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I make videos about maps and many other things.
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  • You’re employer is legally required to pay you for the amount of time it takes you to go vote, if they don’t then raise hell about it. 1. it’s free money 2. You’re voting

  • my family thinks im not good at going on vacation because I don't like to go to all the touristy places and take the pictures I like to go to quiet peaceful places and just sit and just feel like I am somewhere new and just breath in air that I haven't before see things that I can't see at home I like to sit on beaches and listen to water and on mountains and listen to wind and remember how big the world is and how beautiful everything can be when im not looking at it though a tiny screen. I have so many more places I want to go and take a walk eat the food and just be somewhere that both makes everything feel smaller and so much larger at the same time.

  • I stopped using soap 2 years ago including shampoo.

  • Man that is scummy. just ooooh.. Hey at least when you got DQ their machines always work lol

  • Of course Anna Wintour sells pizza, now.

  • This reminds me of a guy I knew who used to work at burger king. One time, their fan broke and the restaurant would repeatedly get smoke-filled, making the automatic fire alarm go off. During one particular day the firemen had to visit 3 times, each time (reasonably but misdiretedly) scolding my friend for not closing down the restaurant all while my friend kept trying to get his bosses to allow him to close the shop over phone. The bosses didn't relent until the third time the firemen had to drive out, when a firemen finally took over and told the bosses that on no terms could they stay open, so they closed for the day. Yet, the next day, still no mechanic in sight, they instructed my friend and the other employees to keep the restaurant running anyway, using the broiler (the main smoke culprit) sparingly. Mind you, this still meant everybody had to work in a beyond legal limits smokey kitchen because the fryer still was in heavy use. To dot the i's, the restaurant bosses tried to make my friend cover the fire alarm in plastic bags so it wouldn't go off again when they were using the broiler. He naturally refused as that is... illegal... and would have made him liable if anything actually started burning. Which it might very well have, because it turned out that a big factor to why the place kept getting smoke filled so badly was because THERE WAS NO ACTUAL VENTILATION SYSTEM and the greasy smoke just... went through a pipe straight into the space between the inner celling and second storey floor, and just sorta stayed there. Also they had strict orders from their bosses that they could only use frying oil for a certain amount of time, but they would only be allowed oil refills about 1-2 weeks after that time had passed.

  • The Romans started water works and management in The Lowlands ages before the native people did. I'm sorry but there's a lot more to it than the usual fairy tale we tell tourists.

  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣flat .🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤡

  • Wow. REAL Journalism!!! Love it! Subbed! You need to do a tutorial for ABC, CBS, MSN, CNN, etc on how to do their job!

  • My hair is dry but I have dandruff from years So what would you guys recomend for me??

  • it's not a thing till this day, the thing is in islam you are allowed to marry up to 4 you don't have to but you can if you want more than than and its forbidden

  • Glad you made a video like this. I haven't used shampoo in YEARS and my hair has never been better. When I started years ago I started getting hair compliments from just about everyone, men and women! I'll do a baking soda and apple cider vinegar wash rarely but other than that, you don't really need shampoo. My hair doesn't even get greasy anymore!

  • i would love to see the owner of the tweet trying to trade it for a loaf of bread after climate change creates a post apocalyptic world.. and the baker laughing its shit out on this dude's face. that would be a great nft

  • I'm in my mid sixties. Over the decades when I would run out of shampoo for any number of reasons and I would use hand soap my scalp and face would get real itchy ( I have a beard ). Also very flacky. As soon as I started using shampoo again everything cleared up. Now when I was a kid I just used soap all the time and never had any problems. So things changed as I got older. It really does matter if you have normally dry or oily skin. Not rocket science.

  • I'm so hungry right now

  • I do something pretty similar and my friends all love it. They also think I spend a million hours working on it, but once you have everything setup and a system in place it’s incredibly easy.

