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Dedicated to upload ATC frequency conversations. Emergency situations, regular operations and funny exchanges. But also reporting news in the aviation field and sharing my experiences as a pilot!

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  • You can listen to his phone call with tower here (scroll down to the bottom to find the redacted .wav): He starts out with some sob story about his daughter having to use the bathroom then throwing up. He then claims he "thought" he asked and received permission. When told to leave he said he couldn't due to the mountains or some crap. You have to listen to it for yourself. He does apologize though and says he should have handled things differently.

  • This was painful to watch...

  • I'll be honest I've never thought of pointing lasers at pilots. Would be a great cheap and effective AA weapon for costal defense. We should use this instead of whatever multi billion dollar monstrosity were using now.

  • Maybe they should convert to texting so its clear!

  • Had to read the comments. I thought I missed the cledtolan.

  • I hope there weren't other Champs on the frequency. Confusing.

  • What is brickyard? Never heard that before

  • The title almost sounds like a porn title.

  • This controller is dreadful

  • Possible pilot deviation? That was a ATC's fault. What a dumb bitch. I would say 100% sure a ATC deviation and not pilot deviation. That being said i heard hold short, but i was only able to understand it thanks to the subs... At the same time, im not in a cockpit with a lot of noise.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the controller is right here? The ramp is uncontrolled, it isn’t his problem.

  • Possible ATC deviation.

  • I'm also surprised that she called the Delta 300 first rather than announce abort abort to the taking off aircraft first... And then arguing with the 300...

  • The Air Marshall that showed his weapon is a psycho and has to go. You can’t teach good judgment or common sense.

  • Hypoxia or some other medical issue? Anyone know?

  • Don't you also think that there should be one controller per aircraft???

  • Gotta love pictures/footage of the situation 😂👍🏻

  • do the cat in the cockpit one

  • she blew a 0.32 BAC

  • Well done. Very patient! That phone call should not be so diplomatic!

  • There's only one controller due to the covid shutdowns? I swear these covid restrictions are gonna kill more young healthy people than covid ever will.

  • Just checked the Airmen Registry, seems his commercial was revoked. How he even got a commercial license in the first place is beyond me

  • Yes sir, understood, I definitely won't key the mic, and I'll be sending regular radio updates to affirm that fact for everyone.

  • In his defense, he’s asking for a heading and she keeps saying southbound

  • “The aircraft is totally underwater now.” Just like my house.

  • Poor guy....

  • Yeah, cuz having some wing walkers wandering around on the taxi ways is safe. Maybe get your ass out of the way instead when the taxi ways are uncontrolled..

  • At 4:30 the sound of the EVA aircraft pilot's voice changes and they start doing what they are told. I think the first pilot didn't understand English and the other pilot took over. Maybe they are only required to know degrees for direction and he didn't understand 'south' or 'southbound'. However she got the number of the American Airlines aircraft wrong near the beginning and later she told the EVA aircraft to turn left onto 270 for no apparent reason. At 4:25 the EVA read back a conflicting instruction - we didn't hear what she had said, but she might have got that wrong as well. It usually takes two idiots to make an accident - i get the impression there were two here...

  • Controller is to say what everyone knows - this pilot is dumb.

  • Out-flipping-standing controller performance as well as the FlyDoc pilot. Airborne brotherhood.

  • I could be barely understand line up and wait

  • Tower controller's voice sounded like Mitt Romney

  • Victor, have you had anything like this happen to you?

  • The female controller at the beginning spoke clearly and at a reasonable speed, she pointed out the similarity in the callsigns. The male controller after her spoke very quickly and to me it sounded garbled, he made no mention of the similarity in the callsigns until they got confused again.

  • Mr. Ford: I've got a number for you to call.

  • He’s got a really bad accident or speech impediment and shouldn’t be ATC at all.

  • Possible ATC deviation, I have a number for you to call, Tower.

  • He just panicked after being called out for entering Bravo Airspace.

