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11:07SHE WENT ON A BLIND DATE - Merrell Twins
12:03Crazy Things Parents Do! - Merrell Twins
12:59Boys Do Our Makeup - Merrell Twins
26:55Our Room Tour! - Merrell Twins
Our Room Tour! - Merrell TwinsViews 3.4M6 months ago


  • we want to see you guys join an actual content house for 24 hours 😊💕👏who is with me hhe

  • Manic on the NASA who is the older he is the biggest

  • Ngl Roni and Nessa look AMAZING in this video like every other video ✨❤️

  • May the squirrel rest in peace 😔

  • like it

  • Idk if they can make a squad with marrel twin and the rybka twins

  • Was the kiss in the end real

  • Me just realising that luap is Paul backwards

  • I was just watching Aaron and roni in the back fighting about her lip gloss 😂😂

  • Cake

  • Hi

  • L love u

  • How Roni fell on her back was hilarious I laughed like a mad person😂😂

  • I love your song about pasta this is a very nice song this song makes me feel like pasta

  • 2021!!

  • Legends says Aaron was stuck in the Merrel twins house captive.

  • ☺🐭

  • Nice video i love it

  • imagine getting a like from the merrel twins my dream

  • You guys are so close in 6 million

  • Veronica give the best makeover

  • Mettle twins is the absolute best show everrrrrr

  • 8:00 🤣😂 roni's face when nessa said "did you get knee burn too, like me" 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • 23

  • Dstandnd cm psusuxhb!

  • i cringed when she ate the butter, i nearly vomited

  • Who else did not cringe but instead died laughing because i sure did

  • Roni:"now this is gonna be good "😢😢😢😢😢

  • Plz make eat it or wear it

  • Idk why i think nessa is the older twin but she is not

  • Hi my name is sophie and i'm 9 years old i love your channel so much all the channels make some more

  • Finally! New ep of exposed!

  • Their voices tho wow

  • Nessa did a really good job. She only needed highlighter for the exact look.

  • Only a real twinner would know that becki’s wig is from the twin makeover video!

  • Uuuuu fancy intro

  • YES! HARRY POTTER! ( I mean the stockings ) Lol I’m weird and over excited about everything :)

  • I notice that Roni was wearing Nessa's dress and Nessa is wearing Roni's white dress.

  • They sound like they can do Cartoon voiceovers 😅😂🤩🤩

  • 9:05 this part makes me laugh so hard😂😂😂😂😂

  • Be muslim if you want

  • The tattooing reminds me of that scene in a walk to remember with the butterfly tattoo

  • Ewwwwww the brush ewwwwww

  • Of u guys know merrel twins for a long time u guys know who Vanessa is and who Veronica is

  • You guys should do girl talks i love you

  • 12:39 seehhs

  • Yea when I saw a dream and I wake up and I can’t remember the dream

  • this song is still BOP 😌💅❤️

  • Great memories, great memories

  • Probably only cause im 7

  • I'm surprised Veronica's room's not messy

  • 7:12 nessa is literall me

  • For me its: Its valentine's day a day to remind you that you have no bea😔😣😭


  • I like mayo but not all the other condiments.

  • Try nuttella with cucamber🥒👌🏻

  • Hey Wifey

  • at 0:37 I thought a virus popped up LOL

  • the m&m be like- I was not qualified for this!

  • Twin house

  • I live in Australia but they always make movies in America and whenever you want to see someone that is a USdosr I never see them most USdosrs are always in America

  • Poor Nessa

  • U should do more of these

  • Aaron: "Best 2 out of 3" James: "sHeEeEsHhHh" I CAN'T

  • U both look so pretty

  • lmao i relate to sharing phones but im not even a twin

  • Roni has such a great acent for that girl

  • they're just bestfriends…

  • who remembers them from jane the virgin? 😭😭😭

  • Name it he merrell house

  • Omg y’all are 24

  • Wth, y'all don't know what milo is?? ?

  • I like becki 💙

  • Can u guys dot his again but with the Montoya twinz? I love this video and ily u guys 🏹🤍


  • Hey merrelltwins i love to see your videos they are superb (。◕‿◕。)➜ you guys rock on your every video love ❤️ from india 😍

  • I'm binging this cuz quarantine.

  • I thought they looked gorgeous in everything! Sometimes, you can tell they look uncomfortable/out of their normal style. Or I just know their different styles so they look a little off in the opposite styles... I STILL LOVE IT

  • Omg they haven't done these episodes in ages. They so need to do more!