  • I have no idea where you got the Christopher Columbus thing, I've always thought that it was commonly known that he wanted to find a faster trade route to India and because he believed the earth was a globe he decided to go to India from the other side. That's why in some languages native Americans are called Indeans (and people from India - Indians) when he arrived to America he thought it was India

  • I don’t use shampoo on a regular basis. I rinse my hair and scrub it very good. I use shampoo once every 2 weeks and that’s right after I get my hair cut. My hair is very healthy. No oily or greasy. My hair doesn’t smell.

  • There's a reason why the biggest dredgers in the world have Dutch roots (Boskalis, Van Oord). Don't forget we advised and build the waterworks in Orleans and the Palm of Dubai. So much interesting stuff for such a small country!

  • nice

  • I have thick really curly hair which goes frizzy if shampooed I haven't used such products since 2003 never looked back

  • I find Russia Country so intriguing, theres just so much fascination about the motherland. People don't really know anything about the country, and I would love to know more too! great video.

  • They are not broken we just don’t clean them. Or atleast at the location I worked at they never cleaned the machine

  • But that still doesn't explain why Wendy's and others don't face the same problem... It seems, the best thing to do is just replace McDonald's by Burger King, Wendy's, etc.

  • You have some serious bias when it comes to "people of european descent", who even after being born and raised on Hawaii are not locals but still Americans. Funny how shit has gotten spinned in the last decades. These were greedy men who happened to be white. They played the game only for themselves, this is nothing that only white folks have, like imperialism gtfoh, it is fu--ing human let us get that and maybe, maybe we can move forward.

  • Gross

  • So did this guys parents just buy him things out of a box to eat for breakfast? Sausage/bacon, eggs, toast etc are quintessentially American breakfasts yet he's only had cereal and pancakes...

  • I'm so glad USdos has become this amazing platform of smart people who share their knowledge. Thanks.

  • “Atlas shrugged “this is the best way to describe where we are and how we got here and how delicate our civilization is here on earth . This will give a new perspective no mater what your political ideologies are.

  • WW2 artillery and battleship guns could shoot so far that they needed to calculate for the curvature of the earth. You also no longer could visually see your target so spotters were needed to. All those gunners and the knowledge to use and create the tables are disappearing.

  • This applies not just to haircare - toothpaste and mouthwash alters the microbiome of your mouth, increasing cavities. Using soapy/antibacterial facial/body cleaners makes your skin produce more oils, alters the PH of the skin (making it more vunerable to funghi) and again alters the microbiome. Shower with lukewarm water, use as little soap as possible. Brush and floss your teeth, but don't use toothpaste or mouthwash.

  • This is an interesting theory. Watching this again, I think depression looks like this, but instead of the circle being centered on the dot, it drags behind it. The focus is on the bad things that happened in the past, and there's no concept of a future; no hope for things changing or way to mitigate what could happen next (make plans). It's basically a distorted view.

  • Thats when u need to wholesale ice cream and cones freeze it and sale it to the public...fuck em get savvy

  • From what I can see on the video there is a base in Cork Ireland. I think you're info is wrong.

  • So You are not using Shampoo, but somehow you wash your head? Only water or what?

  • I have grits for breakfast cause there's no sugar in it until I put waffles with it

  • Nazi moved to USA operation pepper clip, so these German/Reptilian hybrids continued WW2 undercover in USA to colonize the whole planet for themselves Reptilian Hybrids by infiltration of Earthling’s planet using Reptilian Hybrids as generals who used stupid Humans to colonize planet Earth for Draco Reptilian hostile race from Draco Constallation. This Reptilian colonization using military made Earthlings a slave race for Reptilians on their own planet, because of human ignorance and their thinking coming from Reptilian mass media.

  • dont worry their reckoning is coming, fucking world police

  • Lets me honest, you don't have News in the USA 😂😂😂. Calling it news is a disgrace to journalism.

  • somehow everytime i go its not broken

  • Try French : healthy homemade (or boulangerie, just not retail crap) bread with a bit of butter, an expresso and a fruit. Healthy and fast!

  • I just checked out McBroken. Boston has ALL machines working? Is there a story here too? Why are machines broken everywhere-but here. Boston is doing something right.

