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NEW CRIB, WHO DIS?Views 494K14 days ago
50:45WHAT IS THIS GAME? | Undertale - Part 2
58:27A CLASSIC ADVENTURE | Undertale - Part 1


  • Why did you keep puting the ex down?

  • Are we not gon talk about the fact tht ion kn the character name tried to stop itself from goin into the building, look at how he aged at the end and look at who was trying to stop him from movin forward, the end pieces everything together

  • So berlin the real reason that six let go of mono was because she thought that mono was a danger to her for how powerful mono is and because six already knew about the tall man thats why she kept pulling mono away from the tvs because she already knew but mono was to curious so basically if six saved mono she could've saved the world cause mono was feeding the tower tht was altering the world but she was to worrired soo there u go berlin the whole ending explained

  • I been m.I.a but glad you’re back bro

  • What a twist

  • What’s the music at 4:27 it sounds so familiar for some reason

  • The intro is GOLDEN

  • My mans is way to inconsistent. He might post a video once a week or once every two months🤦🏽‍♂️

  • six also eats the runaway kid aka seven who was disguised as a nome but the reason why is because she needed more useful life or food source then small pieces of food

  • theories six betrayed mono bcuz how he's always putting her into dangerous situations and six is a character who looks after herself first just like in the first game, she has always been a loner , evil, and self care

  • berleezy can you get the good ending, to do that you gotta collect all the glitches, do what cory did and just watc a video but yeah replay the whole game, get the glitches replay everything like you did in the end then the good ending will explain a constantly asked question from the 1st game

  • Hixens patience wit dis man berlin is actually crazy bru

  • 1:38:15

  • damn bro, after you just got your new crib i got emotional and came back here, been here since day one. waiting everyday, since the day you made this channel for those video notifications. i grew up with you and your original channel. seeing your confidence on this platform make a total 180 will be something i will never forget or let go, you’re just natural in front of the camera man, you’re built for this.

  • Bruh It's like Bagdad came back from the future to kill Six like he knew she would become a monster like what we saw. He tried to kill her so he would not end up like he did at the end of the game with the top hat. Him trying to keep Six away from his past self to not end up like he is now. 😵😵😵 Woah!!

  • bagdag dying was the best part, hilarious

  • he said take that kiss back LMFAOOO

  • THIN MAN (aka yourself) was from some kind of other dimension, future or timeline, and KNEW six was going to betray you which is why he trapped six and gave her a music box (she had it in the beginning of the game, maybe it represents her childhood?) BUT it failed, she got out, and still betrayed you in YOUR timeline, or whatever. Therefore you became the thin man of your time. I feel like the thin man was trying to help you instead of harm you. Which is why you gave him respect in a way. I still can't figure out why or how or why certain things happened, like why mono took the mask off? Maybe he knew he had to face himself so he embraced it?? And knew what he had to do? Maybe he knew six was going to betray him hence why he sat and waited all those years?, sorry for all the reading but im really not sure and this is my first time even talking about a theory I came up with from watching. If this is maybe correct that would explain why he grew into the thin man. But if it isn't, maybe mono really is sixs father. Think about it, how she always runs away first and he's behind her, how he always saves her, they made it seem like he knew the music box was a source for her uh transformation or whatever it was. If he is the father of six, that would mean that thin man (himself) trapped six because of how easy she abandons him, therefore punishing her and keeping her trapped with childhood memories and a music box. Im not really sure, that might sound trash but I've been thinking about it for a while. Lmk what you guys personally think. Also monos name is short for monophobia, the fear of being alone. That might be an opening to a whole new perspective on this

    • Maybe six, eating all the time in the first game was her FEEDING mono. Grooming him for the next loop without even knowing. Which would explain why she was always hungry. Ok im done💀

    • Orr, the reason why her name is six is because she is the sixth in line to he owner of the MAW from the first game?? Hence why the lady who hums had six locked up? Im not sure tbh. I needa sleep imma explode.

    • ORRRR. Six is the LADY from The first game, which is why the lady got mad when she saw herself in the mirror. Because she turned mono into a bad guy by putting him into a loop and she turned into a monster. Hence why the thin man tried saving mono from the loop by either catching him or six.

