper and more thorough.

  • You know that red spray tube those cans come with? Can you attach that to the can, and put the other side INTO the air nozzle?

  • Fence is dumb, use warehouse wall. No parking lot is flat, they are all sloped for water drainage. Using a 4" toy level is useless. If you must use a level, use a 48" or longer for something remotely accurate, Remembering that it is high or low at 48" X the total distance you 'need' level (1/8" @ 48" = 3/4" @ 24') All in all a Fail video

  • a fox body for the drag car

  • Lexus IS Mk1 Drag Car? That'd be probably the slowest drag car in history 😆

  • CAP

  • Dream car? God that's hard. I would say a mint showroom 240sx, mint factory fresh mazda mx-3 V6, original fresh 1988 GOLF GTI. Something like that.

  • awesome Video Thanks, now if you send me your number I can bring my car and you can replace my brakes and rotors as well. Of course I will pay you for it :) Don't have the tools Man !!

  • I know nothing about cars, how the hell did I end up here

  • 🤘🏻