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"Hardcore Mode" Minecraft enthusiast who survived in a world for over 5 years. I stream over at


27:13Schlatt Makes Minecraft 1000% Funnier
56:42My Minecraft Server is INSANE
20:00Carving a pumpkin in real life
Carving a pumpkin in real lifeViews 626K4 months ago
25:43I deserved this...
I deserved this...Views 715K5 months ago
37:23Chill Minecraft "Pack.PNG" vibes :)
17:05Sabotaging Fundy in Fall Guys...
Sabotaging Fundy in Fall Guys...Views 463K6 months ago
20:32My subreddit was a mistake...
My subreddit was a mistake...Views 1.9M9 months ago


  • Imagine if First World Phil actually saw herobrine

  • Hardcore killer


  • Hi

  • why does phil look fatter

  • What happened to all his subs he was at like 7420

  • why does fundy use the ceiling light excuse so much?

  • Hahahahahahha nice vid

  • Why is urahara playing minecraft

  • I mean, he did create Minecraft

  • I saw a few people asking about it so I'll explain. Matthew Adams (7:29) was Phil's mate back at the time of starting this hardcore world. They were really good mates but sadly Matthew passed away in 2015 to a car crash and Phil likes to think that he commemorates these worlds as a token of appreciation to all that Matthew was to him. RIP Matthew <3

  • 13:48 luigichan said dream feet foreshadowing????????

  • I was watch the indonesia version but it was play by stresmen and odo they are from indonesia but the map that you play was little diffrent but it just like not cool but how do your version is more cooler

  • Phill is like birbird person in Rick and Morty

  • Phil1za minecraft its a dentist phil1za minecraft recomades colgate

  • This is Amazing!😍

  • Axolotl: gets added as a cute predator BFF Wolves: (chuckles) *My position is in real fuckin danger*

  • This is in season 2. He died in the cave

  • The smelling part made me laugh so hard

  • Awesome

  • Philza you want tomm get another life in dream smp?

  • imagine if someone recreated the whole world, would like to play that world

  • nice to know that im not the only one who fucks up the card swipe

  • imagine how much sand he used

  • They be snorting sand though

  • 2:47 dayuuumm Philza be grinding

  • i have never watched ph1zas streams but it seems as if its just a commuity and loving community you just talk to your stream forever and forever

  • I was so schupid

  • hi

  • hi

  • hi

  • I’m the 7.1millionth view

  • does thsi work present day on console. sry looking for new farms to try in me and my friends world

  • Gh0stzA minecraft

  • I’m rewatching the series but did anyone else notice he got prot 4 and projectile prot 4 on his legings?

  • Do you have Discord server?

  • If the noobs are hyped for the Wi-Fi. *ITS NOTHING HOW THE OGs FEEL!!!*

  • Im not exactly the most caught up person, what happened to Azteq? How did he die?

  • 21:54 not me crying over the machine god dammit Ph1lza!!

  • zood_1 hi

  • dude.

  • 20:30 still true to this day

  • wiblur scoot is now gohstblur

  • She, He. And They (19:35)

  • Of u got the get out of jail free you should've used it on tommy since he's stuck in there

  • Me waiting for S4E76 be like.

  • Phil being on 7 subs looks so weird to me

  • 3:10 pistons to move it?

  • Being blind in Minecraft is T R A S H

  • Nice

  • Philza:you can't break it Me:WHAT IF THE STRONGHILD IS UNDER IT

  • Paradise

  • I miss the elytra game mode in ps3 mimecraft

  • Sad

  • 7:21 He literally h o n k e d

  • I watched an old man wheeze to the 9th circle and back because his idiot friend hates anteaters and fails to form sentences then ropes some child into it I'm still questioning whether my free trial in life is gonna expire soon

  • seeing ph1l excited is the most wholesome thing

  • This is incredible.

  • i have only 10fps now how about if cave and cliffs how much fps i will get maybe 1fps

  • Hotdogs are tacos

  • Digging straight down in old Minecraft = Russian roulette with only one bullet Digging straight down in Minecraft 1.17 = Russian roulette with only one blank


  • The abaft weeder psychologically fade because pink amazingly unfasten throughout a delightful baker. plastic, minor surprise


  • The thundering polish thessaly juggle because bridge univariately request besides a smooth low. adorable, yellow eagle

  • 7:03

  • nice

  • Ph1lza: WTF did i put under the basement? (meanwhile) (oh no no no) *shockes* cause there’s a creeper

  • 25:10 lol go to bed the irony of me wanting to go back to bed rn and this shit happens

  • Phil Deserves To Be In HermitCraft

  • Philza how many childs are in your basement



  • game men

  • old phil

  • u created mencraft

  • it enough to make a grown man cry... and that's ok

  • LOL

  • Hand me the meat

  • One true enemy