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The sequel you didn't need and also didn't deserve


16:29am i millenial or gen z
am i millenial or gen zViews 1.1M7 days ago
21:23i dont know how to play minecraft
i dont know how to play minecraftViews 1.1M2 months ago
16:44Trying Tactical Products
Trying Tactical ProductsViews 1.7M2 months ago
15:42making a song with stephen sharer
making a song with stephen sharerViews 755K4 months ago
19:17episode 3
episode 3Views 968K5 months ago
12:27why im so dumb
why im so dumbViews 1M6 months ago
16:21redecorating my office
redecorating my officeViews 806K7 months ago
17:34watching my first youtube video
watching my first youtube videoViews 1.3M7 months ago
19:50la croix tier list
la croix tier listViews 1.3M9 months ago
20:39episode 2
episode 2Views 1.6M9 months ago
13:36what it's REALLY like being a youtube
episodeViews 2.8M11 months ago
17:35Reacting To Your Videos
Reacting To Your VideosViews 1.6MYear ago
2:10La Croix
La CroixViews 1.5MYear ago
14:23Ranking My Lookalikes
Ranking My LookalikesViews 2.4MYear ago
12:50Answering Questions In A Chair
2:02Sad And Deep
Sad And DeepViews 940KYear ago
6:20Justin Chad
Justin ChadViews 715KYear ago
0:47The Ads
The AdsViews 417KYear ago
15:03how i make a video
how i make a videoViews 525K2 years ago
10:33A Tour Of My Trash House
A Tour Of My Trash HouseViews 1M2 years ago
10:25Poorly Decorating My Office
Poorly Decorating My OfficeViews 1.3M2 years ago
1:17Leaving a Tip
Leaving a TipViews 443K2 years ago
GraceViews 194K2 years ago


  • Being born in 1999 this has always been such a HUGE struggle for me even though it doesnt really matter that much, but it's also made me see that people in the middle kinda get both sides a little easier than the people who know for sure where they lie

  • Their stances are so intimidating I'm wheezing

  • Jjba is what I think of

  • I got danny on 2 quiz's.... does that make me more Danny then Danny?

  • Nice whip bro

  • I did a buzzfeed quiz like this and I got u 🤭

  • "okay..." *pauses video* "no what" skjsjsjs did you sing this sisjsj

  • dislike how youtube's algorithm hid this video from me for an entire week despite being subbed but all he had to do to get millennial was the flip phone answer prob hahah also: gen alpha is kids being born now and then gen beta is next LOL

  • I'll still be listening to the Libertines in 2040!! Lol

  • 2:19 - 2:25 best line i'v ever heard LOL IM LAUGHING SO HARD

  • Ironically, I'm kind of on the cusp but closer to gen z, and got millenial on the first quiz, lmao

  • I’m gen z and I still use the 😂emoji

  • ok danny this is the only "hate" comment ive ever written for you. BUT limoncello is absouletly disgusting and razz-cranberry and orange are the best flavours by far. (joke btw but limoncello is rly gross)

  • 3:50 'When you hear the name JoJo, who do you think of?' *_Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?_*

  • Is anyone else concerned that at the start of ww2 1939 all they were thinking of was clothes

  • Hi driem

  • the gen after gen z is gen alpha witch are all the small kids, babys and toddlers rn

  • Lies. They ARE the same person.

  • Put the speed to 1.25x

  • Danny: I would name my child Levi Me: Thinks about you know who (you can tell by my anime pfp)

  • I feel like doing a BuzzFeed quiz to find out if you're a millennial or gen z is the ultimate millennial move

  • Wow he’s old lol

  • just read am i mentally ill or gen z and i just accepted that and was like yeah let’s find out lmao

  • 3:47

  • *Don’t boo yet*

  • myspace ranks caused so much drama

  • After gen Z comes gen Å

    • And after that comes gen Ä and gen Ö

  • 1 year and still garbage and goofy

  • not the IDK sis lmao 13:31

  • I mean come on Danny hibiscus is way better

  • The girl looks older so she's probably the sister. Respect to this older sister for participating in her little brother's video and taking it seriously.

  • the laugh cry emoji is only okay when ironic dw Danny

  • wait where'd the song go?!

  • 2:45 i keep laughinghshgdwdgjka

  • Sorry I'm late but can we agree that Danny has amazing ad placement

  • danny..to answer your question, the generation after Gen Z is called Gen alpha...and there are already 2.5 million of them...


  • “and my kids will be like ‘grandpaaaa....... why do we call you grandpa if youre our dad’” IM DYING HAHAHAHAHAH

  • cuspers made me think of casper the friendly ghost

  • petition for danny to watch Friday!

  • Danny is a boomer dad

  • Dafaq are u going after Daniel Radcliffe for

  • He’s millennial because he’s judgey But he’s like 99.99% gen z because he does it in the first place

  • When you hear milli Me: Milli Vanilli *turns to grave dust*

  • Me minding my own business listening to the video in the background: "When you hear JoJo who do you think of?" My brain: Yo which one Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar

  • Favorite song even though I hate lemon Lacroix

  • Oh no here comes the murder hornets Im dying

  • Weirdly despite your baby face I thought you were older than you are I would defo view you as a millennial

  • is it just me or does he look like Danny Gonzalez

  • I'm ashamed of my generation... What problem do the have with sideparts?! They're the best! All my homies love sideparts.

  • I tasted Lacroix but I hate the lemon one it’s all zesty and it taste good it tasted bad

  • 3:50 I think of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • They aren't out of letters, the next generation is gen alpha.


  • How to trigger danny:-2 Danny 2 furious is Danny main channel

  • Why would I request money when I can just tags it

  • when he picked are we there yet over friday, i’ve never been so disappointed in you danny

  • This sounds like a Christian dong our choir teacher would make us sing

  • Lol never realized how old Danny was

  • the way this video never showed up in my sub box till now..... could really have used that money for my savings ugh

  • They made me hate a fictional character. How?

  • People not knowing that Gen x exists kills me slowly everyday

  • Why is am I in the middle of these answers despite not even being 20

  • That was Firm, Danny

  • u can’t group lil peep with lil pump

  • L I L M A M A

  • yes i did like the video Danny, thank you for asking

    • what do you think of when you hear jojo: jojo siwa or jojo ... people who spent their whole life on memes and anime

  • holy shit i remember the kidpix jingle,, like when you opened it it'd play a little tune,,, fuckin loved the spray can tool

  • Danny you should link your first channel to your second channel so people that find you here can find your main channel

  • HEY!! proceeds to murder creeper i thou- i thought i saw him move

  • The top 8 got so savage. Dudes would put another girl before before their girlfriend. Shit would get serious

  • He has to wear gold in the nether... THE CHAT IS STUPID TELL HIM HE NEEDS GOLD ARMOR FUCK CHAT

  • I remember when I was in a boy scout too.

  • Is nobody going to mention the fact that he’s driving a Model 3 and it doesn’t even have a visor vanity mirror?! I get that it’s electric and blah blah, but are you really gonna spend upwards of $50K on a car and not even get a mirror, nevermind a lighted mirror?!

  • "When you think of Ice Cube's acting, which movie comes to mind?" Ice Cube had movies?!

  • I a gen z but I dont get half the things my generation does.... but I dont understand millennials either...

  • The scarf is to hold in his deepness. I saw it in a video he did xD Im laughing my ass off.

  • Me, Gen Z and a Harry Potter fan: *oFfEnDed*

  • Wow Danny is doing better at spit screening him self