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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!

But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.

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30:37Game Theory... What Happened To You?


  • A parody of your lore :o

  • Funny Story!

  • Thats chris not Michael

  • so long, old friend o7

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  • Oh I'm just like I always dig through games

  • There isn’t any Errorsin your videos

  • you can set a rule where the task bar only goes up during meetings, be aware of that

  • That’s sad I’m sorry 😢

  • The Intro Is epic

  • I was trying to but I couldn’t

  • Darn you Monika for ruining the intro

  • Uh did anyone else notice that Golden Freddy only has one light on and the other is just the reflection of the one light? Look here 7:28

  • DO DANGANROMPA THEORIES PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please play danganronpa

  • You should do a Theory on slime Rancher maybe what are slimes or what happened before the coral reef was dry

  • Watching the theories all over again. Your growth as a content creator is inspiring Matt

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  • Io

  • You know that Kirby has no lore there is no reason for it he is like an infant

  • Have you realized that all shooters and criminals have gone to school, SCHOOL CAUSES VIOLENCE!

  • When we found out the death coin doesn’t do anything to golden freddy and what’s happens after we find out what he’s really saying that was dunny

  • batim is Henry telling a story to her daughter or step daughter but your playing the story he’s telling as in the story

  • Yes You I’m going to get the first game

  • I'm coming back to this now and Josh looks vaguely like Rami Malek

  • Imagine feeling sympathy for a child killer, especially since both his kids' deaths were essentially caused by him. So no, I don't feel bad for purple guy

  • Matpad Be-bop-go finish writing that next theory

  • scrolling down my recommended and found this video about what old man consequences game help with the lore potentially don't know if it will help but here you go.

  • Haven’t watched this yet but I already love this because of nugget.


  • I think Your theory is wrong about fnaf being only a dream because oswald saw it happen

  • And now calculate Red's Pikachu Level . Across all his appearances.

  • This is fake because you are not going to explode in space you only going freeze

  • Matpat Bep-bo-go finish writing that next theory

  • 5:46 lmao

  • I mean, technically the animitronics in the games have always been good

  • “Is this the end of fnaf?, no Someone I know and trust with the series will be in charge” I hope it’s you matpat

    • I don’t really care about that, he would still work fnaf just as well as Scott

    • Matpat would just retcon all the lore to comply with his theories

  • if you search on google for "mixer".... yeah idk what to put here but...

  • Siempre tengo esto es mis recomendaciones aiua

  • Hey Mat, so you keep talking about how when “theory crafting” we should always put greater emphasis on the later games like fnaf 4 and sister location because fnaf 1 was supposed to be Scott’s last game. Well I think you should also be looking at fnaf 3 just like you would those later games. For many reasons but one really stuck out. In the fnaf 3 trailer we see two lines that read “He will come back” and “He always does” which is clearly talking about spring trap. These two lines clearly match to his famous line, “I always come back” in the much later games which in turn shows us that Scott probably had a pretty clear picture of the story all the way back in fnaf 3.

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  • Uggghhhh. Let me get my anti visual furry pills.

  • I love this intro MatPat

  • 5:46 intentional or non intentional pun

  • I wish the lore had just stayed here and the other games just built around it. One pizzeria, where a man in a mascot costume lores and kills five children, who go on to haunt the pizzeria and the animatronic characters inside. That’s it. No metal ghost juice, no zombie men inside of bunny suits, no alternative robots with giant stomach chambers and child abductor arms, no stuff like that. Just a simple ghost story of a series of murders which haunt the pizzeria they took place at.

  • Next thing youtuber lore

  • 9:46 😳

  • #istandbyscott

  • golden freddy has so many vengeful spirits chris was the first one chris afton or maybe cc or evan afton was the first one in the suit he died first after his father killed cassidy he stuffed her in golden freddy she kicked evan cc or chris from the suit then cc possesed shadow freddy by the power of cassidy after scout thinked he maked a lot of adults and kids in golden freddy cassidy didnt know but spirits where with her i think cassidy will kick them too so she would let them possess someone else but the original one still conected with goldn freddy

  • At this point I have no idea what's going on, just too invested to quit watching these

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  • POV ash forgot to save the game and loss all his progress 😳

  • He didn’t even talk about that one move from Arkham knight where you slam into a thug from a glide at Mach 2 and then throw him across the map like a ragdoll

  • who is also here after the terrible news of scotts´s retirement?

  • Monika: 2018! Well we've waited 3 years but we got DDLC Plus

  • Yo p2 soon please

  • i never deleted Monika's file ,I just renamed it to Sayori or something

  • There is actually a mobile game where you play as sans or other Monsters against your wn Character in undertale called bonetale

  • It's been 9 years youtube, why age restrict it now?

  • also the fact that many people where randomly made knights by corrupt rulers for doing their bidding, and many of them didn't know how to wield a sword

  • Love the vid, but the FNAF theory videos might take a break, because of Scott's retirement. #thankyouscott


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  • Maybe they are just furries, and zipper just bought like a costume store fursuit lol

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  • 1:55 Ah, you’re boned

  • I'm wondering why he hasn't said anything about Scott's forced retirement. He has made A LOT of videos and presumably money off of him. So I am wondering why he isn't trying to help him?

  • Furry...? AAAAAHHHHHHH

  • Do Fortnite Or Roblox

  • lol 7 minuit intro

  • Mans reeeeeaching with the 23 thing. In Islam no one even cares about numbers it has absolutely no religious significance

  • 16:06

  • but this theory doesn't explain why staring at them angers them

  • Also the tridents ability to get an enchantment which increases damage to underwater mobs show they’re fish men and that you can throw lightning when it’s raining (shows anger towards water)