Matt's Off Road Recovery

Matt's Off Road Recovery Matt's Off Road Recovery

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We do off road towing, recoveries, and rescues. We cover beautiful southern Utah, near Zion National park.
We have a unique way to do off road recovery with our Jeep XJ affectionately named, the yellow banana.
We have the infamous Ed with his positive outlook on life.
We treat everyone we meet with respect, and we hope to have a positive impact in your life!
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17:14The Corvair Build Went Up In Smoke!
9:41Lizzy Made The Real Rescue!
Lizzy Made The Real Rescue!Views 482KMonth ago
14:36The Corvair Has A New Paint Job!
22:57Getting The Corvair Ready For Paint!
11:24Toyota Tacoma About To Flip Over
Toyota Tacoma About To Flip OverViews 958K2 months ago
10:26How Does A Roof Blow Off A RZR?!
How Does A Roof Blow Off A RZR?!Views 323K2 months ago
11:49FIRE! How Are We Going To Recover This?


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  • 5:16 Every guy who drives in a tunnel

  • I think it’d be cool to see a cost associated with some of these bigger recoveries. I know it gets into your personal information a bit, so I understand if you don’t want to share.

  • When you'll install LED bar to front and back of the snowcat?

  • Work comp. case i think. yards looking good,,,

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  • they were smart to not drive it out of gas , in case recovery took a lot longer they could still start it and turn on the heat.

  • Destroyed the holy rope? 🤔😂

  • Hey matt, you ever look into recovery boards like max tracks? Much easyer to stack and move those then rocks all day. Love you videos!

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  • Those parents should be more prepared before going out in the snow with kid, mean emergency stuff, food, additionnal gas can , showel (yellow) rope ... I hope lesson has been learned good job guys :)

  • It looked like Matt's off road recovery yankum yellow rope was ran over at the gas station

  • You guys are so inexperienced it's dreadfully funny. But I like your videos and think your a nice family. Keep up the good work and stay safe out there. And remember, Its a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it!💪

  • Someone learned his lesson. Smart move to turn and snow cat the rest.

  • First you buy a version specifically for off-road driving, and then a tow truck comes for you!

  • I just wonder what kind of idiotic people drive cars like Toyota to that off road? Those Japanese car lovers will do anything just to show how capable of Japanese cars are??

  • You guys need walkies

  • Figured out how to steal Matt’s ideas: be around cars for decades, have the natural gifting and passion to engineer and fabricate using pieces from any car or piece of steel, have dozens of years experience in the sand, have a network of truly gifted friends who you can bounce ideas off of and swap parts and designs with, have an incredible family that supports me, have a fully rigged out brick and mortar with an incredibly skilled staff, and have the resources to make it happen. I am there.

  • Those tires were bald as hell, he never should’ve went

  • Better save some money for gas ... the DemocRats run america now.

  • What state ur in

  • A build from scratch, and you opted to include a computer control system? That's asking for trouble. I would have gone old school, all the way.

  • 16:50 Got enough angle grinders bro??

  • Cool vid as always guys brin getting into the cat is probably the most gracefull ive seen out of anyone so far

  • What I like about Matt is, first what ever is going on he is calm and patient with his crew and customers and second when he makes mistakes he’s big enough to take full ownership of them.

  • Randy's consistent smile and laugh are infectious.

  • Was anyone else yelling “don’t run over the rope” when they were coming into the gas station?

  • Stupid... Air must be in frame 8 psi

  • I hear some Flair music there at the end...

  • Those hobby off-roaders are going to make Matt rich.

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  • Ur dogs are so lucky they get so much freedom that’s why they are such great dogs

  • Did Lizzy ever lock the hubs on that last recovery?

  • Live and learn and shit always happens

  • Who goes into those conditions without extra fuel and food and water. Bad parents. SMH

  • In my ignorance I was wondering what a side by side was. It's just a dune buggy with two seats I guess.

  • I like they let the dogs out to run free on the way to the call

  • all that 'coolness' and no jerry can with extra fuel. poser-boyz

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  • Put the seat sliders on the passenger seat from the wrecked truck the corvair motor came out of. So people can get in and out of that tuna can.

