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4:48[1283] A Lock Picking Game Changer?
2:27[1272] Good Job Master Lock... Kinda.
2:04[1268] Jaguar XK8 Door Lock Picked
2:32[1267] Thank You, Lobster Lock


  • The owner of the lock should post the name of the alleged „locksmith“ here, so we know in future, who we won’t call for help

  • Everyone knows you're supposed to lick the brown stuff off. The flavor is in the pudding.

  • Resistant not proof! Water is wholly scratch proof.

  • a fucking joke prop item for a video game about robbing banks is stronger than 75% of all locks on the market valued at $100 or less

  • Thing is, it's not like you'd have any way of knowing that the core is made of plastic. And since it's so rare for that to be the case, it wouldn't make sense to break out a torch or even to try forcing it with a screwdriver and wrench, since the vast majority of the time that won't work. Besides, the goal of lock picking (aside from sport) is generally to open a lock covertly, without causing damage or leaving evidence. So I don't think it matters much that the core is plastic.

  • I just wonder what locksmiths and safe makers think when this gentleman proves their "great products" to be child's play.

  • How fitting

  • I was just telling my students that I have one of these had home last week. Funny to see it appear on here. Also crazy that its took longer to pick than the master locks I've got. Although I probably paid more for this one anyway. 😂

  • Where did you get that tension wrench or did you just bend it like that yourself

  • Tools are sold out!

  • those clicks are sounded so satisfying

  • honestly, do these products go through ANY testing?

  • [ M A D E I N M E X I C O ]

  • It was a typo, they meant "splash resistant"

  • Sold out until next time...

  • At first i read "My EDP knife"

  • A lock on a cloth wallet... I guess it's meant as a protection against your kids or wife? It's really messed up.

  • can you talk about security theater in your videos?

  • This guy could probably lockpick the launch keys for the US nukes

  • Use an oxy acetylene torch and it will pop that sucker in no time.

  • No cutting of the bag itself? Disappoint >_<

  • Another problem is, that the door is so thick, its impractical, and isnt worth the wood its mounted on.

  • Chinese copy of everything except the actual functionality needed. Nice.

  • You could just cut through the bag

  • If you didn’t have to own an assault rifle, you wouldn’t need a dodgy gun lock...

  • Love it

  • Rusty Shackleford is the name Dale Gribble on King of the hill uses , lol. Rusty shackle ford is also a truck in new england

  • I come here to view a video of how secure a portable safe is and end up buying a knife...

  • Wow. I bought the collectors edition and use this bag for my personal stuff like birth certificate/SS/passport and cash savings. The fact it took LPL nearly a minute makes me feel much better about the security of it. I thought it was going to be cheap junk and I never expected it to show up.

  • asking permission from the president? uh i'm sure you meant the Queen ;) thanks for the video, as always <3

  • I know it is all about lockpicking here, but would it not be quicker and easier, to just cut it open along the zipper?

  • Better than many gun locks

  • I know this video is 3 years old... but oooohhhhhhhweeeee that is some scary stuff.... hardened steel on hardened steel is a good way to get a chunk of debris inside you. I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

  • Seeing him load what looks like a .22 round and then putting his feet near what resembles the barrel of this gun is nerve wracking

  • @lockpickinglawyer how do you know if a lock needs top of the keyway or bottom of the keyway tension?

  • I feel like I’m at the dentist when he’s working his way through the numbers

  • Is their a lock you do recommend?

  • Me looking at my scissors.

  • If you force it open does it count as "Lock Picking"?

  • Have you ever helped design a lock?

  • and it's gone... now, could that be LPL on the portrait on the tools?

  • I was honestly expecting this lock to open with simple raking. It was much more secure than it looked! It's a small wonder how crappy products some commercial lock manufacturers (e.g. Master Lock) are manufacturing when this kind of novelty item has better lock.

  • What is that beside the lock in the gap between the wood slats in the gate ? Looks like a rattle snake head that didn't make it through and died in the process looks dried up with fangs showing anyone else see it?

  • I think you and the average locksmith are 2 very different people. In the outside you both open locks without keys so it seems similar but locksmiths are there to work where you are there for the challenge. You’re learning at a bipolar persons manic pace where they’re just there to open the lock by any means necessary. Buying all the lockpicking gadgets is part of the fun and you actually like picking locks. You didn’t just end up doing this crap. Locksmiths talk shit about USdos locksmiths because they don’t have the ability themselves and can’t imagine someone else being smarter. You shouldn’t take it personal.

  • The way you say bathroom makes me think you grew up in south jersey/philly area

  • where did you buy those waffer picks

  • Doctor: But Major, now zhat zhey know of our plans... Major: Ah, Herr Doctor, but that iz the plan~! Now that zhey know our plan, zhey will plan around our plan, and zo we zhall in turn plan around zhe plan zhat zhey are planning around our plan!! Doctor: Your brilliance knows no bounds! -- Hellsing Abridged

  • Vaulted Lifehouse Gin Safe manufacturer: Do you think you can exploit our safe? Lock picking lawyer: Fork an A I can!!!

  • I wonder how high his wanted level got while he was opening this...

  • Hotel safes are worthless and are only good for causing honest people headaches while on vacation.

  • Stop playing with us man! You telling me this cheap toy that came free from a video game purchase gave you more trouble than all those other expensive "high security" name brand locks?

  • Odd question but if possible would you be willing to sell the bag?

  • The dirty jokes don't suit your intelligence heh

  • sold out; (

  • Good Lawd...lol

  • Can’t you just cut the bag?

  • We really need a fair priced tool anybody can purchase

  • What stops this from happening throughout our entire planet?

  • If they want to steal it no matter what you do ,it’s going to get nicked & be gone .Locks are just a gesture at best !

  • This video game novelty lock is more secure than half the locks out there

  • For once, I was afraid you might get hurt. That pop had to release a lot of tension

  • u did a good job.... the lock now opens in one millisecond more...... omg

  • for me... i feel like customers should not compare anything that you saw on tv... if you cant get the same what you saw... then dont complain...

  • Cos of u i hold my bike in apartment...

  • Its "Slash Resistant" only from spoons (maybe) !

  • It’s pick proof, because you would need to know what the key looks like. You know what the key looks like... so you have an advantage.

  • How’s the Stuff Made Here lock going?

  • Sold out already? :(

  • Even just putting some super-strength thread-locker on to the top screw, bottom hex and set screws would limit ability to undo without damage ... those screws seemed barely toqued in

  • Lol it may have only taken him 50 seconds but sadly that really is better than many other locks he has conquered

  • You are the man! Is there a reason you're not consulting $$$ for Master Lock or Brinks on how to make the perfect lock???

  • Door knob instead of a handle

  • whats it say?

  • I still don’t see why regular approach should fail... seems like a pretty standard smart key

  • now i want one

  • 3:18 you did not only find the Pprices on locks, you find it on kinda all articles, that were sold these times in russia. Just because there was communism you could not sell thing for a price, that YOU can choose. You was told which price an article must have.

  • In use, I have found these locks tend to "consume" more keys than conventional lock types due in part to the keys construction and spine thickness...

  • If anyone is looking for a EDC similar to the Black Mamba (which I can't find anywhere right now) there is the Zero Tolerance 0777 in the same price point and the Kershaw 7007 for significantly less. The mamba is, I believe, a skoch thichker than the ZT and much thicker than the Kershaw and has a defined reverse tanto point, but otherwise they are very similar blades.

  • Story continues: China gives Amazon a bad name