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  • billy looks like doctor strange's son

  • When Vision pushes White Vision in the ground, it's similar to when Clark attacked Zod in Man of Steel at Smallville

  • Hope I'm not alone in this but the whole circus scene felt very similarly shot to arrested development (and there's a Russo brothers connection there too)

  • They are exist. And they Demon /dajjal/anticrist follower. May Allah sent them to hellfire asap

  • Cruel to children 😭

  • “Magnee-oh”

  • So sad that his daughter took her own life I have two daughters I couldn't even imagine the pain RIP

  • If someone can get this much information from a fictional movie, then imagine what you can get from reading your Bible, and how everything in the book points to itself written from different authors throughout the years.

  • 28:16 "Recreates Vision giving him a massive dong" 😂🤣😅

  • Casting Runes was not the only thing Wanda learnt from Agatha. At a point she also teleported which kinda surprised Agatha too. It was a callback to the ending of episode 8 when Agatha teleported from the theatre to the street where she was holding Billy and Tommy. Also when she Wanda unleashed the true Scarlet Witch, she snatched her powers back from Agatha. This shows just how OP she is. As Agatha read from the Darkhold - "she needs no incantation." This line to me first felt like in Harry Potter you have to speak out the spells but if you are talented enough and we'll trained you can even cast them without speaking. But it's more in case of the Scarlet Witch. She needs no training at all! She never teleported before or drained anyone's powers since she probably didn't think of that as a possibility. But when she saw Agatha do it, she did it too. The Scarlet Witch in MCU doesn't need to learn to do things. If she knows something is possible, she can do it. "Power isn't your problem, knowledge is." Wanda doesn't even know what she is capable of doing and so when at the end she is reading the Darkhold she is only discovering new possibilities and not learning any tricks like astral projection etc. But this also means that she would perform some actions without realising the consequences which could bring us to the Multiverse of Madness. The warnings come after the spells, remember?

  • Man, I love the way you give the intro.

  • Thank you!!!

  • Hey Paul - great summary. Looking forward to more commentary from you (and the others) on Falcon and The Winter Soldier and all the other Marvel shows and movies. You and Ryan should co-host something together.

  • "Bova dese nuts" was maybe the best line of this series you've done!

  • thanks

  • I hate Marvel (for all the trolling) but I love Marvel (for giving fans satisfaction despite this). I can't quit it.

  • Hello!

  • Really reaching with some of these

  • Great video and summation Paul. Thanks for keeping it real and lots of fun!

  • Perfect answer. My thoughts exactly about the mag.

  • When she says her costume is a sokovian fortune teller is a reference to the flashback were she sees a version of her future self

  • So, Agness just juiced Fietro? If he IS a mutant, then he must be in the witness prot. If he isn't, he was just a gimmick to make us spin in circles...?

  • When he says in the video “you can rest now” that’s actually a reference to Avengers: End Game, when Pepper Pots says the same to Tony Stark

  • Thanks for all your breakdowns!

  • I think The MCU are going to give Wanda friend-enemy relationship with Agatha....

  • Dude no. Batman V Superman didn’t underperform commercially and critically. It grossed more than $800 million in the box office. That is a commercial success.

  • For people who haven't read the webtoon, please give it a read it gives more background and in-depth explanation as to what's happening. The drama isn't like the webtoon at all maybe only 20% of the story was actually adaptated to the drama, so much plot holes. While it was certainly an entertaining show, the webtoon was so much more interesting, heartwrenching and heartwarming!

  • Vision and the twins both start to fade away in episode 9 in the same Tetris pattern as the House of M cover. Wanda's father's name is Oleg, not Orik.

  • That Ebony = bunny 🐇🤣🤣🤣 your worst reach ever and you had the nerve to say nailed it! 🤣🤣 This kind of humor is too funny

  • I feel like the wardrobe for magnet in X-Men Apocalypse looks more closer to the scarlet witch’s new look than the days of future past one

  • The Yo-Magic comercial makes a reference to how agatha drains your magic wile keeping you distracted, the boy in the comercial ends like all the other witches after they got their powers drained

  • the tyra reference i cant omg

  • Why did Monica develop power?