  • Question for anyone, is lizzy related to Matt or is she dating one of the guys from the show.

  • My 5 favorite thing in this video. Rudy almost getting hit with the creeper, the lunch footage, the 2 us general carts being built, Rudy hopping in as Matt is backing out and obviously the burn out...edit 5 the burnt on rubber.

  • Even the clueless get a T-shirt.😁

  • Hay Matt, do your Jeep have a stock engine and exhaust? My XJ sounds not like your.... what are the axles? Thank you!

  • If those guys had done this about 20 years ago they would have been in serious trouble. Out on the snow with a baby, no food, and no gas. Even if they had a cellphone, It would not have worked in the area, I used to live out there in 1995-98. and the Cell reception was spotty at best. We used to say to people. "Im heading into the canyon, Ill call you back" because you knew the cell would drop the call once you were out of town... People rely on their cellphones too much now.

  • lol the only reason i watch these videos is for ed's weather reports

  • jeep guy should have spent some money on recovery gear over all those lights haha

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  • More of these videossss

  • Me and a friend got stuck out there in my 2wd ford f150. We had brought shovels and literally just walked back and forth to the road, grabbing scoops of gravel and putting them under the wheels. We'd gun it and push, move a few feet, get stuck, then repeat the process. Got out in about 30 minutes.

  • That Explorer lady was uhh... yeah. Shouldn’t have a license

  • I love the whole team, but Lizzy is my favorite. She has a great can-do attitude and she's cuter than all get out.

  • This is the same gas station I stopped at 2 in the morning becauase I too ran out of gas. We were on the way to Bryce. lol

  • That does it, just gonna have to get beefier tires, no two ways around it. Company write off

  • I wish Americans would use the metric system properly. No one use imperial system anymore it’s not accurate

  • Wheeling in deep snow with a baby on board, no extra fuel, no backup baby food... ... ... ... ... 🙄🤦🤦🤦🤦🤷😖

  • Omg that me and my husband

  • Great to see the new sand hollow tunnel!

  • That was insane. Great job guys.

  • I see gas prices are $2.70, in Utah, I'm crying here in CA.. $3.58 where I'm at.

  • Matt; I cannot see why people hate this video 2.2K with thumbs down..........

  • I'm suprised the Snowcat doesn't have an LED light bar and some side and rear facing work light yet.

  • I am going to get stranded on purpose just so Lizzy can come rescue me, lol.

  • Navigator with busted airbags and rims worth more than the car. I knew what the driver looked like before they even showed his face. Peep the cop at the end too 😂

  • When you get the Corvair/jeep built why not put some tracks on the banana

  • That first Jeep wasn't an old one, it's a new JL.

  • I LOVE this recovery; ED fires up a couple heaters while you guys are trying to breathe. LOL

  • Thanks Ed for the weather forecast

  • I use to have to go to work in this stuff in a factory chevy truck, and get yelled at for bot getting everything done in one day. Tire chains, winches, and as little of bad decision's as possible. Not gonna lie though, I got pulled out alot by smarter people then I.

  • Anyone who grabs baby food for a customer is a great owner.

  • Hey that’s duck creek village I work at the firehouse up there and we pull a lot of people out as well!

  • Ummmmmm, excuse me Mattt, where are your magnetic door signs displaying your business name on the Ford? HUH HUH?

  • It's crazy how invested I can get watching and feeling like I'm pulling and pushing and ducking right there with you!

  • 14:45 Ran over the Rope!!! :rage: XD

  • 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

  • Bummer the rope got ran over at the end lol and also y’all need some walkie talkies that’d be pretty handy

  • Any snowcat video I dig. I tell people how much the conditions change around there and how your rig has to be ready for sand, mud and snow all in the same day and road. That's why I love it!. Hope to see you soon.

  • Lizzie... 🥰.

  • @3:32 Matt dances the minuet for a "minute"

  • Man, all the Jeep fanboys that were all up in the Raptor’s face about it not being the right vehicle, where are ya now? Guess what, wasn’t the vehicle that was the problem.