  • If you guys got trouble with Mr. Shakedown do this: Go into Breaker Style then after he charges get behind him while running and press Triangle and you'll do some alright damage. Also money in the process this is how i have 7 Billion in Chapter 15. Now I don't have to worry bout money. Also if he's sleeping get closer until it says "Take" on the top right corner. You can hold X but if you see a ! Then stop holding it then hold it again. The more money you take the quicker you get em all.

  • Berleezy you have to play the dlc

  • Watching him utterly refuse to break the lock with the axe so many times makes me wanna stab some old granny 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Aye, finally back at it again with another fire another game play ❤️

  • lets gooo

  • „How tf do you beat this girl“ -Berlin 2021

  • Berleezy in the pnw now or somethin?

  • i almost wish batman was gay just so berleezy would stop flirting mid cut scene

  • *needs clothes* walks past laundromat

  • missing berleezys old ass mic them was days

  • Where the mafia game play at?

  • 23:04 what blood?😂

  • So what did the little bugles have to do with anything?

  • 1:21:10 Almost made baby making music 😂😂😂

  • Didn’t he hang himself tho in the earlier games

  • Nobody: berleezy: why’s it so OMINOUS right now???

  • 36:53 IM DEADDD! He couldn’t get the people right

  • I used to have this on my gameboy advanced 😅

  • Your not lil nas💀💀💀😭😭

  • i think it's basically the tall dude is Bagdad trynna stop the loop/paradox their in, but young bagdad keeps beating him and it's just a loop, I sound stupid but yeah those are my thoughts

  • I peep the exert from the great Kill Shit, The musical

  • 52:43

  • This was ugly in the most interesting and entertaining way 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Berlin: Maybe I will be a better stealther John Cena: Are you sure about that?

  • 18:03 LMAOOOOO💀💀😂😂😂

  • 🐋💨

  • I'm ngl I'm glad berleezy chose to save chloe, I cant imagine losing someone I've known since they were little so I'm glad he did

  • 18:01😂😂

  • The the 2 goats in gaming history Lee Everett Joel Miller

  • Steak on me 😂😂😂 🥩

  • “i’m cool” *knocks headphones off*

  • The thought of telling a ghost “you could be pulling baddies” or smashing instead of haunting is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Now the next little nightmares game needs to explain why the hell the adults are so fukin cazy. I understand the geisha lady stealing souls of fat ppl’s greedy energy. But why is the outside world so insane? And why do they want to eat kids?

  • big mac couldnt even resist it anymore

  • Love Berlin’s fro 💖

  • you got me walking on cranberry sauce LMAO

  • Danganronpa v3?

  • Came a long way from roast

  • literally this ending is liberation vs. colonization for real

  • That intro killed me😂

  • Wow Six really hit Bagdad with that "Long live the king" like Scar . Thats some General Shepherd type of betrayal.

  • Berlin can you give us an update on how YOU'RE doing? You're always giving us fire content and we love you for that. But how are you doing bru? much luv euggghh.

  • Day 20 of asking Berlin to play SOMA

  • When Berlin was done talking and Bag still wasn’t pulled up yet, he already knew what was going on 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • oR iS tHat a sky BoUnD eLement


  • “Idk where my sister ran to GG” she died fam when she jumped😂

  • This game is nice, used to play it all the time 🔥

  • I definitely was the one waiting alot of youtubers who do gameplays on these are not entertaining

  • Have I already seen multiple play throughs of this exact game? Yes. 🙂 Will I still watch another from my fav USdosr? Yes 🙃

  • berlin got that edmond from sims hair going on

  • Its 1AM I got school in the morning 💀💀 six's arm is bouta haunt my nightmares

  • Where the hell you get a Coryxkenshin ONE Jesus every time I go to the website they sold out

  • 14:25 how is Berlin just chillin with the creepiest movement from the entire game so far like what

  • 19:55 I'm dead lmfao

  • Berleezy,Six dropped Bag Dad bc if she didn’t,she wouldn’t eaten him because of her hunger problem.

  • 17:55 I love that vid "and now I will leave, your welcome"

  • why berleezy look like walmart myles garrett

  • Berlin: "You better remember all of them faces baby j. Yup, we got f*ing Ashton Kutcher and Hayden Penn and f*ing stank cooche." Me: *literally crying laughing tears* ( i know it's disrespectful to laugh when it is including joels death, im sorry but this was so funny)

  • JUST GOT MY EAZYGANG SCREENERS!🥶🔥🔥THANK YOU MY MAN....pinned that picture on my wall too😉

  • -___-

  • You should play mafia 3 DE