  • Why are we even talking about Easter eggs anymore in this show. Haven’t we learned our lesson. All these amazing theories and the show was a loud meh. The damn theories were more fun than the show.

  • They never answered the question why Agatha wanted Wanda to have kids so badly.... But that's obviously gonna pay off when she rescues them from wherever they are....

  • It was a good show :')

  • Can someone explain the character in the movie that is called Moonwind 😂

  • When the hex closed in how did the sword vehicles and base camp which were turned into vans, and circuses turned back into sword vehicles and base camp? But when Monica left the hex, she was still wearing the sitcom dress. PLEASE EXPLAIN

    • Monica wasn't undone from the Hex -- she was expelled from it. As is, just get out. The vehicles that changed back were undid by the Hex being turned back. The Hex shrinking made everything that had be rewritten back to its original form.

  • 🧢 No one can recognize me 😁

  • Because the office and modern family was an inspiration of the 7th episode does that mean wanda knows about Asian Jim

  • I wonder if she moved to Westview on the 23rd? Thank you for all that you did this season.

  • You forgot to mention that Wanda hears her kids crying for her at the end. Otherwise you did a great job recapping.

  • I like your bit at the end with the shoutouts to the other channels doing the speculation and Easter egg reviews. That was entertaining.

  • I've been having a lot of fun watching all of these theories and learning all the comic book information since I only have MCU knowledge. I was always secretly hoping that y'all were wrong about Doctor Strange showing up, though. We finally have something that focuses on a female hero, and I would have been SO disappointed if Strange had to come to save the day or guide her in a certain way. I really wanted HER to resolve this within her own show. And I mean, ... there's so much content still to come, so who's to say all these theories aren't actually right and just haven't yet come to fruition 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • It was so awful that yuko ended up in a coma and never recovered after she and haruo had become lovers and before godzilla killed them. I hate sunken ships. 😠

  • At the end of episode 3, when Vision asks where Geraldine went, Wanda says "Oh she left, she had to rush home." Then in one of the upcoming episodes if you pay attention the "previously on" section, they completely changed the dialogue, so instead Wanda says "She didn't belong." I think this might have happened with another scene as well, but I cant remember.

  • haha - I had breakfast for dinner, tonight (French toast)

  • Absolutely brilliant

  • Still bummed that Evan Peters went nowhere... unless Marvel just wanted to tie him into a contract without really knowing for sure if/when/how they will use him.

  • How is Heyward a villain?

  • Can you help out a noob here. - So why doesn't Wanda get arrested after taking over and kidnapping an entire town of innocent people, yet the SWORD leader gets arrested? - SWORD is equivalent to SHIELD (an offshoot actually and government funded), so in a previous episode when the Director of SWORD expels Darcy, Woo and Rambeau, how does Rambeau get access to a billion dollar piece of hardware (that high-tech truck that tried to penetrate the Hex) as well as SWORD personnel and soldiers to assist her with this side mission with the truck at her complete disposal as well as follow her every command? - How does Darcy with NO aptitude or love or admits to not know science in the first 2 Thor movies become a top flight Astrophysicist even in the MCU timeline. The math alone to study and to achieve the proper GPA to even be considered to a PhD program at that high a level is not someone with no love or aptitude can just take up in their 20's and get a 3.5 to 4.0gpa. Also even if given her the time (it takes on average 7 - 11 years to achieve that PhD), schools especially at that level would be derailed due to the 'snap' killing half the professors, faculty and staff to even teach a noob, goofy, non-science individual to the level of a Jane Foster. It's not plausible. Was there another explanation or just a...poof...she's smart at the level of a Foster, Banner, Stark? Seems like two writing teams. One for the fun nostalgic/grief stricken Wandaverse, then the SWORD scenes.