  • I usually let my brain do the documentating and rarely take any pictures. That's why the picture I took always has a meaning, except for school work and some other things

  • just imagine the smell of his hair

  • I love the ignorance in this guys videos. Japan doesn't have salmonella because it's an island (like how UK doesn't have rabies). They're chickens don't carry it so their eggs don't have to be "clean" or have "higher safety standards".

  • Hm How much I could sell 1 Esprit Thing I have it about 30 years and u can still use it, it's just bel

  • now thats why i could never use the cnn to learn english or practise my listening

  • What bothers me is that I see a lot of people from the us wear all these fancy looking masks that are made out of cloth, when you should really wear a medical level mask to be protected effectively. But hey, cloth masks are better than no mask.

  • Americans eat breakfast like they want to get diabeties and obesity is a myth. Get healthy guys, greetings from France

  • why did he flew back to russia? wouldnt it be safer to just stay in berlin?

  • Jokes on you if you can not fix simple problems with your machins in USA 😂😂 I'm glad I worked in my country and we didn't have to call tech support every time. Managers were trained to fix simple problems that are so 'big' in USA 😂 Yeah, we didn't see those errors so often. We knew our machines and what to do. Simple as that 🤷

  • Lol I wanna write 5231 everywhere now

  • The icecream machines process old newspaper into icecream! That's why they break ! 😂🤣

  • Token Fungible Beats Cool

  • crazy good again ;D

  • if mc donalds corporate know the the crappy machines are broken by design, and still make franchisee's buy the broken machine... that is conspiracy to commit fraud, all that needs to be done is show the money flow from taylor to the mc donald's corporation, then they all go to jail.

  • This is beyond stupid, just ask anybody who has worked there before.

  • I've used bar soap (usually Ivory) since 1984. I was at Navy boot camp and Ivory left less residue on the shower walls to have to clean off before inspections.

  • It’s Q for ice cream machines 🤣🤣🤣

  • "War is just an excuse for the elites of society to waste resources so living standards don't have to be raised."-George Orwell.

  • Because they need to be cleaned every three days , and if maintance is lazy they cannot sell the product. You need to be trained and they don't want to end up in court . you are supposed to have a disclaimer when you have a video that is a advertisment

  • To see the root causes of such epic failure, one only has to look to those in charge.... failure flows down, not in a trickle but a torrent from above. When dealing with corporations its like being in the bottom bunk under a confirmed bedwetter, its not if.... its just when.

  • I hope kytch is including "right to repair" in their lawsuit

  • It's not a big deal, but in the UK in every regional accent I can think of, the last syllable of 'Cambridgeshire' rhymes with 'year'.

  • Question begs: do you use your bath soap to wash your hair?

  • I think same goes for showering and bathing in general (the body’s natural oils) btw where are all the women in this convo 👀😁

  • Why don't you investigate the human DNA found in McDonald hamburgers.

  • Does the grease make your hair heavy? How it’s lob-sided kind of bugs me, I keep noticing your hair. Is it just me?

  • When you run into penguins and they start surrendering.

  • Johnny! Idk if you’ll see this but you should totally do a video on the lumber prices this year compared to last few.

  • i didnt get it right, should we wash our hair with just water?


  • This guy is moron. This is click bait. Try doing some better research. You can't sell a food item in the US and list ingredients that aren't contained in the bottle. Go back to modeling or whatever it is good looking people do to earn income and try not to pass off information as factual unless it is such.

  • so basically, we should try to wash our hair only with water?


  • It's not worth it. Promises and what they deliver are vastly alienated from each other. For whatever reason. They won't please everyone and always have their own pockets before regular people. The only true choice you have is to not vote allow the system to eat his own tail and wait for a new system.

  • О боже, теперь пешки навального будут и зарубежом🤒

  • What capitalism does to a mf.

  • You didn’t quite mention, that Kievan Rus was not only Russia. Both Ukraine and Belarus claim their ancestors from there too.

  • In India,people make paste of henna leaves and put it on their scalp for 2-3 hours and wash it away,if you do this for a month or two,black shiny strong hairs will start to come out like a magic.