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My name is Kaleb, and I overanalyze because there's always more too it. Probably, idk.

I talk a lot about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but I do like other things I swear/


6:16"Only Stands can Beat Stands"
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9:09Why Gold Experience Requiem is BROKEN
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12:53What if La Squadra Won?
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10:59What if Josuke was in Part 5?


  • High key still not happy at the fact that GER didn’t just revert pucci’s actions to zero

  • I havent watched the vid fully but the answer gotta be infinity

  • so basically Stand beat stand -Starplatinum break the world Stand beat stand user -Starplatinum punch stand user Beating stand with no stand -Basically not possible Beating stand user -possible if stand can't block bullets

  • Well... i can tell that giorno stand is untouchable stand, cause... whatever stand use their abilities to giorno its "muda" it will back to zero... and *i think, it was undefeatable stand after overheaven...

  • If u pin me I will sub. Wait... I already subbed so just pin pls

  • joseph:caesarrrrrrrrrrrrrr! caesar:what joseph:wait if u alive.then who’s under this kars:waaaamuuuuu

  • Giorno does in fact lose to a lot of fictional characters easily. Hell, literally every character from saiyan saga onward moves faster than light, so they could kill him before he even gets to use his stand.

  • Alessi can turn Kars Younger and the stand is a shadow he cant see the air movement

  • Plothole: why didnt joseph teach jotaro hamon as he knew they were going up against a vampire and we already saw that you can combine hamon and a stand like joseph did so its not a farfetched idea that star platinum could use hamon Also why didnt he bring UV lights to the fight like stroheim and his men did against kars

  • Only stands can hard other stand (press x to doubt)

  • Pretty sure stands don't work like turn based rpg stats but hey.

  • Moreover, I’d argue for some stands, your stand gives you no significant advantage. The gambler one, for instance, would have as fair a time against Avdol as against, say, young Dio

  • Ok, i made some calculations... Dio lied about killing as many people as William zeppeli ate bread. Its almost 11000

  • 3:18 OOOOOOH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOOD !!!!!!!! The animators knew that that's what Hermit Purple meant !!!

  • 4:30 reminded me of rock lee VS gaara

  • I think Gappy wins

  • oh yeah

  • I think this is a JoJo reference

  • Right but my question is: If stands can only be beaten/ hit by other stands, why can they directly hit humans? If they can touch the human, that would mean they have physical mass and can therefore be interacted with no? Unless there's this like, pseudo stand that everything has that the stand users' stands can hit it doesn't make much sense...

  • Hold my Notorious B.I.G

  • Jotaro vs alessi "If you don't have a stand, become the stand."

  • Imagine old joseph saying: SHIIIIIIIIZAAAAA

  • I feel like especially in part 3 and 5 there should be more side characters in the game and some others like Santana that would make a good character but really hasn’t been seen before in one

  • if okuyasu got a new ability is to make his brain big like dream O-O for 10 hours

  • hahahahaahahhah wtf

  • i actully ger vs heavens door could be a intresting topic

  • Technically dio over heaven canonically exists and jotaro over heaven probably also exists so girono can eat shit

  • “Kars, Kira, and Killer Queen” ....

  • Why didn’t you just mention Joseph telling Kakyoin that Hierophant cannot lift a cars weight in the wheel of fortune episode?

  • You could technically kill anyone with a Stand if you shoot them in their sleep.

  • wow the fact that he said part 5 is taking time just dates the video considering we're now getting part 6

  • Lol pucci change the universe causing diavolo to be released from infinite deaths

  • No stand can stop cheap trick If duo saw Rohan’s back dio would die Killing dio who has one the most powerful stand is bad

  • The sun is a powerful stand

  • Jotaro is highly overrated. I don’t like him because of his inexpressiveness (though I don’t see the difference between manga and anime Jotaro, aside from 2-3 smiles here and there), but because he isn’t involved in the adventure besides his punching and ora-oras. He didn’t do shit, and araki had to purposefully put a spotlight on him in the Darby fights because of how useless he is. Kakyoin and especially Polnareff are easily better characters. People like him just because he’s a badass and are making up even more dumb reasons to like him. Change my mind 🙃

  • ‘Hey ya’ is a bad stand

  • How the fuck is notorious chase a weak stand

  • My favorite jojo is johnathon. He's kind, a gentlemen, and he made dio cry and beat the shit out of him with man strength-no stands no hamon no nothing. So I respect Johnathon.

