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안녕~! (Annyeong!) Dollightful is a channel where old toys are transformed by the power of art into unique, one-of-a-kind characters. Whether you're here for a tutorial, or just to laugh and enjoy the ups and downs of the creative process, there's something here for everyone. "Come for the dolls, stay for the cats" as they say.
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  • can you make a black one or green please.

  • You could make animal crossing characters this way

  • " now were going to do something pretty drastic", OMG HAVE YOU NOT SEEN HER OTHER VIDEOS!?

  • "Divide the arm in half"..... I guess you could say it like that lol

  • I love her color pallete and faceup but i think longer hair wouldve suited her, maybe low curly twin tails

  • I love it!!!

  • *p i n k*

  • Can you use powder paint on dolls?

  • Yesh she is very good even in her first vid

  • Can you please do a phantom of the opera doll. ( any character would be fine);>

  • please ignore all the thumbs down count. you're amazing. don't compare yourself to other artists. YOU'RE AWESOME.

  • Just wanting you to know this. A mushroom hat means that the person wearing it wishes to... commit suicide or are very ..sad.

  • First ball joined doll after 3 years of saying "I'll do it this year"! Congrats!

  • Woah

  • This is completely unrelated to the video but at school we did "the big ask" (look it up if u don't know what it is) and there was a question that said "What gender are you" And the options were "Male" "Female" "I identify as... (tell us what you identify as)" and idk I just thought that was sweet. Especially since the big ask is for kids

  • *cute*

  • I like your show

  • ^fOR fUn^. I can’t even imagine how my dolls would look like ._. Edit:if you cann make a pride flag series pleas.

  • Please make more Pokémon maybe mewtwo I have no idea how to customize dolls no video will help

  • I mean a demon schoolgirl out of a rainbow high doll and your demon could possibly be her mother.

  • Doll motion, your bestie, made a rainbow high school girl, your demon could possibly be her mother.

  • I love your cool videos

  • and make more dragons

  • When I say I could watch these videos for hours, I mean I can watch these videos for hours.

  • You call it art I call it a masterpiece

  • And I thought that my sister was good at art YOU ARE AMAZING DRAWING YOUR DOLL DESIGNS

  • Wait... so would this mean that Ember is my Sister? Before you ask I dont live with the Creepypastas

  • The modern skiing contextually tremble because nickel decisively dust following a accurate box. hapless, acrid dashboard

  • Why is that doll so thicc tho

  • You could make a sailor moon doll🌙

  • NO they can't take your videos away they are the only thing I watch🥺😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • your so taltit i love it :) <3

  • Man, that's gay I'm super happy rn as an ace lesbian

  • i'm so dumb i completely forgot she lives in Korea so when she started speaking Koren i looked at my sceen like a deer in headlights

  • Dolightfull can you see as to how did you made your version plssssssssss

  • you are so good

  • i'm just realizing u used Clawdeens actual big sister for Iggy's big sister

  • can you make ice lighting and steal dragons

  • i am trying doll customizing and i was wondering how long the process takes I'm on day 2

  • who else thinks that dollightful should put copys of her made dolls in her shop?

  • i love her

  • I like to imagine that Terra is Phoenix and Aquarian’s mother in a way seeing as fire and water could not exist without the earth. But I also imagine that Terra and Phoenix but heads a lot, seeing as fire can rejuvenate nature but also destroy it. but since water can tame fire I imagine Aquarian is the one to usually break up the fights. I’m thinking about this too hard aren’t I?

  • I wonder if you'll ever go back to some of your old doll concepts, so many of them are really cool and itd be fun to see you make or even just revisit them

  • Mans went from "h-hEy" to "Hey."

  • i feel like every time i watch your videos i learn something new like new methods to make eyes or a new program i can use , this is just a really cool channel :)

  • its like the Cheshire Cat and white rabbit in your style! (ik there not actually them but :p ) also i like how your husband added your name on the back of the doll.

  • Litten has to be one of my favorite Pokémon too since he was my very first Pokémon ever and it seems extremely fitting that this Litten turned out to be trans too! 🥰💖💙🤍

  • I just thought of something that would be really cool! I was going back to watch your video when you made the Light dragon and were in a collaboration with Nicholas Cole. Because the dragon’s theme was a light typed theme it reminded me of fall (with the colors) and I thought I would be really cool if you did another doll series, making season themed dolls! It wouldn’t rly matter if you did them in a dragon type species or humans. It *would* only be four dolls but I think it would be cool! Of course this is just a suggestion I just thought it would be cool ^^ I hope you like this idea as much as I do! I love your content and you do an amazing job customizing dolls! <3

  • Thank you so much for this you have no idea how desperately I’ve been searching for anything related to creating articulation with zbrush and a resin printer. I’ve been trying and failing to make my own articulated figure for months haha. I have a hard time getting the exact size difference right for the ball to fit in the socket properly.

  • This is calling me rich in 527 languages.

