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cartoons!!!!! mostly!!!


2:02A Cyberpunk 2077 Cartoon
A Cyberpunk 2077 CartoonViews 4.5M5 months ago
3:49NEXT UP?
NEXT UP?Views 1.9MYear ago
WHAT'S NEXT?Views 5MYear ago
1:19A Sad Story (JERMA ANIMATED)


  • 1:01 XD

  • Nickelodeon is going to be so angry of you because of the blood

  • Shrek 5

  • I’m literally crying right now omg so sad

  • >8(__wii fit next...__)

  • MATT?! 0:19 MATT FAMILY?! 2:13

  • your wii sports

  • Do a pikmin 2 recap

  • 2:52 My man just crafted a netherite sword

  • 4:53 tested positive.

  • why theres no matt absolutely destroying you on boxing?

  • 2:20 Fell off my chair, my spine hurts now. Too funny n' too painful. No fr though the sound effects

  • 12:45 a pp

  • The person who has the shakey as hell hand probably has Parkinson’s disease

  • 1:59 Family..... AMAMAMAMAAMAMA

  • 1:20 10000/10 storytelling,made me cry


  • Nathaniel bandy should see this video

  • 1:14 is this loss?

  • Can you pls make more Cartoons with Marvel movies? 😍

  • Ооо

  • I love your animation and videos

  • Make *The Ultimate Regular Show Recap Cartoon*

  • ahh what did i just see whit my sis i know this is not a kids video but why did you kill coppa for that

  • *Simba*

  • Make 1 about thé Mitchell VS machines

  • I love how at 1:51 and 2:15, you can hear the Wii Sports theme come in, before resolving up a whole step. That's a really clever way to make the Wii Sports theme minor, while still preserving it's musical identity.

  • Mission failed successfully

  • A lost reference, wow

  • No lie tho the little panthers are cute

  • 3:18 (All Star playing)

  • there is to little blood

  • Bowling strike XD

  • What did he use a hamster to run his art reactor

  • Best part of this video is 4:51


  • Please make mitchels vs machines

  • Eva

  • Holy shit Patrick’s got a giant horse conch

  • Congrats for hitting 2mil subscribers

  • Has anyone else noticed the robots were all going uwu in the whole video?

  • Justice for ma main game baseball.

  • Nooo this is too accurate 😂

  • A escada intinita

  • Jangan hancurkan masa kecilku

  • Magic ✨ 1:50

  • Йеавввв Выыыwfgbbnp

  • Me asking to play Minecraft 0:43

  • 5:33 when your little brother sees you on the xbox

  • That Simba at the end caught me off guard

  • me gusta la cancion

  • sad story mii life so much pain for him :( ITS SOOOOO SADDDD ;'( p.s. rip guy in background off

  • XD


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  • you haven't played wii unless you struggled to find your cursor and even if you did find it it would tremble like crazy and leave the screen again

  • Its look like baddays

  • 1:11 PAUSE THERE 🤣

  • Funny

  • no no no no no no no no

  • This brings back so much nostalgia to the game. Amazing and funny recap. I always like them!

  • This is why I'm subscribed.

  • 1:53 to 2:00 is that sr pelo?


  • Nintendo High Episode 1: Let’s-A-Go!

  • 7:49 Best Emoji face ever created

  • 7:14 remember Meelo’s fartbending Zuko uses fire fartbending