  • Echoes act4 Tusk act 4 Mista : YAMIRO

  • If a stand user was alive at the time Kars used the red stone of Aja would he have gained a stand?

  • Fuck it I’m rewatching diamond is unbreakable

  • before josuke dies (from not having a heart) he can restore the line and reflect it to himself, so he gets his heart back and does this till he gets and fucks pesci

  • The hand and heavens door are the strongest

  • I think that they can stop time for opposite reasons. To Dio being under water for 100 years probably means to him time stops. While Jotaro sees things so fast that time appears to stop. Two opposite reasons same result.

  • I mean kurapika can’t use his chains so with jotaro time stop and star plantium confusing kurapika I would say it would a stale mate

  • Bruh how??? almost all of JoJo fans loves Joseph

  • This is the vid that introduced me to ur channel lmao keep up the good work

  • or because joseph is smart, he got hermit purple as a upgrade

  • Am I the only one who noticed this about the main jokes stands Stardust crusaders: star platinum Diamond is unbreakable: crazy diamond Golden wind: golden experience Stone ocean: stone free Coincidence?

  • Cosmic armour superman > GER

  • Hey listen man, yeah come real close. Don’t be scared I just need to tell you something. Yeah yeah that’s good, /whispers in your ear/ your taking this too seriously, calm down.

  • You shood react to jojo's very straight adventure!!!

  • Bruh he could not revert it back to zero if time was stopped because he can’t move in a stopped time state and he can’t revert something back to zero until it happens so jotaro or dio could just stop time and stab him or something and he would die without even getting a chance to revert anything.

  • didnt notorious big have a form before death? I think it just gains new power when the user dies

  • The next thing you know, megumin vs kira

  • Why did u put johhony joaster in strength hes stands stat in strength is a.

  • S P E E D W E E D

  • Jouske doesn’t like the old man it was his grandfather

  • What about ep 2 where kakyoin killed a nurse

  • I mean Kira got defeated by an ambulance so....

  • Chad platinum has plot armor star platinum star

  • It really depends on the stand, since there are certain stands that really don't offer much protection against physical attacks directed towards the user. Though good luck getting a good shot in against most battle stands in a face to face fight.

  • mom said it was my turn to get pinned

  • giorno will make a infimite death loop for his enemys

  • In Eyes of Heaven Josuke says he was glad Jonathan din't have a stand

  • Only stand users can see stands (except for when they don’t), only stands can harm other stands (except for when they don’t), and all damage done to a stand will reflect on the user! (EXCEPT FOR WHEN THEY DON’T!)

  • Another one bits the dust

  • Don’t fucking tease my boy shigechi

  • Lmao this mans wants him to be a goddamn DBZ character with all these abilities. Not only can each of those abilities belong to separate stand users, we've seen stand users with the exact abilities that he listed lmao wtf

  • Me- what.... Kaleb- now look I know that sounds bad

  • The problem with DIO is that after gaining The World, he gave up pretty much everything that made him dangerous. The Pillar Men were always dangerous not just because of the physical threat they represent, but because they can also rapidly understand information much more rapidly than humans. Look at the way Waamu reacts to the Wehrmacht bringing those UV Lights and STG-44s to fight him. He sees, he understands what they're doing, and immediately moves to neutralize the biggest threat (the UV lights) and then establishes what happens when you fuck around.

  • *So Koichi's a Jojo now*



  • Heaven's Door Requiem?

  • Sad he skipped star platinum over heaven

  • "Only hands from Hell and stands can beat stands"

  • The man who sold the world

  • thats a good point

  • But if Silver Chariot can create gaps between nothingness and nothingness with a slice, wouldn't it be able to pierce White Ice?