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A channel that posts challenges and other stuff. Currently, Friday night funkin has been the talk of town so I've been posting a some videos about it


0:53Week 7 Release in a Nutshell
8:48Ranking every Henry Stickmin Game
4:41Minecraft portrayed by Henry Stickmin
1:19Fleeing the Complex but it's Among Us
0:15Ellie's Backstory Trailer (Fan Game)
0:24Grubhub Ad but it's Henry Stickmin.
8:46Can you beat Among Us without moving?


  • wow roblox in 1:30

  • Zardy's Corn maze

  • Why sans is in a Game What happen here oh no

  • imagine Egoraptor week or Oney, with cameos from DingDong, Julian, PsychicPebbles, etc.

  • Omg 4:54

  • Practice Mode Reminds me of Geometry Dash

  • Roblox Funky Friday? 1:30

  • hahahah

  • Nice spam dude..

  • 1:30 That's not a mod

  • Where's the part where everyone spoils it for you?

  • I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who struggled with week 2 the first time.

  • It’s back up again btw.

  • The 61 dislikes are from the few people that remained on Newgrounds+their staff

  • oooooooœooooooooooooooooo🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃

  • In senpais stage, there is a little hand in the corner telling you that you can continue with the text

  • I want you to make friday night funkin but no ldlling part 2 with mods

  • Sans: no you guessed wrong, now I get to sacrifice you 1:35

  • I want you to make friday night funkin but no ldling part 2 with mods

  • Excuse me, first song of midnight masses was parish,second one is worship Edit-4:46 ruv- i told you i will break your leg

  • the name of music sir?sorry for the question


  • whats the song name

  • sarvante: mad ruv: *E A R T H Q U A K E*

  • 1:30 roblox

  • the tankman week all began as a unused concept but now a reality today and the backround was a battle field

  • Nooo not the first time playing week 2 😭😭😭 But at least it's easy when u play it often

  • I keeping saying this everytime, but oh boy i like Worship so much

  • Newgrounds: "A certain game" *uses fnfweek7 hashtag*

  • game becomes: *DEAD AND ALIVE DEAD AND ALIVE DEAD AND ALIVE* fans:.-.

  • me in the week 20: Lol they don't know what is coming

  • Oh hey I remember you, a Henry Stickmin content creator

  • Ah yes Zardy the "hardest mod ever" When my mod and matt is harder (ok my mod has like 245 NOTES IN ONE VERSE AND TO FAST)

  • Hola xd

  • I love that for every note animation for Sans he gives off the expression "And that's where you're wrong"

  • man you dont suck go onto the newgrounds website (heres the link to get to newgorunds www.newgrounds.com/) and week 7 is on there and I know you can do it man

  • this game literally broke newgrounds first it just cashes off of it and nostalgia and then makes fun of it and then breaks it to pieces

  • Tzy

  • enter on the loading screen makes the art mover forward and back.

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  • i'l do week 7

  • High effort's ugh expression: "THIS SING IS A BANGER!" Official ugh expression: "UGH!"

  • 0:44 I remember making a smart ass remark about this I think it went like this: "Ever since olly tried rapping he hasn't been the same since" Why doesn't mario grab scissors and make confetti out of him? Wait, oh yeah...

  • Fiee

  • *NewGrounds.exe has stopped working*

  • Challenge idea:you should play without pressing left and right

  • Why did Newgrounds have to die? It didn't do anything wrong

  • Ah yes Plot Twist A fan killed ninjamuffin and released week 7 so he can kill Newgrounds because of the low players it had

    • And yes i am talking about Ritz

  • half of the video: m I l f

  • Next video: Can you beat fnf without any arrows?

  • Is no one gonna talk about how in week 4 and 5 whenever boyfriend would do a note if would glitch between is idle animation and the note?

  • You forgot new GF cheering animation in the tutorial :/ Besides that, is the best fnf video of the new updates!

  • High Effort: *Causally steal Pico’s background*

  • I looked this up

  • Are you just bad cause this never happens

  • i feel like everyone is milking FNF

  • This just looks like me playing normally

  • What's the song name

  • In the tutorial bf now does V sign and gf does unused pose

  • It works now

  • bf whitty what

  • a small change, but the head icon bars now bounce a bit more smoothly

  • What about fnf ships? Like bf x pico and skid x pump those can give you pain (I dont ship them im just putting an example of what curse ships exists)

  • 0:59:Me arguing with my little brother about who’s turn it is on the Xbox

  • You missed a tiny thing they did with “Tutorial” When GF says “that’s how you do it!” She’ll raise her hand in the air

  • Menininha tá comendo de carro da Fdjdjd😱😱😱😱😱😱🤐🤐😣🤐🤐

  • Whats that song in 2:30

  • 0:31


  • Ueudjk❤hola


  • Alternative title:Used assets

  • man i cracked when it went roblox XD

  • you trash you have to play easy meanwhile i beat fool hardy