  • It's safe to say there are no easter eggs or reference that are connected to X-men, Magneto, or mutants. Prove me wrong.

  • Why does this guy not like Screen Crush?

  • I really think the yogurt commercial is what's happening to all of the people under wanda's control. Many are stuck without any agency and are slowly starting to death because they're stuck doing the same thing when Wanda isn't thinking about them. I think it's their nightmares seeping into hers.

  • I was enjoying your review until I heard you say ms. Marvel and captain marvel 2

  • Wonderful review.cheers!

  • based from this, it sucks then :/

  • 17:35 - there is no possible MCU continuity where Magneto is Wanda's father. Fox Magneto is a Holocaust survivor and would be 100 years old. Fox Pietro has no twin sister and would be the 60+ years old. If MCU ever creates a Magneto it will have to a new character. I'm saying the Fox/MCU crossover fan fictions never made sense.

  • The biggest Easter egg to me is finding out Elizabeth Olsen is one of the olsen sisters

  • The Even Peters casting seems like Marvel's way of saying, "No...we are not casting any of the Fox actors as the same characters."

  • *If i were to recommend a WandaVision video - this one would be near the very top. Nice work.*

  • THANK YOU!!! You're the first person I have heard apologize for their bad theories. (I'm looking at you Eric Voss!)

  • The delivery guy was delivering PIZZA when Wanda got to town. He is NOT Jimmy's witness.

  • The paper towel ad is supposed to represent the accidents both characters cause in Civil War. Wanda obviously with the explosion in Lagos, but the commercial also shows the husband make a spill with a yellow'ish liquid, representing Vision paralyzing War Machine in the airport fight.

  • Thanks Mate. It's been a great journey. Now we only have to wait THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY THREE MORE DAYS for the "continuation"

  • Did you know that the mailman was in Agents of Shield? He was literally just a waiter, but its really weird they got the same guy.

  • 30:14 Flourish

  • So much better than new rockstars not like they are horrible just hate the 4 people pannel lol

  • Isn't wedone a creeper sexpest or somthin lik that,just to replace the Jesus freak: fcuk the w b...

  • 18:00 I still fuckin hate how this started the plot of that movie. Like, yeah, she killed a few people in a building on accident rather than even more on the ground. It's like that philosophy question with the train going toward 5 people but if you switch tracks it only kills 1. She chose the right decision but was still penalized because she acted.

  • How did Ralph Bhoner get his powers if he wasn't actually a version of quicksilver though? Who even is Ralph? So many questions!

  • nice one

  • The PLAN should have been this... in NO rush to chase the MCU. Man of steel trilogy Batman Trilogy Wonderwoman trilogy Aquaman Green lantern Corps(John Stewart) Flashpoint Dawn of justice - Doomsday Villian Justice league -Brainiac villian Justice league 2 - Steppenwolf Villian Justice league 3 - Darkseid as Villian

  • Bobbayagga is John Wick. 😂

  • Bro the season finale was so bad.. the whole show was a mystery leading up to the finale & the finale was so basic, no cameo, no big suprise.. I think we all knew Agnes was the villain & it seemed boring that they just went w/ the most predictable storyline

  • The name of the leader is actually “The on above all” and he is yellow or gold not that red one

  • Holy shit, this show sounds... idk... but I want to watch it now

  • 27:40 I'm guessing you meant Age of Ultron after Pietro death

  • 12:10 All the way back in Captain Marvel! Unreal that was only 2 movies away, yet 2 YEARS ago!

  • Umm... Jesus was not tempted by Legion. Read Mark chapter 5. A demonized man runs to Jesus as soon as he sees him and falls down before him. Jesus commands the demon to give his name. He says, “Legion, for we are many.” Jesus cast the demons into a herd of pigs that immediately destroys itself. Absolutely no temptation at all.