  • I fly at KAPA and personally I think people on here are being needlessly rough on this controller. I can’t imagine what it was like for him this day if he was the only one on, and usually he is very helpful. We all have bad days, give the guy a break.

  • Boomer pilots are the greatest threat to safety

  • well.....there's one less pilot...

  • I told you to hold short, you need to listen up. Hey, who's scruffy looking?

  • I really have a big respect to ATC in USA airspace. They are wise and kind and do the job. Miss those times in Florida during my training years. Clear skies and smooth landings everyone, from an airline captain.

  • Damn, I solo in a couple weeks but like, the instructions were not that hard. I think I should feel fine if I am comfortable and planned everything unlike this guy. Compared to this guy, everyone should be fine if you know what you are doing.

  • to be fair to crash 6, the ground controller didnt have the most articulate voice either

  • "Are you cleared to the gate" is a question that seems to confound every non english-speaking pilot...

  • Thanks for the upload. It's a perfect example of readback clearances. We can all make that mistake.

  • I fly out of Centennial. It is usually the 2-3rd busiest GA airport in the US. It can get crazy there.

  • Yeah all training goes out the window when the stress levels go up. Poor dude ...But that’s why they are called students so it is what it is

  • So sad! RIP! How many souls onboard?

  • Apparently Alan Alda moonlights as Instructor John 😊

  • It's another normal day here in vegas

  • It says "circle 30, not break up 30"

  • Not a pilot. But, I'm addicted to these videos. It seems to me that if the pilot says they can't for safety reasons, she could have acquiesced to his needs and dealt with it later if she felt he was lying. Instead, now she will be reported. She needs a time out. 😂

  • Random question...After cleared to land, is there a certain time where after you cant "go around" and have to proceed with landing? I'm not a pilot, just curious..

  • What a great guy N9934Q is for landing and what a great sport N9984U is for sharing.

  • Hi. Was there any action for that pilot after the flight? That seemed extremely irresponsible (non pilot here so please correct me if it wasn’t)

  • ...Truck1 please give Temperature in DEGREE CELSIUS....

  • Great job

  • Learning experience No paperwork beyond that

  • "We don't have altitude or anything" ATC: "climb 3000"

  • The most clear ATC I’ve heard and not too fast. If you are suppose to read your call sign then read your call sign. If safety is paramount, then treat it like it’s paramount and this ATC did.

  • YOOOO my hometown airport

  • Listen carefully, I will say this only once...

  • The repeat backs for the taxi instructions were all wrong, and rarely corrected.

  • What an absolute IDIOT!!! That was so dangerous! And his attitude afterward laughing I don’t even know what to say.

  • looks more like they rammed an iceberg.

  • Bitch!

  • 2:12 If this is live speed replay without edit that jet got from 320 to 120 in one minute! That's a 20K FPM descent rate! Is the replay sped up? (I'm not quite familiar with what CRJs are capable of)

  • Controllers a douchelord.

  • So if people die because of an overloaded controller, are those covid deaths too?

  • Catalan ain’t cleared to land

  • Damn, 12,000 feet is too short. This is probably why they're going extinct. They're amazing planes but just too unwieldy and when things go wrong, they go way wrong.

  • "Due to a virus with an astronomically high survival rate, we are going to put all of YOUR lives in danger by only allowing one controller at a time!" Unbelievably stupid.

  • Denver-Centennial is stupid beyond belief to limit the tower to one controller in the name of "safety." Having too few controllers isn't safe, you morons! Just close the airport if you are so afraid of germs. Of all the ridiculous anti-microbe "safety measures" that have been mandated this is the most likely to kill people and destroy property in front of our eyes.


  • Didn’t klm learn after Tenerife..

  • can i use this video for yt please say yes

  • All I know is how is going to land if he cannot even takeoff properly?

  • The best chicken curry I've every had was on a Emirates flight from Manchester to Dubai.