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안녕~! (Annyeong!) Dollightful is a channel where old toys are transformed by the power of art into unique, one-of-a-kind characters. Whether you're here for a tutorial, or just to laugh and enjoy the ups and downs of the creative process, there's something here for everyone. "Come for the dolls, stay for the cats" as they say.

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1:06Concerning the Wendigo doll: An Apology
4:01Help save our channels
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  • you guys should make 1 trainer each that would be so cool XDDD just i got a idea thought you might need it..?

  • So have i ever droped a doll wile sprqying it?

  • at 17:20 i thought you were adding a bread to her or a musstash? were you??

  • I am watching this in 2021

  • She is probably my favourite doll so far🐋🐬🐟🐳

  • Dollightful: I'm running super low on Mr Super Clear! Me:I thought you had a life time supply! :p

  • Where do you buy the nylon doll hair?

  • Is it weird that I say your videos in the background when I'm doing homework?

  • Is the hair called Wefts or Webs?

  • I love it 🐺🐺🐺🌑🌑

  • EArThWoRm SaLlY

  • I have an ideal for a doll you should make a cottage core doll it would be rlly cute🥰

  • So I’ve been following this page since early 2016 and I went back through some of your older videos tonight just as a trip through memory lane. You are such an incredible artist and a very positive person, I’m glad I’ve been able to watch you grow, you keep surprising me with new amazing things that I never thought could be done on such a small scale. It doesn’t mean much but a stranger from Wv is extremely proud of you. 💙 keep being amazing!!

  • just a suggestion but you should do an american street fashion type thing, like a girl with baggy pants, a bucket hat, a big belt, chunky sneakers, and an oversized graphic tee or something. i think that would be cool

  • No one: Why do the boots look like they were from royal high from ROBLOX

  • He looks vaguely like a Fire Emblem or anime character. Awesome!

  • "I'm gonna use my husbands" dude my partner just got a hair cut I should have stolen some

  • Not me rewatching this for the 700th time at 3:23 Am in a unicorn onesie while making nuggets😂

  • Would it be possible for you to make a service dog and gear out of doll dogs and whatever works for gear. I have a service dog and I think I it would be super cool.

  • Random question: do you ever play with ur finished customs aside from the photo shoots? Cus I sure would! 😁

  • Ngl he is howt...

  • My cane needing ass watching this with sparkles in my eyes

  • Looks GREAT 👍

  • i might make Mebh from Wolfwalkers in the future,she lacks eyebrows

  • Can I ask a personal question? How old are you?

  • I like toooooooo much the vídeos of eeveelutions . You see make the vídeos of male eeveelutions?

  • LOOOOOOVE this doll, she is so precious!! the yarn was such a great choice for her hair ;w; and the wheelchair is so cute! also, a question about MSC: do you need to keep the doll outside while its drying? or can you leave it next to a window or something? love your work so much, ive been following for years ^w^ (finally got some dolls to customize myself, after being inspired by your channel! much love <3)

  • I ought to remember the way you're setting up the articulation of these pieces. It might be easier for my own doll-building if I build fully-intact pieces with no signs of articulation, and then add the articulation after the fact.

  • 6:43 :O kitty

  • So what's funny is I found this video after I'd recently gone through all of my craft supplies (or at least most of them; pretty sure there's still a couple boxes I didn't touch) and pulled out all of one color. That color? Pink. <3 I'm trying to use up my craft supplies so that the day I'm ready and able to move (I don't have a place to move to yet, so I have time), I have less to pack. This is also my attempting to get my craft supplies a bit more organized. My plan is to slowly take all of my supplies, color by color, and make them into different things that I'll likely end up selling on my Etsy store. I'm not going to use up *all* my pink, or any color I separate. I just want to get each color to the point where it'll fill up a single paper shopping bag and have just enough wiggle room that I can tape the top shut and keep the contents relatively contained for the day I'm able to move.

  • i love this doll she's adorable <3

  • very interesting ........ i don't like it I LOVE IT :3

  • katherine plz make fnaf doll

  • the name ayako definitely matches the doll

  • she needs wings to look dragon'e enogf

  • catherine please make among us doll

  • Mine is at 35:47 on the bottom left, their name is tropical coral <3

  • I love it :3 #AMAZING

  • I thought Espeon was supposed to be the wisest looking eevee.

  • And call me bias but I really like Flareon because it's spanish themed and I'm half Carribean so yea.🇩🇴

  • My fav eevee doll was Leafeon because the soft colors are very cute and because I love soft colors

  • The doll: Ultimate pink student Sorry the eyes just made me think of Danganronpa eyes

  • idea that someone else commented: rainbow series. like, a doll for every color of the rainbow. like how sakura was pink

  • oHhHh you look better than dat DOLL :D i mean you look good as a doll and as a person.

  • Anyone else notice ‘mody bodifications’ at 5:35??😂😂

  • More dragons dolls, please.

  • I would prefer Eevee as a little boy and Flareon as a young man.

  • I saw the thumbnail before pressing on the video, my dumbass rly thought she was kaguya from Naruto Shippuden 😭

  • Aww wow this is so beautiful! I love watching these, they’re very satisfying :) You should try recreating youtubers, I’d love to see a mini series like that! (This is just a suggestion :P)

  • You're a horrible artist if you let the masses control what you produce. Reupload the wendigo

  • I ligit got Tinker Bell vibes from the shoes

  • thats a lot of sewing pins. . .

  • Reupload the wendigo video.

  • ima do this to, ecxept simpler and different way of making the hair on its head

  • How is she so wholesome wtf

  • As a person in a wheelchair and a monster high fan I’m really glad you did this! I’m definitely making like 30 of these!

  • Here is something to think on maybe you can make a movie and post it on USdos. I don’t care how long it is I just want a movie. I really love your doll transformations and your videos, I am so happy to be a subscriber. But we NEED a movie like please think it over.

  • 4:36 Know i see my doctors shave your head before they do a surgery on it

  • maybe for the elastic you could use water and food coloring and dunk it in then wait for it to dry and then attach it to the leg with glue :)

  • Just an idea that seems fun to me but idk maybe zodiac sign dolls would be cool

  • I think it would b v cool if you did a character from a show I’ve been watching recently, I feel like you could make something really cool and it seems like your aesthetic. It’s called demon slayer and yeah idk man I just think it’d be cool

  • I’m watching this is 2021 and it is so confusing she doesn’t do it in this order anymore-

  • Black hair : * exists* Dollightful : NOT PINK CUT IT OFF! THIS IS MY DADS ACCOUNT IM NOT A BOY (:

  • She Looks a Hairdorables Dolls

  • I wonder if Catherine ever sees the unused clothes and wig and has traumatic flashbacks

  • 0:59 The New Face of the Doll Made Me and My Sisters Laugh a Lot

  • Is it weird that I want fanfiction of this now?

  • She's so cuteee!~

  • Imagine honey swamp with her original hair but PINK

  • Sad that the banshee video is gone, im kinda mad at other people for giving her crap on her own artistic interpretation. It's HER doll and its not like she's selling the doll.

  • I can watch you making dolls forever

  • The group photo at the end has Aquarian looking like that one overdramatic cousin everyone has

  • She sounds so diffrent

  • You should also do a doll with an Ever after high body and a Monster high head

  • The party at the end was sick!

  • where do you get these dolls target has some shitty dolls that don't even look cute

  • WOW!!!

  • Thoose aren’t screws

  • this got to b my fov doll