  • i love how u make your dolls movable/playable (if that's even a word) but i break everything i need dolls that u only look at and not play with

  • What if you made a series of dolls inspired by different plants or trees. 🥺 Would you do a cherry blossom inspired doll?

  • im headcanoning this doll as a robot

  • Dollightful: “They-“ Me: Whomst has summoned the almighty one

  • She's looking thiccc

  • i need dolls with elastic bc i am heavy handed and aggressive so when playing with my dolls(i'm a child at heart and forever will be) i break them

  • i like all the jewls since they are naturally shiny and brigh and moths seem to like that kind of stuff

  • dude i love your doll she's so pretty

  • does anyone else feeling they're being stabbed when u see your favorite doll character hair getting chopped off

  • Once I made a notebook for my dolls

  • I am in looove with your videos💕 and all the dolls you make are so cool that I got my brother to kinda watch your videos😎💕

  • Katherines dolls normally: <𝟥 𝓈𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓉 𝒻𝒶𝒾𝓇𝓎 𝓁𝑜𝓁𝒾𝓉𝒶 Katherines dolls on Halloween: h̵̖̗̫̖̄͛̇̔̌̈́̂͒͜e̶̹̹̥͍͈̙̓̐̎̍̊͆̇̎͊͘l̴͇̲̼̪͎̬̅͋l̷̢̨̝̤͎̣̺̖̆̃͘i̶̢̝̻̝̪̼̳̘̊͂ş̶̩͙̯̹͇̲́́̐͌̈̚h̸̬̝̹͋̅̄̄̂̀̽̽̃͝ ̷̣̦̪͉̫̏g̷̛͕̠̬̙̰͍̹̀̈́̅̔̐͌͗͝͝o̸̻͌̉̆͜a̸͇̯͇̝̺̟̤̟̱͑̊ț̸̩͇̝͓̰̟̭̦̤̀͗̓̈́͐̌̐͌͘͘m̴̢̺̹̘͉̬̙͒̄̐́͛̌̌̈́a̵̲̟̦͔̦̮͑͜͝ͅn̸̰͇̦̼̱̆͐̔̎ͅ ̴̘̜͇͙̪͇͎̦̠̲̇̏̈͊̎́͊̌͝ď̵̼̤̠͔ę̴̛̺̟̰̼̼͉́́̄͂̂̿̈́͘m̵̳̗̩̜̙̠͇͉͈̃̔́̄͐ò̵̱͙̞͈̊͛̏̾́̀͜͝ṅ̵̨̞̰́̇̉̀̄̍̎s̷̭̖͕̺̹̾̃́̽̎͘

  • The new dolls seem good for young kids that like to break things. The older ones are good for a more older kids.

  • juwon: *wears band aids on his face to be cute* tatsuo: *wears band aids on his knuckles just in case he needs to punch an incel*

  • I love the diversity in her dolls ❤️

  • I think your cat wants to be a ninja😓

  • Do a weird core doll!

  • You should've turned the rip in her head into a surgery scar! It would've been so cool!

  • she looks awesome!

  • *VERY LATE RESPONSE* I am from the UK, and I am going to begin customizing my first doll soon *once I can afford all products* And the total for all necessities *excluding fabric since my mum has tons already* totals to under £130 This includes: -Second Hand Cleo De Nile 12 Wishes: £7.90 -48 Watercolour pencils: £10 -Mr Super Clear UV Cut FLAT: £12.77 -100% Pure Acetone: £3.49 -Mungyo Soft Handrolled Pastels 64 set: £12.85 -12 tubes of Acrylic Paint, 4 brushes and Paint Palette: £5.95 *My mum also have a set of 24* -100 pairs of disposable gloves: £2 -Large Eraser: £1.69 -Kneaded Eraser: £2.49 -Needle-nose Pliers: £4.99 -Thread Scissors: £3.75 -Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive Gloss Varnish: £8.99 -12 Pack of sewing needles: £2 -Drill Chuck: £8.59 *for rerooting tool* -200m of invisible thread: £3.75 -120 sewing pins: £1.99 -350 Assorted Mini Bows: £13.23 -200 Assorted 5mm buttons: £3.75 -Black Nylon Doll Hair: £17.62 -Filtration Mask: £1.96 TOTAL: £129.74

  • You should make a doll where you work backwards

  • me: trying to listen to Katherine also me: just looking at those rainbow UHG's in the background

  • Can you try making genshin impact characters i whould love to se that! ❤️

  • i dare unbreon to kiss silveon

  • my favrit is silveon

  • After seeing the photos with Jolteon, I like the idea of Jolteon training under Silvally to become a knight or guard of some kind

  • did any of you see the thing that said: im coming for her. or was that just me

  • Yule is the original pagan holiday that Christmas was based on. A lot of modern Christmas traditions derive from Yule. However Yule is not on Christmas day, it occurs every year on the winter solstice, it celebrates, comfort, and joy, as well as the returning of light. You should research it, it might make great inspiration for your dolls.

  • The Doll is turning out so good 😊 I am so happy for you!